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SOLARSUN Savior Soul Food Divine via VegePlanTerRain + VegeLeoAugustan AmericAfindian ArtistCHD1 = Homegrown clean cultured culinary colorful crops + Mother Maatrix green garden grassroots growth-genesis genius. SUNGODD Arthiest Atom Amen-Rayz!

November 7, 2018

anim rain clouds 2anima Rainbow_2

YES VEGEPLANTERRAINBOW Bouque Better Bestowed Benefit Blessings.  We’z & Us’z have Holistory Heritage Health; A Vegetable = Vegetation + a Plan + a Plant + a Planter + Terrain = Terrestrial Territories = soulful soils, dirt, sand, clay, humus, minerals + Rain = water – wet = moisture,  fluid = flowing.

YES NOTE vs Vote: This Link is a critically crucial connection to a recent revelaton-report and blog post. So excuse me and go read it first, if y’all will? Thanks kindly from the kindhearted kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.
SOLARSUN Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul Savior SUNGODD DEITY: Divinely Decreed Disc = COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts + Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth’s Vibrant Vital VegePlanTerRain = Clean Culinary Cultured Cure = Collard1 +Mustard2 +Turnip Greens Grassroots Grounds Growths Genesis Genius Gracious Gifts. https://artistchd.wordpress.comand or:!

YES:  I keep on hearing online over airways, talk radio show hosts and guest speakers spewing out their publicized – politicized propaganda poisons and pitiful pollution. Prejudicing persons perspectives + psychologies!

 No doubt we herein the USA, have some of most idiotic ignorant old-cocoon ass Negro, still rampantly running their meaningless motor mouths talking about how Soul Food should be called; “sole food“, ‘and put under the soles of one’s feet” or foot!‘

Howsoever hostilely hateful: This is a stupid person who has been blatantly brainwashed, to believe that Soul Food is an unhealthful diet. And he like so many other ignoramuses, are African-less Americans calling themselves “Blacks”; intellectuals, scholars, lectures; yet knows nothing but negative names that are self–hating, self-abnegating! Devilish – Demonic – Satanic!!!*>:) devil
Wicked Warfare Talk: Their narrow “Niggerish” definitions of what SOLAR SEXUS SOUL FOOD’S Foremost First Family Foundation is in actuality. Chlorophyll  Collards1 + Mustards2 + Turnips3 =  Greens gardens homegrown. These old-school sucker stooge sellout Samboes,  is stereo-typically stuck stubbornly stupid! What’s up with them? What is going down deep underground with them today?

DIVINE DECREED DEVIL DAMNATION: Therefore, I curse them to death, body – mind – and soul, as a permanent punitive penalty. Spiritiously, so that they can no longer live again, be reborn, reincarnated; thus  to come back to corrupt and contaminate the clean cultured consciousness, of our oncoming offspring, gifted generations of children, progeny + prodigies.

Living in MAATRIX MOTHER’S Love Peace & Harmony as healthy humans means, strictly and specifically: Ceasing sarcastic remarks, and Stop-Point-Blank-Period, immaturely insulting, verbally attacking and  orally assaulting other soulful sisters and brothers Africoidian Aboriginal DEIFIED DIETS! 
Or else, we will be at war with each other forevermore everlasting “Black on Black” crimes and vicious violence!!!  I honestly ask the guilty grownups_so do ya still think it’s  a grownups gambling game, that’s funny? But BEWARE year 2014!!!
*:) happy Avatar Avenger Aboriginal AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1. Thank yawls from the kindhearted kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: *:O) clown*:D big grin*:puke! puke

watermarked and copyright 2018

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ANOINTED-1: This talented theme tune turns timetables to telling the total truths. Mind – Spirit and Soul: Searching song with a; hard hitting heavy bass bottom beat. Mountain moving mental modeling music. Yes y’all, it makes ya wanna-move and grove with the big time bandsman; and solitaire solo Musician-ArtistCHD1.

HueMaintology: = the scientific studies of Hue-Mainity, Usually said; humanity. Butt, here, I’m not dealing with the word man. Nor any type of sex-gender; male and female. I Am dealing with major main melaninated member membranes. Concerned with Holistory Heritage Health.
PROMOCRACY produces positive plants, promoting planetary purposes.
Planetlogy + Plantology = Promocracrology.

Lets  say for examples, instances: Do’s and Don’ts about what foods to eat and those to not eat. I find that these health food freaks, do not know what on planet earth they’re talking all about!

From what I repeatedly hear + read, they tend to tell half and partial truths. Dietary discourse, starting off stating negative notions – names. Deducing – deducting, subtracting, from something, instead of adding to culinary customs. We already know about supplementing our daily dietary dishes, dinners, meals, as food products eaten. Even as some scientifically attempt to tell us how that processed foods are treated with cancer causing chemical concoctions. Genetic Modified Organisms, poisonous – polluted pharmaceuticals; various hormones, antibiotics, on and on and on!

Albeit, they are accurately correct, from their personalized perspectives. BUTT, CKNWCA, is the valiant victors voice for the silenced voiceless!
Moreover, some dietitians, nutritionists, self-said: “Blacks”; proclaim online not to eat anything “White”; stop consuming “The White Man’s food”! Expressly, ‘white sugar, white salt, white flour, white bread’ etc. And this is excessively misleading, which make them, unwitting – unknowing, misleaders!

Basically because, ascendant Africoidians, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians, have been eating or consuming native-natural sugars, sea salts, from the very beginning of our Hue-Main-Kind existence. Having nothing at all to do with “Whites”!

Therefore, what I Am doing, is reversing such sickness syndromes, wrongful teachings, misgivings, and misunderstandings. Basically by inventing, creating and originating, our optimized organic organisms = organizational operational order.
GO GREEN GRASSROOTS GAINFUL GARDEN GROWTHS: Equals = healthy homegrown gardens, clean cultured – cultivated colorful crops; counter combating competitively, cancerous causing chemicals, cancerous cellular corrosions. Yes, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, Cosmic CREATOR’S Clinical Cure!

Drinking native-natural nutrients – nourishments, vitamins + minerals. Consummating cleansing chlorophyll colorized greens. A detoxifying dietary drink. Promocratically pushing out all tormenting, torturing, terrorizing tissue toxins. Namely neutralizing negatives, antagonist adversaries, alien agents – acids. Stabilizing sodium salts, alkaline activities. Biological bodily balance!!
Likewise, there’s a Spiritious or Spiritual solving solution. Kicking out devil damned demons, ghosts – goblins – goons, spooks. A mystical magical mixture, excellent elixir, enhancing, elevating – escalating energetic entities = excelled EcoEnergystics.

Y’all now know how that, it’s not always what one choose to not eat, but what they do indeed choose to eat. Along with their pharmaceutical prescription pills – potions. Basically because by drinking a blended mixture of homegrown greens, such as collards + mustards + turnips, inclusively, kale – Swiss chard – cabbage – and many others leafy vegetables, stops point blank period, pollution poisons, manmade or Mother Nature Earth’s native toxins!

SHE, knows what’s best, being better bestowed benefit bio-blessings! The holistic healthy habits = HER VegePlanTerRain

[ read real research ref.]

Funky Soul Song Season; Performing across our USA Promised Land; According to our Originator’s grand plan; I’m talking about The Holy Ghost Spirit’s Divine command:

We’s have overcome so let us understand; Black self-hate and racial hated of the “white supremacist” Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan; By spicy played music coming from my one man; Full symphony orchestra cyberspace-age digital arts band.__

Yes to everything there is a season; And time to every purpose under the heavens with resonant sounding reason; Because We’s are learning how to love ourselves without treason.__

Never shall Us’s betray our own trust; African American Blacksoul-Food thus; A nutritional must for all of us; And no argument or deserting fuss; But (artfully) applied legal affirmative action A+.__ Um hu, sho-nough.__ 

Y’all know what um-talkin’bout. And I’m o-hick-town country boy redneck red who said; without the true Blackulture white America would surely be dead._ 

Dizzy Lizzy says: Funky Soul Song Season across the USA I say._ 

Sprinkle some heavy black pepper in large concentration: Lots of onions – garlic and celery stalks in my estimation;  Adding sweet sugar and sodium salt in wise good tasting moderation; The proper dietary dinner menu for the entire Global-World-Nations._ Now sprinkle liberal amounts of allspice; Bread and rice pudding filled with cinnamon and nutmeg so flavorful savory and nice; And remember as We’s shop for Mother Nature’s holistic herbal price.__

 Whole natural organic milk-butter and all good unadulterated saturated fats; With an unprejudiced mindset based on healthy nutritional facts; Which are traditionally healthful for those of us who’re culturally-black.__ (Strictly stating specifically saying; (Blackulture!) 

Yes soul music – soul food and soul culture goes well with our multiplex-racial body; And produces the Sixth Sense Genius of a called chosen and sent gifted and talented prodigy._    

Lady Lou says: Yeah, natural saturated fats are good, just the way Mother Nature says they should._ Big Willy Slam Duncan says, Yeah, mankind mess up; Everything just for the big money buck._ Poncho Via from Oaxaca Mexico says; Mi amigo, Mexican soul-food is good too I tell you._ Blacksoul brother Hades Hell fire says: Yeah, it’s all good and gravy!   

Super charged vitamins and mineral supplements may I graciously adds; Don’t worry about those loose weight dietary bias fads._ Just eat a heaping helping of grassroots plants on the scene; The homegrown garden crops preferably I do indeed mean._ Our Blacksoul-food culture of collards – mustard and turnip greens._ Because it is our positive healing remedy and medical cure; The best buy for our hard earned money for sure; Chemical altered additives t the commercial products are no longer safe or pure; This is why our bodies – minds – hearts and souls work overtime to endure; Excessive refined carbohydrates and hydrogenated cooking oils deep frying tour; Bad trans-fats sold cheaply to trap us as an addictive hook and lure.__

Therefore, The Original Creative ArtistCHD; Simply want y’all to know a little something of wisdom in order to be set at liberty free; I personally take ah, more of essential fatty acids Omega-3; To counter-balance the Omega-6’s as I study need and clearly see; Too much polyunsaturated fats too an extreme degree; Is certainly a high heart risk for all “races” of people you and me; With hardening of the arteries  stokes being unnecessary clinical conditions to be._The right problem solving solutions and correct answers truthfully with no trickery or stealth; Funky Soul Song Season produces Divine health and true honest wealth.__  

Thank y’all very much.

Photon Poem:
Arch Angel Amen-Ra rays; Arthiest Actionary atoms amaze; Holistory’s Heritage Health Hotep help healing haze; Pure potent proton photon phase; Picturesque panorama pyramidal photographic ani butterflyphrase; Perfected pretty paved patterns passionate praise; Divinely decreed deliberated declaration daze; Clean cultured capital cash currency craze; Lords leading love life light locks laze; Better beneficial born blessed bright brilliant brains braze.__
Pollen Poem:
MonArch Melanin Metamorphosis; Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra analysis; Ancient ancestral Africa’s alien agents antagonist adversaries antithesis; Sacred secret syllabic symbols symphonic synthesis; Love life light locks lords lean lipolysis; Holistic human healing health hydrolysis; Arthiest Actionaries aimed against acidosis; Activists are ant-alkalosis; Kindhearted kinky Kings Kemetic ketoacidosis; Priestly physicians preliminary prognosis; Declared deliberated divinely deified diagnosis.__


Proton Poem:

HEATXZ hot highest hell hereof; Is the light of the whole wide world below and above; The shining solar superstar surely shall shove; And I’m not talking all about a flying winged dove; But SUNGODD DEITY Divinely decreed deliberated love.__
Potent Poem:

I’m endeavoring to keep the artful autonomy; Unity in the Spirit of Truth bond of Love Peace & Harmony’ Bringing brothers and soulful sisters together in our energized economy; Letting go of historical human hate hegemony; Telling true talented testimony; Attributed actualized artistic alimony.__

“The King of Butterflies – The Monarch Butterfly”
Punctual Poem:

SOLASUN Savior: Correctly changing current behavior: Flowing flames ferocious favor; Forming fruity flowery fragrant flavor.__

Proof Poem:

Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR; Genesis genius giant Generator: Infinite Intelligence Immaculate Incubator; Melanin member membranes mediator; Internalized intellect insulator.__

Proton Poem:

Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra is the “Blackdot”; Central Carbon Core Creation Cradle Cot; Origins of Z-Blac-Keyz of Z-Blackrayz HEATXZ Hottentots; Photon, protons projectile propelling pots; Positively producing picturesque planetary plots; Lords leading long lasting love life light locks lots; Solar sexus souls sunshine slots; Repairing recessive renegade rouge reptilian race religion rots; Better bestowed benefit blessing blots.__

Plat Poem:

What I’m saying is that: The originating art forms founded fat; Are artworks actually anatomically atomically at; The very center of the geographic-geometric gat; Lines laid along leads and ledgers lat; Longitude and latitude shaped slat; Locking together in weaves braids to plat; Planes perfectly put plates pita pat; Humanity’s healthy house homing hat; Family friends faithfully founded flat; The boldly brave barking dog and courageous cat.__

All life initiated and came form the pyramidal pinpoint position. That round circular center, equals = the center carbon composite, where everything has been consolidated, completely condensed. Cold pressed + hot pressed! All dimensions deliberates divinely decreed diamond designs. And they radiate rays in all directions simultaneously, equally, in a balanced based being. Solid state strata. Likewise, the hominids, humanoidians- every EARTHOR, living animals, creatures, plants, germs and bacteria, began their grand genus, great genesis genius, by a perfected paved pattern pathway = projected pyramidal panorama phenomena, plus+ PanorAfricAspora!

Insight & Foresight: Saying sanely – soundly – sensibly speculate, calmly-cautiously-carefully calculate, ecologically estimate and affluently anticipate. Talented timetables are though things, truly testing and testifying to time!
Now is the time to get in on the real; Rare richness royalties deal; Before it is safely securely seeking seal; Making more meaningful multimillionaires money meal; All aboard CK-NWCA today to teal – till; An exciting exhibition exploration thrill; Taking no  poisonous pharmaceutical prescript pill, For future freedom finances faithfully fulfill.__
This is no gutsy gambling game; ‘Thy Kingdom Come” as clearly came;  You have nobody other than yourself to blame;  For failing to faithfully follow fortunes fame; Now nationalized native name; Nothing negative or positive remain the same; Pay form the posted pictures along with their fitted frame.__
There’s no stacked deck; What the Hades hell heck;  100% Principal Protection guaranteed tech; No need to hang a noose around your neck; Playing around with the shyster snake pits poisonous peck;  Wisely withstand wealth’s wrathful weather wreck.__

Crystal clear conscious cognizant clarity; Compounding compassionate charity;  Producing primary principal protective parity.__ 

As the U.S. Dollar decline in true values and virtues, and worth, compounded by the over all general inflation. A high rising ratio-rate return on investment interests; implosion. Eating up all of your life’s savings! This is the negative nature of the barbaric behaving beasts, big boys banking bullies. They beat you down to the dirty ditches in financial defeat!
Wiping out an entire middle class category of collective citizens. Picking them off one by one, in separate societal sections, isolated groups. So as not to panic the human herds, causing a stamped, rebellious riots and civil war!
These are the losers, so sophisticatedly silenced, slowing and suddenly sunken, successfully subdued. Some so embarrassed and humiliated to death’ committing suicides; or even homicides of inhumane hate!
Therefore, I’ve consciously chose; not to and never try playing their gutsy gambling games. Butt better blessed by, co-creating CK-NWCA’S clean cultured conditions; so that caring and compassionate citizens can cumulatively cleanly cultivated capital cash currency.
Thus to truly saving money, completely cut off extra- excessive spending, buying and consuming far too much food. As the cost and prices goes up, I come down back to the greens grassroots grounds gainful growths = gallantry’s gratitude, gracious gifts.

I AM happy to inform y’all that things have successfully come together for We’s & Us’s. And in factual reality of truth:  Our optimized support is worldwide; SPIRITIOUS or SPIRITUAL!!

Yawls see with crystal clear clarity: That pigs pork has healthy Spiritualizing sacred saturated fat. Serving Solar Sexus Souls stability and sanctuary. Which is the wealth of wisdom, and as The Lard of Lords Long-lasting Love Life Light Locks! 

Look closely at the domesticate cows, and calves milk being taken from her tits. We’s & Us’s drank this native-natural nutritional nourishment. And made cream, pure butter, cheese from fresh milks, cows and goats!

PURE BUTTER CLEAN & ORGANIC“OK, I’ve had it up to the gills! I want to put to rest the belief that fat (especially saturated fat) and dietary cholesterol are bad for us. I will also show proof that aside from being the best diet for stripping fat, low-carb nutrition actually improves health markers more than a low-fat diet. Let the games begin… “

BUTT, now today some of these thoughtless thugs, trickster traitors, would wantonly wish for Africans in Americas United States, to think and believe, that this saturated sustenance is somehow sickening? Misleading melaninated membrane members, away, from what has historically helped heal humans holistically. Teaching that what is actually good, as being bad!

Let us no longer go out of our way to support them in their treacherous causes, conferences, symposiums, git-togethers, advocating the racist religious diet commonly called: Veganism and Vegetarianism. And always support; our organic organisms; ORIGINAT-ORG-ONE-1 Pure Plant Potency Powered PHANTOM-PHYSICS of Her Vibrating Vivid Vitalizing VegePlanTerRain;  SOLARSUN SOUL FOOD DIVINE!!! 

[ref. + Name: Z-BLACKRAYZ Phantom Physics OriginatOrgOne1 URL:

Ancient Africa KemEgypt Artwork clearly showing anybody that

meat is being prepared to eat. Yes animal flesh for sure!

YES BLESSEDLY: Y’all now know ‘most assuredly’, that when We’s & Us’s see those wearing our ancient ancestral Africa KemEgypt ANKH, while claiming to hate meat, saying how unhealthful it is to eat animal flesh, blood, bone and marrow. Equals = liars! Two-face blackfaced fakers, refusing to air opposing voices, in the exact same manners that the Giant Capitalists -Corporatists – Colonialists do. Contriving to silence and censor courageous characters as I AM The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Avatar Avenger.  Fearful of my revealing truths taught about them, teaching truer knowledge of facts of realities!

FOOLISHLY: They called themselves being African Centered on Authentic Ancient Africa Egypt? Vegetarians? Vegans? Pork haters? Butt, their beliefs are historically religious and political. Self-deception-rationalization and gross distortion of reality! What’s up?

An ancient artifact, artwork of the swine, hog, pigs, wild boar and domesticated animals. Yes a picture portrays positive proofs. Yet some of these “all Black” bitch bastards lie straight out of their motor  mouths; in self-abnegating psychotic denials!

It Stands To Rational Reasons: One by one, some of our Great Black Hope, have died suddenly, younger or at older ages, and no hog heads, hamhocks, porky pigs, swine were found or caught at the culinary scene of their deaths. Died of natural or unnatural causes certifies their demise. And self-induced mind poisonings, prejudice pork programming,  is the prominent producer of psychological pollution. Destroying their mental faculties!

I AM happy to inform y’all that things have successfully come together for We’s & Us’s. And in factual reality of truth:  Our optimized support is worldwide; SPIRITIOUS or SPIRITUAL!!

KemEgypt SSS_negative image

anima MantisYES: Preying Melaninated Mantis: Pirate Piranha Predatory Profiteers: Expediently exploiting the personal shortcomings, of other African Americans, on all battlefronts. Negroes and “Colored People” plotting and planning, to take over the foreclosed homes at the lowest or least price and costs possible. Showing no mercy on other melaninated members, who fail for faulty finances; credit and bank loans, and lost out big time! BEWARE!

Having happily said that truthfully: now next, I talking about Bro. Polight and his interview, speech on Black Talk Radio, during June of 2013. He’s a very smart young African American blackish brown male. And knows much, many meaningful things about the real estate business, buying houses, paying for mortgaged homes. Property taxes, and leans held against those who default, fail to pay them on time, or before one year or so. He reveals just how so many greedy gluttonous brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers of Africiodian ancestry, get behind on their bills, taxes, and this is the criteria, of “Racism White Supremacy”; set up from the very beginning to entrap and enslave the naïve and gullible gamblers. So be it!

SELF INCRIMINATING: He goes on saying, that his members, clans, tribal groupies, are forming a sort of higher echelons of political power positions. Kind of like the round table of commercialized committee comrades having conferences. Those who he has taught how to capitalize on black bankruptcies, home foreclosures, and monetary down falls from financial fitness. A type of Priestly Pirates, Piranha Predatory Profiteers! (Another elitist, Bourgeois Boule Blacks, ref. Bro. Steve Cokely.)

Butt, my main point here is, he deviated away from the subjects that he has learned, and knows about, with some degree of accuracy. Going remotely astray, as usual, he like so many other militant minded melaninated men, making merchant money, selling their published books, DVDs of lectures, talks, etc. Here again Bro. Polight was wearing 4 ANKH-s on the design of his hat or head piece, cap and robe or attire. Insulting our original Culinary Customs + Cooking Cuisines! Can Wexz & Usxz truly trust a convicted criminal, who admits he had been very violent?

Prime time examples: Culinary arts, animal flesh haters, pigs pork prejudiced people…,health and nutrition…, is a subject that all African Americans need to keep their big blasting motor mouths closed, and shut the S-h-I-t up and shut down! And if ya don’t like certain foods; then, don’t eat it!

Basically because, our true Holistory Heritage Health, did not start with slavery! Not at all on the South – Central – North Americas. And Africans in America, has historical happenings, healthful habits, that goes back thousands of years, less known 500 years ago to date. Read:


Solar Sexus Soul Food Family Foundations: hog head haters. So they religiously believe that We’s & Us’s should stop eating the; alleged-assumed, Slaver master’s food, “ham hocks” “mac’n cheese”; on and on out of their idiotic ignorance. Inordinately ignoring the true reality of fact; that ancient ancestral All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa, ate wild boars of the Northern continent. Mediterranean and Asia + The Nile River Valley Civilizations; Egypt + Kemet = KemEgypt. Evidence, plus+ picturesque pure positive pork pig’s proof, as artists, we crarved and drew these animals in harden clay, sculptured and chiseled into solid stone! So what’s up with their SelfhatismsSamboismsUncletomisms?

Also, our ancient ancestors, domesticated herds of swine, porky pigs and hogs. Which has absolutely nothing to do with “White men” of European origins, commonly called Caucasian Caucasoidians, of the cold Caucasus caves!


ani bats11ani bat monster gif

YES y’all, Selfhatisms – Samboisms – Uncletomisms; comes in a many artless forms. Such specifics as religiously believing, thinking that some Satanic Slave master give Wexz & Usxz, the bad parts of the porky pigs, hogs ham hocks, chitterlings – guts – intestines. The Nation of Islam and Mr. Min. Elijah Mohammad Poole, started saying swine “slop” stupid stuff, “White Devil”!

Yet this hateful hypocrite had called himself a Freemason or Mason and perhaps a “Shrinner”? Who accepts a self-said; “White Man” as his brother. And also, the man person who he claims is “God” – Allah manifested in the human flesh, was Fard Muhammad, a “White Male”; convicted criminal! What a blatantly bogus bigot!

Howsoever, the slaver was surely served food by womenfolk = domesticated servants. And he never did a Devil Damned thing, as serving some swine slop, to enslaved Negroe or African slaves. He chose choice chops, prime ribs according to his desires. And fortunately he left the other undesired animal parts; to other poor “Whites” & “Blacks”.

In factual reality, it was our own “Black” and Brown females, House Negras, doing the dinner dishes, cooking culinary cuisines. Chitlings, pig feet – tails – hog maws – jaws. Just like she did back in old-age ancient ancestral times of All Alpha-Albebulan-Africa’ s Egypt + Kemet = KemEgypt!

Those identifying themselves as being “Blacks” in the USA, are highly mistaken, and don’t know their true history = Holistory Heritage Health. Expressly when they try to slander swine meat, politically push porky pig prejudices off on other brothers and soulful sisters. Their lazy lingo, is only hand me down gossips; guilty gospels, and old-wives tales, passed down from generations of mindless misleaders = nasty naughty nose negative N…words!

Scientifically, sensibly, soundly, sanely so said, there’s no good and bad parts of the animal named pig or hog or wild boar. Just like there’s no junk DNA, nor bad and good cholesterol. These terms are those that prejudices people’s psychological perspectives. The lean and fat flesh, is not in the least, “slop”; trash, garbage, trash, and harmful things of this spoiled state of rottenness!

Albeit better beneficially borne bestowed blessed, what some well meaning melaninated members, are trying to say, without them wrongly using bad examples; it that the Prison Industrial Complex, loves to serve slave prisoners some sickening “slop”! True!

Howsoever, not necessarily knowing any better, a number of revolutionary militant minded males, and females, fail to understand, that their motor mouths, are often the ones that are poisonous, polluted, and purposely prejudicial. Unclean and impure assumptions based on somebody’s racist religions and bible based beliefs. They pose potent political problems!

BLACKLAN Blacklisted bandits beware: “Since 2008 Black Talk Media Project which created the Black Talk Radio Network has not only engaged (terroristic threat tough talks-thinking) original content from a (Blackout) Black perspective for the Black (grownup ghetto gangster groupies) global community but has also instructed others (naive gullible “nonwhites”) on how to do (devilishly demonic destructive damages) the same in fulfilling it core (mad men militant) mission of helping to uplift (ugly-unruly-unlawful, indecent insurgency) independent Black (vicious violent) voices using (negative Nationalist Negro – N..word) new media (terrorist tactical) tools. You can help us (BlacKlan bandits) to continue our (Muslim-Mohammedan militancy) mission and help (hurt-harm humanity-humankind) more (melanin members as People of Color criminalized) by donating (deceptive dollars to this terrorist think tank bogus blackened broadcast) Black Talk Media Project 2015 Fundraiser and asking others (of the “Black Race”) to do (demonic deceit) the same (surreptitious satanic unwise way). Let us work (wickedness) together and make (militarized mindsets) 2015 a (Black Supremacist-sexist – sadist – satanist) stronger year for independent (insurrections). Black media (man men’s mentality) Righteously reveals + reports: Avatar Avenger AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1 via JESUSTICE1 JUDGMENT JUSTICE!!!


Better Benefit Blessings Beauteously Bestowed: I with wisdom want We’s & Us’s hard earned money to come back in big bucks to those intelligently investing interests; into COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts’s Compass Bank Safe-Secure System. Donate dollars, Divinely Decreed Deliberated. Generating great gifts of grace, Genesis Genius gainful grassroots green growths. First Financial Funds Fortified Foundation = $$$ Our optimal opulence, trustworthy wealthiest trusts! – –

YES: I Am AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 avatar avenger; taking these guilty gambling ghetto gangster grownups, on one by one. Placing each of them on my mastermind Black hit list, of ham hocks hog heaters, prejudiced pigs pork persons. Who have harmed and hurt the gainful growths, going on the green grassroots grounds. Attacking and assaulting authentic Africoidians Solar Sexus Soul Food First Family Financed Foundations! Failing to learn how to live and let others eat and drink in: Love Peace & Harmony!!!

They made negative comments, malicious – maligning and slanderous, smart sarcastic remarks! Although, just about all of them claim to be African-centered, Pan-Africanists, wearing our/my ancient ancestral ANKH; anointed artistry of Kemet = Egypt = KemEgypt of All Alpha-Alkebulan-Africa!

1. Bro. Polite hates “ham hocks” and “mac’n cheese”; says it’s slaves food.

2. Bro. Booker T. Coleman…a Moor and or Mason (Freemason) (a religion)

3. Mr. Nilly Fuller; dislike Soul Food, down home cooking…

4. Rev. Phil Valentine; says slave master’s slop, he’s a Moor and or Mason (Freemason) (a religion)

5. Mr. Dick Gregory = vegetarian he says. (a religion)

6. Wallace Durham – motor mouth, hate porky pigs, “non-dairy“, maybe a vegan (a religion)

7. Bro. James Smalls, dislike Soul Food, down home cooking culinary arts.

8. Bro. King Noble: perhaps a vegetarian, hate hogs, porky pigs, swine flesh.

Be patient, a lots more tall tuff talkers to come…..

an195Hades hell flaming fires NO, I will never let, allow, permit a bunch of bad bandits bully and bluff me. Nor suck up to these guilty gambling gutter ghetto grownup gangsters. I’ll take each and every one of them down underground into the deepest depths of Divinely Decreed Devil Damnation. If need be? Definitively: They can’t intimidate Avatar Avenger AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 Son of SUNGODD DEITY!!!


1. Mr. Amos Wilson, hated hogs, porky pigs, swine flesh to eat, yet he died early in his life, due to sudden illness. Why?

2. Min. Mr. Malcolm-X Little Shabazz, was assassinated by other Negroes, Nation of Islam members, misled by Mr. Min. Elijah Poole Muhammad. Who taught the religious hatred of humans eating swine, pigs pork, Soul Food.

3. Min. Mr. Khalid Muhammad Harold Moore, Islamic Muslim, X- Nation of Islam, and his assassination attempt carried out by those he himself trained. And eventually was medicinally murdered, killed by Pharmicide, alleged aneurysm, blood in the brains, etc. He often degraded, denigrated Soul Food, assumed “The White Devils” ‘Slave slop’!

4. Dr. Bobby Wright; a bright brilliant brained brother, who also suddenly died, due to unhealthy states of his bio-bodily being. At an early death, young age, yet he had talked bad about Solar Sexus Soul Food First Family Foundations. I heard his negative comments on YouTube, and recorded his ridiculous rhetoric. Yet swine flesh apparently didn’t do damages to his health and life. Now did it?

YES: While these well wishing wanna-be leaders, were wasting time -valuable energy and efforts; African Americans were being caught – captured – caged citywide, countywide, countrywide. Idiotic ignoramuses, constantly criticizing, castigating customary culinary cooking cuisines of Africans in the Americas dis-United States, as angry Anglo-American Al Qaeda Operatives moved in for the real kill deals!

When did impoverished poor people, have the prestige of choosing choice chops, lean cuts of meats, and organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables? How could anybody in their right Africoidian minds, thinks and religiously believe that by eating all raw vegetables, uncooked foods, is more healthful? How did these nutritionist Negroidians, Anglo-African-Americans, become so stubbornly stuck on stupid stuff? Do they realize and know that Wexz & Usxz are at war, under sniper fire, and very violent vengeance? Are these dictator ‘demonocracy’ democracy dietitians; divinely decreed Devil Damned?

“Racism White Supremacy” Sociopath Superiority Satanists, served some seriously severed sickening syndromes; sinister sadness, and satanic sorrows. Suffering side effects of divisive distractions. As these immature melaninated member militant minded “Blacks”; Pan-Africanists, became misleaders; followers became misled. Proclaiming to be real revolutionaries, yet, as they were verbally attacking and orally assaulting, and incipiently insulting other brothers and soulful sisters, who enjoyed eating as they please. During these times, the Evil Enemy Entities, = Eugenicist Eu-Rope-ans, surrounded We’s & Us’s. Forming their treacherous entrapment, enslavement!!

YES: I AM The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian.  I own my original creative arts, they are my whole wide world web wealth. The copyrights belong to me, the ideas and Intellectual Property. And can commonly share my artworks with whosoever, I want to, choose to give and or sell to. I intend to enable others to profit prosperously, financially from supporting, sponsoring, selling the posted pictures, portraits, presentations. No problem!

Unlimited artistic abilities, to create, originate unique specimens, species specific sacred Spiritious syllabic symbols. Homegrown greed grassroots gains, gifts of grace,  great genesis genius. And this means contrary to what so many so called authorities, expert speakers say, these artworks are in factual reality worthy wealth, and also, rare rich royal resources. Advantageously negative – charged currencies + positive charged currencies.; black and white, dark and light.

BUY NOW at the lowest performance price;  But beware of the mean market money masters mice; Distrust the deceitful Devils’ dirty demon dice;  Saving yourself making no suicidal sacrifice; Letting go of all the lazy leisurely licking lice; Yet serving some self-survival successful slice;  Natural nourishment nutritionally nice.__ Verifying vicious villains volatile vice;  Talents turnovers tow twin times twice.__  

“And by becoming the market; and not trying to beat it, your are the side of progress, growth and  expansion.” (Anthony Robbins)

CAP-IT-ALLY: Customers- Collectors – Counters = co-creating capital cash currency. Commonly called collecting coupons. Customary clippings = CapitAllysm. Center carbon core creation cradle. Completely cleansed cured causes, compassionate concerned – caring computer Cyber Children’s collegiate course curriculum; Command Central Cultivation.  

Diversified + Deified + Dignified:  Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. Deliberated decisions, Decreed Divine Declarations. Deity’s Dimensional Domain.
Salvation Savings: Sacred Spiritious Symbols + Solar Sexus Soul Saving Songs – Spirit Sensations Sublime SOLARSUN Server Savior selling supervise sales, superstars supreme superior shopping stores. Safe – secure secret sanitary!
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Foretelling – forecasting – forthcoming future fortunes + financially funded family foundations. Fortunetellers foremost founded faith + first full fledged funded financed freedom = $$$
BLACKRAYZ: Blessed Beliefs: Better bestowed baby born births – bio-bodily beings big banking bullish bucks backed by believing bounty buying Beauty Booty Butt Babes bio-balance’ best bargains.    

My Master Mind Melanin Messiahs; Mental Models. Manufacturing marketing methods, militarized money making means-modes – mechanisms. Manifesting materialized multimillionaires monuments – movements. Mutual mixing – mingling more meaningful music media = mastered mediums, micro-macro – mega – meta-Musics. 

Investors: Investing into inventive – innovative, instinctive – intuitive; Immaculate Imagination. Involving immediate intellectual inputs, innate – intrinsic – indwelling “Infinite Intelligence” Internalized introspection! Incoming investment interests incurring – increasing industry.

Nevertheless, all those still trying to trick you, ‘frankin-food’-fool you and mislead themselves, by playing politics, or politicized religiosities, will tell you that We’s & Us’s are poor people, impoverished. Howsoever, they base their bias beliefs, on a “minority” member materialistic mindset; in which, dictates what wealth actual is! ‘Demonocracy’ dictators democracy!

YES: It is better beneficially bestowed blessed, by being a wholehearted giver,  than it is to be a half-hearted receiver! May Wexz & Usxz share equably, graceously giving gifts of great genesis genius, while wisely receiving righteously, rae rich royalties = $$$ 

Plant Poem: Vibrant vivid VegePlanTerRain; Wet water which is rain; Pouring profusely plain upon the geographic plane; Plus+ positive planetary purposed plan: Vegetation plants perfectly understand; Vegetables Basic beginnings band; All across mineral seed sown sand; On our organic green and brown healthy homeland.__

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VIRONS Virtual Vision – Virtualized Visualized Vitalized Values Virtues vs. vicious viruses

 NEGATIVE NEGROES: Now today in the last past approx. 12 years, some sorry soulless sisters, sold out, and has bought into antagonistic alien agents. Read a few published clinical and or medical nutritional books. Happy go lucky going to Eurocentric educational schools, colleges, getting themselves inoculated, indoctrinated inside insidious, invidious Institutionalized Racism!
Now today in the last past approx. 12 years or so, some sorry soulless sisters, sold out, and has bought into invasive ideologies. Adverse antagonistic alien agents. Eatery attributes that are anti-Africa’s authenticity, culinary arts appointed ancestry and anointed artistry.

Butt bogusly being called ‘African queens’, princeses, goddesses, etc. Not black bitches and hoes – whores who they truly are!  Making inroads inside the ”Black Boule”; middle class African American communities, thus to talk down to, and terrify the minds and psychologies of the lower class Africans in America.

Telling them that their Soul Food first family financed foundations; are fatal, faulty, unhealthful and a detrimental diet. Basically believed by the self-saving soulless sisters to be bad. As they religiously think so bogusly based upon pseudo-pharmacology, sinister scientific studies that are surely satanic!

Thereby preaching, prejudicing, preprogramming propaganda politicized pollutions poisoning of persons psychologies. Seducing societies surreptitiously into stereotyped studies. Systemic, systematic sociopathy!

Misleaders: Broadcasting all manner of mindless nonsense. Untruthful, unkind things told to them over the “all Black” airways, online Internet talk radio shows, hosted by profiteers trying to sell their viral Vegan – Vegetarian diet dishes; as commercialized commodities.
Colluding conspirators contriving to change correct culinary customs, clean cultured cuisine cooking. Through constant criticisms, combative castigations, counter-productive to inner-city urban small businesses, restaurants, fast foods, catering services.
As they recruit more melaninated members into their radical religious Culinary Cults; African Americans and as AmeriAfrindians; loose economic energies, efficiencies – efforts = EcoEnergystics =$$$

Vegan diet by donald_watson

“Donald Watson (2 September 1910 – 16 November 2005)

was founder of the Vegan Society and inventor of the word vegan.”

The respectable Mr. Donald Watson, populatized, invented, initiated the Vegan diet. He appears to be what they call themselves: “A White Man”. as opposed to “A Black Man”. as plain and simple as this true reality.  And according to documented records, he is a European male and not an African male. A Caucasian Caucasoidian, and not an Africoidian and or Negroidian. Yet still a humanoidian! 

SunFlower ColorKingdom

All of the home garden vegetabes, artworks, I produced myself!

This was and is a very large – tall sunflower!

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“Change The Way You Look At Things,

And The Things You Look At Change.”

Dr. W.W.Dyer

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My Mastermind Mental Models, makes it abundantly artful, clarified crystal clear, completely cured, culinary cooking, clean cultured capital cash currencies. Collective civic communions, correct causes, creating conditional climatic charged changes!

DeoTrox DoeTrix_color ned image

The Green Growth Garden of Earth + Atom Amen-Ra. Every living human, animal, creature comes into life’s art forms eating food for nutritional nourishment. Equals Solarized SOULFOOD DIVINE Decreed Diet = off of Her healthy healing holistic: VegePlanTerRain.

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Z-BLACKRAYZ Restaurants serving sovereign Solar Sexus Soul Food Family Foundational Divine Decreed Dinner + Delicious Desserts = Dietitians Delights, Deli Delicacies. Twenty First Century CyberSpaceAge Cosmic Created Culinary Cooking, Customary Cuisines. Concurrently cured, culturally clean!

African Albinos girls1Plus+ it is imperatively important to_BE_ ORIGINAL! Seeing how that Wexz & Usxz all came from All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa, as Africoidians, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians – Anglo-American-Africcans, inlusiveoly, AfricOriginals + AlbinOriginals

OUR OPTIMIZED ORIGINAL CREATIVE CONCEPTS = Perfected Perceptive Precepts + Problem Solving Solutions  – SALVATION.

SOULMATE: Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, Soulmatriarch money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality = SOULMATRIXZ!

#HYPERLINK “”ANKH AMEN-RA1 Sacred Spiritious Symbols = Ancient Ancestral Alpha-Alkebulan Africa Kemet-Egypt = KemEgypt. Authentic Authorized Appointed Anointed Artistry + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD.ANKH AMEN-RA1 Sacred Spiritious Symbols = Ancient Ancestral Alpha-Alkebulan Africa Kemet-Egypt = KemEgypt. Authentic Authorized Appointed Anointed Artistry + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD pt1

HYPERLINK “”ANKH AMEN-RA1 Sacred Spiritious Symbols = Ancient Ancestral Alpha-Alkebulan Africa Kemet-Egypt = KemEgypt. Authentic Authorized Appointed Anointed Artistry + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD.ANKH AMEN-RA1 Sacred Spiritious Symbols = Ancient Ancestral Alpha-Alkebulan Africa Kemet-Egypt = KemEgypt. Authentic Authorized Appointed Anointed Artistry + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD.pt2

WE’S & US’S: Have a  VEGETABLE = VEGETATION = PLAN + a PLANT + a PLANTER + a TERRAIN = SOIL-DIRT + RAIN = WATER. Comprising and encompassing the complete ColorComPlexTrix + Soultixc x Spiritrix!!!
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AfricaRambees, migrated, mixed, mingled, married, mated. All around our optical-organic anima black_and_greenGlobalWorldNations. Fearlessly flying firstly foremost, for financial funding fortunes, feeding foods for fitness of fertilized foundations. Transforming thinking, training thoughts. The time tested true talented trek, terrestrial trails -territorial tracks, through trials and terrifying tribulations!!!

What colorful cosmetic complexions are AfricaRambees? They’re realized RAYZIAL RACERYSTS: running real races, retrieving rare rich royal resources, out of our originating homeland; All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa. Z-blackxz, z-brownxz, z-redxz, z-whitexz, z-pinkxz, pigmented public people’s planetary populations. Perfect Precious Pyramida Phenomena = PANORAFRICASPOARA = PERCEPTRIXZ + PRECEPTRIXZ!!.

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Talented Teamwork + National Network + Whole Worldwide Web Working!

YES: You may be permitted to purchase portrait pictures – priced professionally, plus+ personalized printing profitably + professionally. Reproduce them on various canvases, materials, fabrics, apparels, as you will want to. And additionally, the available-accessible letters, sacred syllabic spirituous symbols, may be used financially free for personal apparels – garments – T-shirts.  As proscribed!

Howsoever, I respectfully request, that you also, commit capital cash currency, donate digitized dollars = $$$ to CK-NWCA‘s Financed Funding Family Foundation.. (PayPal online banking = Compass Bank, Herein The Beauteous City of San Antonio, Texas.) HOME:

BUTTERFLY SHOW & TELL: Be better beneficially blessed by beng  a believer, a thinker plus + a doer, oF the words of worldly wisdom. Show me what you have actually done,  instead of telling me what you intend to do. And The VegeLeoAugustan VegePlainTerRain, shows y’all his faith founded upon fertile soils and of the material matter, humus, mud, dirt and clay and sand!
“Imagine if you can what it would be like without the sun. A dark, cold, planet – totally devoid of life – think about it! If it were somehow possible to live here, still this body could not survive very long without the sun because (as one person put it) we are one giant photocell, dependent on light for the Life-Force we need to energize our 75 trillion cells.”

YES FINANCIAL AFRICARAMBEE FREE SOUL FOOD DIVINE FOR TRUE THOUGHT THINKING: Contrary to what book product profiteers try to tell and sell you, don’t ever on your precious life believe them! Think for yourself first and foremost. As it is well written: ‘He or she whosoever, totally trusts in mankind is a faithful fool!’ Most of the times he never knows in total truths, what the hell here on planet earth he’s talking about! His hidden ulterior motives and secret agendas; are to trick you into giving up your hard earned money. Especially pay or buy something that you really don’t need!

Particularly, when SOLAR DEITY SUNGOD’S Life Forces are fortunately, fully for financial free. And HEATXZ costless currency charges are eco-electron energy entities, absorbed by the living bodily organism. The very same manner in which planet earth and living plants absorb these talented time tested true: Love Life Light Locks!!!

Furthermore, what ever Life Forces raw or uncooked foods, meats, esp. vegetation originally had.., once eaten, the human body cooks it, bakes it, boils it in liquids-fluids -water and oils or fats. And that’s called digestion! It is a high heated stove and oven in and of itself. Blazing and burning caloric chemical concoctions in its stomach’s intestinal tracks, and combustion chambers. Using hydrochloric acids, and it own manufactured enzymes to break fleshly food particles down to be assimilated. Converted chemistries via vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino-acids, fats and carbohydrates. A flaming, fiery incinerator, incubator, generator, inner sungod self!!!

Therefore, scientifically, logically, sensibly, soundly and sanely, SUNGOD’S radiant rays of the prismatic spectral hues, visible and invisible, seen and unseen, are the only true solarized sources of energized forces to enter the living animal and plant and human body organism. It’s absolutely not and never a dietary thing of entry, inception or reception and ingestion. Only Optically Optimized Opioid Organic-Orgasmic Original Organism!

YES: Funky Soul Song Season. CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP + Color Kingdom’s theme songs mp3. Yes it’s all about happy, healthy, holistic, heartily, humored SOULFOODIVINE. For Financially Free + Full Freedom of Artistic Expression! My expanded, excelled, elevated and enhanced, Wix Web site URL: mp3

YES: ARTRIX + ARTISTRIX: Defined to mean, art formulation, financed family food foundation. Doing talented things to testify, teaching total told truths. An artful application, appreciation, actualization. An anointed Artistic Real-Live=Vision = REALIVISION vs Religion!

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Yawls see crystal clear, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, serves self-sufficient societies. Those that I’ve named to be ArtiSocial vs. Anti-Social, Arthiests vs. Atheists!!
Personalized, individualized innovators. Intelligent intellectual initiators; independent inspirers. Excelling entrepreneurial enterprising efforts, efficiently executing existing elements. Exercising essential expressions expertly = economics + ecologies = EcoEnergystics = $$$

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In other plain-o-simple words of wealthier wisdom, no longer are we wantonly wishing to impress, convince corporatist-capitalist, commonly called Caucasian Caucasoid citizens. Nor are We’s & Us’s wasting valued time attempting to pacify and politically please so said: prejudiced people, political persons. No not at all!

Howsoever, our optimized originating objectives, only is to open the doors for flaming fame, fortunate financial foundations, fashion fabrics. Equal opportunities ostensibly obvious, officially opened to The Lightxz and The Darkxz! Who’s White – Who’s Black?? Who’s playing colorblind?

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These cosmetic coloration complexions constitutes, comprised continental countries. All around our orbiting Global-World-Nations!!!anima blue_and_gold
Ancient Ancestry + Appointed Anointed Artistry: Wexz & Usxz left solid ironclad proof, carved in hard clay stones, showing the whole wide world web, how Africoidians ate meats, fish – shell food, animal flesh. All real evidence makes it abundantly crystal clear, that there’s no evidence whatsoever, of any “Vegetarians” nor “Vegans”!! (Keep reading to find out why?)

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These asinine asses, make believe based on their religious orientation, indoctrination. Foolishly trusting in the FDA food pyramid diet dictatorship, casung diabetes type-2. Pseudo-science scholarship satanists, mis-educating ‘African American Blacks” = Africoidians of the Americas! U.S. Federal Government: Fraudulent, falsified, fabricated documentation, literature, medical publications. Yet they think they’re smart and educated. These are idiotic ignoramuses = KNOWING NOTHING!

Butt, what we truly know by the pictures, paintings, drawings on temples and cave walls, artifacts well documented; proved beyond any rational reasonable room to doubt, that these non-meat eaters, hog haters, porky pig prejudiced persons, are absolutely wrong! Highly mistaken and utterly misgiving! They’re the Anti-Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s Uncletomists – Sellout Samboists – Selfhatists!!!

VegePlanTeRain = Vegetable + Plan + Planter + Terrain + Rain x Mother MAATRIX pt.1

NaTrixz - NutriTrixz - NatuRayz_color


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NaTrixz - NutriTrixz - NatuRayz_color neg image

RESPECTFUL RESQUESTS: E-mail me at: This tactical technique, truly allows you to receive my personal permission to print; producing pure profits = $$$100%+. And for financial fortunes, service-sales, saving solar sexus soul = SOULMATES.

Wexz & Usxz: are coming completely cultured clean! Doing the righteous things towards our other human bio-bodily beings of humanity. Giving original creative artists, their just rewards + awards; knowingly, intentionally, willingly and purposely.

NOTE: If you choose to use one of my letters, sacred spiritual syllabic symbols; then therefore, through true trustworthy transparency, I expect that you make monetary dollar donations, to COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. How much money = ???

Happy Heartfelt Donation button located at the bottom of this Main Web site linking URL:

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YES: From what I’ve gathered thus far, studying historical reports, written literature, somebody else’s opinions, point of views. What they think is true or false. Fine and dandy, so be it!

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Sometime back in our own ancient ancestral Africa’s history, We’s & Us’s had some seriously severe internal civic conflicts. From what I keep hearing hog haters and prejudiced porky pig profiteering people politically preaches, well then, it reveals how that “Black on Black”; African on African anti-activities actualized. The High Priests, pushed their pork poison propaganda publicly. [ Radically religious!? ]

Unwisely deviated from our optimized objectives, becoming ‘useless food eaters’, upsetting the Sacred Spirits & Sovereign Souls of the prehistoric days of antiquity’s old-age-ancestors!

Africulture_color neg image

Facts of Reality: Yet they ate wild boars, when they wanted to and or slauthered a pig as a ceremonial sacrifice, and red blood offering to their mythological gods = MYTHOLIGION.. While at the same time divilishly discriminating against healthy hog herders. This is foolishness that divided the Africoidian – Negroidian family food foundations. As it is still doing today, due to it being an unresolved civil conflict!  Irreconcilable differences too!

Stupid stooge suckers saying; to other brothers and soulful sisters, not to eat fried foods, fish, chichen, etc. Causing community combustions, criminal confusion, corrupting chaos!

your back design

Nevertheless, when cautiously cooked in clean culinary customs, the pigs pure pork LARD, is righteously used to deep fry foods in. It has high heat tolerance values. Can stand up to temperatures, that vegetable olls can’t, in which, turn into trans-fats. Cancer causing corrosive conditions of human cells, etc. Not the fact of being fried chicken, fish, beef, on and on so forth accordingly. And this means that American fast food industries, have learned lessons never to cook flesh or vegetables in plant oils; which burns easily. They toxify or intoxicate tender tissues. The purely cleansed saturated fats that are unadulterated, balances biological bodily beings!

Even so well understood today, there’re those idiotic ignoramuses, who locked onto false beliefs, religiously, and can’t seen to let them go! One will often hear them proclaiming, don’t eat fried foods, stay away from the fast food franchises, y’all name them!

I Envision & Imagine: That there were rich and poor people, impoverished populations of persons. A class warfare that allowed, permitted foreign invaders to intervene, intrude, interlope, interfere internally. Also, oppresson – repression – depression, had to exist to some serious-severe extent. Or else, there would never have ever been Rich Royalties, Wealthy Kings & Queens!!
LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature + SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY: set forthcoming desert lands, Sahara, to separate, segregate societies. Only nomads were able to cross these intensely hot arid-dry lands. SHE & HEHERTXZ & HEATXZ, were fed up with the high and mighty Priests.

Likewise: The fussing, fighting for fresh food, over what one choose to eat or not eat, posed powerful problems. And consequently, the Eu-Rope-an alien agents, and Asiatic Arab antagonist adversaries, saw financially fit, to exploit expediently, these self-divided self-serving, self-conquered countries. Expressly, of Ancient Egypt – Kemet = Kush-KemEgypt and The Nile River Valley Civilizations!

Y’ALL: listen up and pay close attention to me. What I’m saying is that our optimized originality; creativity, is solidly strong, standing, staying self-sufficient. Dependent upon Digitalized Decreed Divinity, Deified Designs Declared Deliberated!

Artistically expressed in plain-o-simple words, Wexz & Usxz are actually freed from financed dependency addictions to U.S. Federal Government grants, loans, handouts, welfare, and monetary support systems. One that has fatally fallen from financial fitness = $$$

Therefore, Artheist Affirmative Actionaries, are authentically authorized artworks, appointed anointed artistry. Arrived herein, hereon, planetary earth via Solar SUNGODD DEITY DIVINE DISC. {cosmic chemistry, geometry)

OK Y’ALL: Listen up closely, pay attention, and here this: On or March 3, 2013, I tuned into a blog talk radio show, and heard some very impressive things. Butt, basically nothing more than what I had already known. Not religiously believe!

In short, some soulless sister went ballistic; blatantly bad breath bastard bitchcraft! Yes, expressively she said; ‘F…K You’; to ‘Black brother Ankh! And he retaliated in like unkindness, by saying, ‘F…K You too!’

Moreover, this ill-ustrates ill-will toward one another, regardless of who’s right or wrong. How We’s & Us’s simply just can’t all git-along!

Further still, I find that those so busy trying to talk about health, and or eating healthy foods, need to shut up and sit down! Basically because, nobody can correctly determine what is best for an individual person as far a diet or what one chooses to eat. There’re those who have been eating swine, wild boars, pigs pork for ages, and live into their 90s + 100s years old. Very healthy!

While many multitudes of others, lived long live eating mostly meats of many diverse varieties. Howsoever, it has always been a matter of choice, preference, what was available at those time periods, geographical locations, etc. End of conversation!

BUTT, believe my telling y’all, that the vulgarisms, profanity, constant cursing, can cause combustible civic conflicts, and the main points of interest totally lost. Warfare is the end results. Yes. Now today, due to these very same self-righteous religious radicals, humanity is unhappy, disunited – divided along what-ya eat dietary wise. No longer a ‘Racial & Class’ civilian conflict!

FORTUNATELY: CK-NWCA, officially offers; everybody, the correct answers, and perfected problem solving solutions. Howsoever, you personally, as a mandated must, do indeed, read + read + read = study + study + study, to show yourself appropriately approved unto The Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How Hostory’s HueMain Heritage Health, Healing Hotep! Home:

“Destruction of the black civilization show the home of the Amen-Ra squad. United States, English Culture hosted by bro.ankh(Godkiller).sponsored by Onpoint E J C.”  + What should we eat,old taboo`s

Lets get it in on Sun, March 3, 2013

Check out: +

 AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1 Avatar Avenger All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa = Natural-National Native, Occupy-neers original Olmecs + Folsom People of Color Complexions.  Wexz & Usxz were and will still be!

‘Most assuredly’; the planting of solar sexus souls, sown seeds solitary and broadcast collectivel,  requires the upmost patients. Time to take strong roots, germinate, spring-up into COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, developmental growth. Cutlivated and clean cultured crops, authentic artworks, and gracious gifts of genesis genius. GEO-GENOBLESTS!

I want for y’all to “K-NOW” this artwork is still in positive progressive productive processes. And as I research and study the posted audio-visuals posted-published at YouTube, BlogTalkRadio, Black Liberation Radio, and else where. Thus constantly hunting them down and up, to see how they are telling untruths mixed with truths. To sift and filter out their injected toxins, politicized poisones, pork prejudices, that are major detriments to the gainful grassroots growth and development of Americanized Africans. All insidious, invidious,  inside vs outside sickness sydrome sources. CK-NWCA is our optimized helpful healing, holistical healthfu clean cultured CURE!


EARTH MOTHER CyberSpaceAge 2b



The Green Growth Garden of Earth Eaton + Atom Amen-Ra. Every living human, animal, creature comes into life’s art forms eating food for nutritional nourishment. Equals Solarized SOULFOOD DIVINE off of Her healthy healing holistic: VegePlanTerRain. View:

Z-BlackRayzuprimacy + Z-Blac-Keysuperior soul power + Z-BlackRayzuperiority Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul-Superpower. Yes, this truly means that We’s & Us’s are artistically actualizing cosmic computerized chemistries, carbons, creativities, concurring charged circuitries! These, Z-Black-Rays, encompasses everthing, everybody, biolologially, physiologically, psychologically, planetary-phenomenally. [dark matter, black holes]

Selfish Stereotyping stooges, suckers, sychophant sellout self-hating Sambos. Those who were culinary cooking customs conquered. And started to dislike our optimal organic SOUL FOOD FAMILY FOUNDATION!

CK-NWCA, reestablishes, reinstall, reinstates, restores that; in which, Wexz & Usxz unified ourselves around at home cooked dinners. Meaningful meals eaten as a family affair. That brings “I’m Black And Proud”; Africans in America together. Yes, one has to fight the SELFHATISM – SAMBOISM – UNCLETOMISM!!! (modern day updated)

Maatrix_green color

Yet there’re a number of uninformed-misinformed individuals, anti-Africa  actualized Vegans & Vegetarians fooling themselves. As asinine asses acting as if they are of or from our ancient ancestral Africa’s Kemet & Egypt = KUSH-KEMEGYPT.  Still saying that they are “descendants”; instead of learning lessons leading them to truly know that We are Arthiest Africoidian ascendants of Alpha-Alkebulan Africa.

COURAGEOUS CONFIDENT I KNOW: This is exactly why; they, are going backwards and not going forwards. Downwards instead of traveling upwards. Due to adopting and adapting to these tissue terrorizing terminologies, wicked witchcraft wordings, evil enemy energy entities, Eu-Rope-an Eurasian, CaucAsian Caucasoid concocted concepts. Those tticksters who enslave their own people who look just  like them.

Yet approx about 10% to 12% are decent Good Great White Hope Abolitionist minded men and women. Who know exactly what I’m talking about. The ‘divide and conquer’ criminality, pitting – pitching people against each other.  Political profiteers, teaching soulful societies, citizenries, to literally hate themselves, strongly dislike their tens – hundreds of thousands of historical years, ages of eating a dynamic equilibrium biological balanced diet: meats, insects-reptiles, animal flesh-blood, bone and marrow; fresh fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, grains, vegetables – vegetation.

your front design

Moreover, today, there’re bogus, bias, blatantly bigoted; “Black Supremacists” Negroidians & “White Supremacists” Superiority Sickness Sysndrome = Sinister Sorcerer Snake Serpent Satanists!  Those terrorist thugs who I name to be: WhitTies, sociopath supremacy servants of SATAN!

Yes I make a decisive distinction on my mastermind mental models, militarized methods – Full fledged  financed FREEDOM OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION!!!

your back design

Albeit, Wexz & Usxz are letting all of them go on to ‘hell in a hand basket’; sink slowly, or in a sudden surprise sunken slavers.  Wiser human beings are actually Worthy Working With Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom of a wealthy world of wiser worship. Artworking together for financial funding family foundations, firstly foremost fortunes + flaming fame!

Wild & Domesticated livestock – horticulture. Clean cultivated crops containing each, every phyto-macro-micro vital-nutrient; vitamins-minerals, fats, proteins, enzymes, hormonal substances known and unknown to HueMainKind. Yawls are to realize these total told truths 100%+ And to truthfully “KNOW THY SELF” = TO LOVE THY SELF!!


GENUINE JOY: Believe & Trust Them Not, No More: Bascially because far too many of them are lost souls, and the living dead zombies “all black” this that or the other misconception. While wrongly wearing the superficial Pan-Africanist garb, robes, ankh, butt, are only hateful “hankerchief head lap dogs”.

Specifically, those who will wantomly get on their motor-mouth talk radio shows, falsely claiming that those as my mastermind melanin self, “wonder why they don’t get some support”! What a blank statement made by a blatantly bad black bastard bitchcraft! Besides who in their righteous minds want some support from those proved beyond any rational reasons to doubt, to be invovled with contaminating corruptions, unclean capitalist causes.  Which make them no better, or even worse, than those who they complain about most: The Corporatist Capitalist Criminals of Consummated Corruption!!!

Equals =our organic and inorganic original organism’s orchestration x organized operational order. Our Occupyneers Original Opioid-Orgasmic + Optmized Objectives. ORGORDERAYZ! Equals = Self-sufficient seeds sown; sensibly, soundly, sanely, biologically balanced bodily beings: VegePlanTerRains! Indubitably Mother Madam Matriarch MAATRIX!

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 Please Purchase Portrayed Picture + T-shirt.

Help heal holistic humanity today!

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YES: This is a total truth telling tactical technique, financially free frankly speaking, basically because wholehearted honesty, help heal humanity, Thus to become holistically healthy, happily humored. So then you may use my Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs, expressly, the sacred spiritual syllabic symbols, letterings on T-shirts. Therefore, this is an experimental exercise, trials to test individuals to do indeed donate dollars to COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Equals = Ecology + Economy = EcoEnergystics = $$$ Transparent Trusts!

Son of SUNGODD DEITY says solemnly: They know nothing about the planting of seed crops, for future growth and development. Not expecting immediate results or capital gains, profits. book sells-sales sakes, etc.

Although, I Am That I AM:  talking all about a healthy harvest produced to support and feed our oncoming generations of infant-new born babies and their pregnant mothers. Positive planetary plans,  animation CK blinker-1prophetic-projections planted for future financial fortunes, nourishing children of which have not even yet been blessedly birthed, born into bodily beings. These idiotic ignoramuses are so short sighted and self-centered, as opposed to being truly Africoidian-central carbon core creation cradle correct, completely comprehending COLOR KINGDOM NWCA’s Cosmic CREATOR!!!

The Crown Of Glory-marble-frame_WM



Our Original Melanin Multiplex-RAYZIAL-Body bio-being. Therefore, the untrustworthy “all Black” boastful broadcasting brothers and soulless sisters are practicing blatantly bad black bitchcrafts. Dis-unification! Working against working together for progress. Proselytizing naive, gullible listeners, audiences, guest speakers who come online, thus to support them financially = religiously. Sucking Spirituality out of the Soul Food eating African families. These self-deceiving dietitians, divisive demons, and self-proclaimed nutritionists as alleged Africanists -actually knows nothing!


Butt, CKNWCA is self-sustaining, self-sufficient, seeking no charity, nor bargaining- begging like animation2.gifI frequently hear them doing, for financial donations, right up front on their Web sites home pages. (the falsified version of Harambee radio to be specific.) Pleading their criminally corrupt cases of culinary contaminations. Desperate for financial support and handouts to pay the Internet Hosting bills, capital cash currency costs. Facing frustrations, impatiently, expecting immediate results, ridiculously. Those advocating Veganism; sometimes,  receives pay,  a cut, endorsments and kick-backs, underhanded, under the table dealings in dollars and cents. Ya see, that they are hypocrtical hatemongers and bogusly bias biggots of blatantly bad black bitchcrafts! 

I AM happy to inform y’all that things have successfully come together for We’s & Us’s. And in factual reality of truth:  Our optimized support is worldwide; SPIRITIOUS or SPIRITUAL!!

My Mastermnd True-Up U-Turn around to total told truths 100%+: Therefore be never convinced to join any of these groups if you hear them trying to undermine AmeriAfrindians innate intelligence and nutritional dietary decisions based on freedom of choice. Blank statements are their dogmas, “My Nigga”- bitches and hoes are their “” logos as many wannabe brave “Warrors” instead of overcoming VICTORS.





Illogical idiotic ignoramuses: Are each and everyone of these talk radio show hosts and guests who come online, spewing out their stupid swine slander, hog hate, porky pig prejudice. I divinely decreed devil damned, (2013) these traitors and cowards, running off at their big motor mouths, over the Internet airways, world wide web. Making irrational, illogical statements as attacking Africans in America fine dining, eating traditions, culinary cooking customs. Thus satanically, stereotyping Soul an195Food Family Foundations. Yes to Hades Hell flaming fires with these fraud in fact liars!

Mr. Neely Fuller: Who says he’s still learning, is a very astute activist old-school man, who offers many meaningful concepts, ideas about fighting back against “White Supremacy/racism”. Butt by being besides himself, basically battle worn after so many years on the front lines of the  Battleround of Calvary. In simular wording: Talking about how supposed to be ‘cultured Blacks sitting up in restaurants, soul food kitchens, eating chitterlings, greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread, killing themselves.’ Allegedly; “all of that poison coming out of their ears.”. Which is absurd, utterly ridiculous for a so called scholar, studied person, to proclaim publicly. Totally unscientific, and unreasonable!

Likewise, saying that ‘the slave master white man, pulls the guts out of the rear end, ass of the hogs, then throws them out in the backyard, and O-Joe blow who hasn’t eaten for days, go back there, gathers then, then put them in a pot and cook them to eat. Howsoever, this is another untruth being broadcast online, youtube and talk radio shows. Spouting off about “White Supremacy”, and racism. Yet We’s & Us’s have seriously severe problems with Uncletomism – Samboism – Selfhatism!!!

Furthermore, the so assumed “White man”; never fed his slaves anything whatsoever. Butt, it was his enslaved, entrapped captives who fed him and his family, wife and kids. In fact the Negro females, Colored women cooked the meals, dinners and deserts for their Euro-Anglo-American slave masters. She prepared the pork prime ribs, chops, maws, ears, pigs feet, hammocks and chitterlings. Also, it was her creative cooking cuisines that fed the slave servants and the free, on the plantations. Inside the house and outside in the farm fields, all Africans held in bondage, had access to fresh fruits, nuts, berries, grains, vegetables. And ate them at will! Common sensibility says so!

Therefore; with all due respects, Mr. Neelly Fuller, and many more melaninated members of the ‘African American Blacks‘, are absolutely wrong. Immature silly, childish statements like this; ‘The plantation slave didn’t even have a bisque to eat!’ That is the poisonous publicized propaganda pollutions, not the pork of pigs. And such self subjected seekers psychotically calling themselves the “victims“, whosoever, they might be, need to learn lessons of our truer Holistory. Stop Point Blank Period, politicized porky pig prejudices, premised upon religious radicalism’s racism, culminating into scientific self-hatism!

In fact of reality, the wild boars, existed far before any assumed “White man” existed, as a Eu-Rope-an Caucasian Caucasoidian. And ancient ancestral Africa’s Africoidians, ate these wild animals, and even domesticated them; on farmlands and ranchlands. This is the total told truth = JUSTICE!

LILLY WHITE:  Pure unadulterated saturated fat as lard, comes cultured cleansed, from swine, hogs, pigs, boars. The best stabilizer, sanitizer, and most healthy kind of cooking lard upon planet earth. So what’s up with these wanna-be smart “Blacks” thinking that they truly Know? What’s their personal problem? Is it only “White Supremacy” or is it also an attempt at: Black Supremacy?!

SOULSUPREMACY: The definitive answers and problem solving solutions, are as follows: All of these tough talkers, need to face off with those who they talk so bad about behind their backs. Go to another ‘Black brother’ or soulful sister who love to eat Solar Sexus Soul Food Divine, and tell them how hammocks hurt their health. Say to them that pork chops, ribs, pigs feet is dirty and nasty and negative. Then y’all shall surely see some serious “Black on Black Crime & Violence!”

Meanwhile, these powerless cowards, are to shut the f…k up and shut the shit down! Do or die! Learn to live life in Love Peace & Harmony. Eat what you want to eat and let others eat what they wish to eat. It’s what it is, as simple and plain as that. So be it!

Next notes….

Malcolm_X_“The Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) was a Pan-Africanist organization founded by Malcolm X in 1964. The OAAU was modeled on the Organisation of African Unity, which had impressed Malcolm X during his visit to Africa in April and May 1964. The purpose of the OAAU was to fight for the human rights of African Americans and promote cooperation among Africans and people of African descent in the Americas.”

“On July 17, 1964, Malcolm X was welcomed to the second meeting of the Organization of African Unity in Cairo as a representative of the OAAU.

When a reporter asked whether white people could join the OAAU, Malcolm X said, “Definitely not.” Then he added, “If John Brown were still alive, we might accept him.”“

“We appreciate the fact that when the people involved have real equality and justice, ethnic intermingling can be beneficial to all. We must denounce, however, all people who are oppressive through their policies or actions and who are lacking in justice in their dealings with other people, whether the injustices proceed from power, class, or “race.” We must be unified in order to be protected from abuse or misuse.” (Min. Mr. Malcolm-X Little Shabazz Big Red 1964-65)

“The term “negro” developed from a word in the Spanish language which is actually an adjective (describing word) meaning “black,” that is, the color black. In plain English, if someone said or was called a “black” or a “dark,” even a young child would very naturally question: “a black what?” or “a dark what?” because adjectives do not name, they describe. Please take note that in order to make use of this mechanism, a word was transferred from another language and deceptively changed in function from an adjective to a noun, which is a naming word. Its application in the nominative (naming) sense was intentionally used to portray persons in a position of objects or “things.” It stamps the article as being “all alike and all the same.” It denotes: a “darkie,” a slave, a subhuman, an ex-slave, a “negro.”“

“The civil rights bill is a similarly misleading, misinterpreted document of legislation. The premise of its design and application is not respectable in the eyes of men who recognize what personal freedom involves and entails. Afro-Americans must answer this question for themselves: What makes this special bill necessary? The only document that is in order and deserved with regard to the acts perpetuated through slavery and oppression prolonged to this day is a Declaration of condemnation. And the only legislation worthy of consideration or endorsement by Afro-Americans, the victims of these tragic institutions, is a Proclamation of Restitution. We Afro-Americans must keep these facts ever in mind.”





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The Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification: Bringing biological bodily beings, bonded + blended better beneficially baby born bestowed blessed. Coming cultured clean, correct, cured consummately. Creating classy capital cash currencies. Producing powerful portrait pictures!

Mercifully manufacturing, making more meaningful merchant money = 100%+ pure profit potency x first funded founded financial fortunes $$$

anima%20treasure%20chest.gifSimply Some Stepping Stones: Seemingly soulless societies, seeking, searching satisfactions, fighting fearlessly for financial fulfillment. Butt, enough economics is even not enough =$$$

Basically because, it has to be cleanly cultivated capital cash currency, purified + purged, of politicized – publicized pollution poisons – psychotic propaganda policy practices. Sanitized of sinister sciences, sorceresses, satanic sources. Becoming better beneficially bestowed blessed!

Whatsoever seeds sown, surely so shall one reap. In other plain-o-simplified words of wealthy wisdom, money has to be made mercifully. So that it has hearty health + wealth within. They’re innately intrinsic inputs – implants = internally invaluable.

Invest Interest Intelligently-Intellectually into Infinitive Immaculate Imagination; utilizing unity, understanding Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification.       
The talented total truth telling trustworthy treasury; realized recipe reaping rare rich royalties, righteous returns, rendered resources = $$$
Esoteric Extraterrestrial: Environmental evolving evil energy enemy entities, entering every existence = each ecological – economical element = extremist executioners. 

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, is our secure safe sacred sanctuary; SOLARSUN STATUTES Stored Stock Shares – Secret Savings The Highest Heavenly Haven. Healthy human household-hidden! 
BUTT BETTER BEWARE: None of the Wall Street Stock Markets, are securely safe for forthcoming future financial fatal fall. Sociopath Slave ships suddenly sunken shock shares – savings = $$$ Regenerative rising risks robbing raping investments and impeding interests. Imploding insurrections!
All Aboard CKNWCA, It is innately – intrinsically, neutral – negative + prospectively progressive positive + projecting protected premium principals. Lets say some simple samples; you’re at the bus stop or depot or train station or airport, ready to board. The vehicle is standing still, going nowhere yet; not moving, forwards nor backwards; upwards or downwards. For rational reasons, it’s time to load-up, paid purchases = PayLoadz per personage passenger percentage. Predictable paved pattern pathways providential proofed profitability =$$$
The capital cash currency carrier car coach, had to Stop-Point-Blank-Period; professional profiteers predatory profit productions. Due to overexposed overrating – overpopulating optimized options, obscene offenses, ongoing opponents opposition!

Takes off of the launching pad, superstar soaring skyrocketing success. Financial funds, fast-forwards and accelerating upwards, into our optimal-orbital objectives; 21st Century Cyber-Space-Age advancing accumulating affluence = $$$
“Past performances do not guarantee future results.” (A.Robbins 2014)

Oncoming offspring outcome; Investment interests insurance income; “We shall overcome”; Bestowed better benefits bountifully become.__
“No matter what anyone tells you, or sells you, there isn’t a single portfolio manager, broker, or financial adviser who can control the primary factor that will determine if our money will last.” (Anthony Tony Robbins 2014.)

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Sympathizers supporting: “Al Qaeda Operatives” and “Boko Haram: Africa’s Homegrown Terror Network”. Advocating adversely; “kill whitey”; “kill cops”, to our impressionable teenage youths. Teach them these terrorist tactical thoughts, treasonous thug thinking. Under the deceptive disguises of “Black Unity”; “Black Liberation Army”; “Black Power”; “Black Muslims”- Mohammedan militant mad men!

Not – no – not “black on black crimes” but, BlacKlan on African-American crimes committed. Vicious violence, active assaults and attacks, happening on a daily basis, by boastful, bragging big belly bully BlacKlanologists. Sadists – sexists – supremacists – satanists. Inciting – inspiring inappropriate bad beastly barbaric behaviors. “Cold cases”: Drive-by shootings, murdering many melaninated members, Persons of Cosmetic Coloration Complexions; then, blaming those terming themselves: “Whites”; or Euro-Anglo-Americans. Just as the Department of Justice investigate the Police Stations, city-county cops in Ferguson, Mo. by the very same black token spoke, they are respectfully required-requested likewise; those terrorist threats blacklisted herein, this  report – revelation!


Practicing Posistive LOVE LIFE LIGHT Homegrown Gardens, bugs, nematodes, worms, pests, insects,

March 23, 2009

Practice sessions and intrumental performances. with hoes, shovels, rakes, forks, spades, water hoses, sharp shooters; buckets; symbolic to playing musical instruments, creating lovely sounding love songs. ‘A DOER OF THE WORD AND NOT JUST A HEARER OR LISTENER!!’
 Thus,  from eating far too much processed food stuffs, contaminated store bought “FRUITS”;  bannas, oranges, apples, pineapples; inclusively,  veggies that were all treated with toxic poisons as chemical fetilizers, insecticides and herbicides!!! These items are only safer to eat in controlled moderation, due to how they were grown-raised. And We Wise Intelligent citizens know how wrongly they were cropped and farmed.  Plus eating too many of any kind of fruits, can be harmful to your health, if in fact you consume excessively amounts of FRUITOSE-SUGAR!!!
Meaning by dictionary definition:  “A very sweet soluble sugar C6H12O6 that occurs especially in fruit juices and honey.” In addition to having that bit of knowledge.., one’s blood sugar-glucose levels can and will and shall raise to elevated high mg/dl rates.  Juicing is  a major cause of onset Diabetes….. perhaps?!. TRUE OR FALSE?
vegetable juicing onion
 “Vegetable juicing is critical to good health because it is an important source of raw food. Each of us needs raw foods every day, and juicing is an excellent way to make certain you receive large quantities of such raw foods. Fruit juicing is certainly good for you, but it has one disadvantage over vegetable juicing: fruit juice tends to increase insulin levels when consumed.    

“Vegetable juice does not raise insulin levels like fruit juice. The only exception to this would be carrot or beet juice which function similarly to fruit juice. Nevertheless, fruit juicing is certainly better for you and your children than drinking soda, which is a very bad idea “  


The Nematode Worms. The nematodes are (along with copepod crustaceans) frequently described as “probably the most numerous animals on Earth”. Some 80,000 species are described  in the literature; possibly a million exist. They live in the soil, in the oceans and fresh water, and are found as internal parasites of most animals and many plants. ….


Moreover: All of the small-medium-large size rocks that were in the clay soil, in our community garden lot, I used a little creative imagination. Applied a few common sensibility factors, by gathering the stones, then arranging them along side borders of colorful flowers. And placing them strategically down in the row paths where I walked through to cultivate my plants. The idea caught on to other gardeners, who hurried up to save, instead of throwing away, all of the rocks in their dirt-soil. Surely gathering precious stones became somewhat competitive…smile.
Plus we had some friendly city workers, sponsor us dirt out of local land fields, thus asked them to dump some dirt over on our community garden lots. And they also brought loads of leaves that decayed into a rich growing medium called leaf mold. Which solved the problem of clay soil. Serving also a a buffer to ballance off the soil’s Ph level or Alkalinity/Acidity. Producing loamy humus and no longer too clayey: “an earthly material that is plastic when moist but hard when fired is composed chiefly of silicates of aluminum and water, and is used for brick, tile and  earthenware.”
Getting us far away from trying to garden the dreaded old-fashioned conventional farmed crop method. With the wide open spacious rows, allowing weeds to grow and compete with the chosen plants. And by applying an African-French Intensified Method, in raised beds, heavily mulched, we effectively conserved land space, water, and nutrients.
Those may have at first decided not to follow my lead…, eventually did so, because they found themselves fighting against Mother Nature GODDESS. And Her ways and means of permitting every kind of plant to grow at their own rates, straight-crooked, vine, male and female, sex and gender, in their own patterns of likeness-progeny, and most certainly to their own prosperity and or disparity.
The produce bearing earth, and plants and blossoms and fruit-vegetables are FEMININE. Generating the MASCULINE principle-pollen spores that pollinate the flower heads of plants so that they may bear more fruit of their own kind. Yes I’m talking about the male pollen: “A mass of microspores in a seed plant that usually appears as a fine yellow dust.”
COLORFUL BLOOMS: The beautiful butterflies and honey bee baskets do their wondrous works of art too: “a flat or hollow area bordered with stiff hairs on the hind leg of a bee in which it carries pollen.” Yes of course the Pollen Grain: “one of the granular microspores in pollen that give rise to the MALE gametoplyte of a SEED PLANT.” 
This is why I have no precious time to loose…with Feminists & Sexists & Racists, meat and male haters, all alike!! And it has very little or nothing to do with anybody choosing to be same sex oriented. Each to their own seed!
Therefore I love to respect all of the pollenizers, ‘plants that are a source of pollen’. And the Pollen Sac is: “one of the pouches of a seed plant anther in which pollen is formed.” And most of all I want the Vegan haters to acknowledge is the Pollen Tube: sort of like the female virgina, vaginal tube: “A tube formed by the pollen grain that passes down the style and converys the sperm nuclei to the embryo sac of a flower.”
________PART FOUR_____


ArtistCHD shed some sound LOVE LIFE LIGHT: My Artistic Face Reflection In A Mirror of Haters of all sorts:    “Any of a class or phylum (Nematoda) of elongated cylindrical worms parasitic in animals or plants or free-living in soil or water.” 


 However, our fresh vegetable and fruit lovers, like I am too, some times refuse to face the truest scientific facts about not applying various chemical pesticides on their food crops. Unfortunately the espoused misgiving information, can and will and shall and has been extremely detrimental to the overall and general health of SOCIETY!.

Further Easy Examples: These enterprising criminal crazy cutworms:”Any of various smooth-bodied moth caterpillars that hide by day and feed especially on plant stems near ground level at night.”

Which clearly correctly informs us that they “HIDE”; at “NIGHT”!  Thus not-apparently seen but is out of our sight. So what part of the English language do so many of our well intentioned wish to be expert authority figures fail to understand-“over-stand and inner-stand”??? 


YES, IT’S REAL LIVE FOOD, We Wise Men Meat Eaters Do Want to make absolutely sure that these wormy parasites are “cooked to death”; baked, steamed, boiled-broiled and BBQ-ed on the fiery history smoke pit!!!

Including: Free-living nematodes are extremely abundant in soils and sediments, where they feed on bacteria and detritus. Other nematodes are plant parasites and may cause disease in economically important crops. Still others parasitize animals (including humans); well-known parasitic nematodes include hookworms, pinworms, Guinea worm (genus Dracunculus), and intestinal roundworms (genus Ascaris).

THEM TALKING ABOUT PARASITES-BACTERIA & WORMS: Well, lets do so my student friends. Although, in a proved scientific way, so as to not mislead ourselves into believing into somebody Else’s religious dogma of the Devil , of which meat hating Vegetarianism is…or is IT!?

ROUND WORM: “A nematode worm (as a hookworm or a trichina); also related round-bodied unsegmented worm as distinguished from a flatworm.” And Flatworm means: “Any of a phylum (Platyhelminthes)” And Tapeworm is scientifically defined as: “A flatworm with a segmented body that is parasitic when adult in the intestine of vertebrates.”
RAW VEGETABLE CROPS; In the unlearned minds of some plant lovers, like my self, must learn to educate our own selves, before, we dispense important information. For good intentions all have ass holes with long pointed tail ends. In most cases, they don’t know what in the Devil Damned Hell  on the face of planet Mother Earth, they are talking about. SCIENTIFIC FACT!
Please Excuse Me: Meat & Vegetable Eaters, live worm-bacteria-parasite consumers alike, chemically sprayed plant crops or not, those that are both causes of problematic health conditions; that is for sure, on the clinical and medical levels. Nevertheless, I’m not permitted to suffer to bull shit sha, because my DIVINE COSMIC CONSCIOUS , do not in the most minute manner allow it. I’m Spotlessly Clean!!
“Foliar Nematodes  Karen Rane, Plant Disease Diagnostician, Department of Botany & Plant Pathology, Purdue University

Plant parasitic nematodes are microscopic worms that are usually found in the soil attacking plant roots.  There are some nematode species, however, that can cause damage on aboveground plant parts.  Foliar nematodes (Aphelenchoides spp.) have become a more common pest in herbaceous perennials over the past few years.  Foliar nematodes move in films of water on plant surfaces and enter leaf tissues through natural openings in leaves called stomates.  Like root-attacking nematodes, foliar nematodes have a needle-like structure called a stylet that they use to pierce plant cells and feed on the cell contents, resulting in cell death.  Lesions caused by foliar nematodes are first chlorotic, then necrotic.  Movement of the nematodes within leaf tissues is restricted by larger leaf veins, which gives the lesions their typical angular shape (see figures).

Foliar nematodes overwinter in plant debris. They survive for long periods of time in leaf tissues, and are spread by propagating infested plants and by splashing water (rainfall, overhead irrigation).   The list of plants susceptible to foliar nematodes is quite large, and includes woody plants like azaleas as well as numerous herbaceous perennials (such as hosta, hellebores, ferns, begonias, salvia, anemone).  The easiest way to manage foliar nematode problems is to avoid introducing the pest into the garden. Carefully inspect plants for foliar nematode symptoms before purchasing.  If symptoms develop, remove and destroy affected plants. Do not put affected plants in a compost pile, since the nematodes can survive in plant debris and may be re-introduced to the garden from this source.  Commercial growers can use chemical treatments for controlling foliar nematode, but there are no effective pesticides available to homeowners.” 

LIVELY FRESH OUT OF THE HOME GARDEN ONLY: Our updated and upgraded New World 21st century Cultural Black Soul Food. Defined to mean precisely what WE’s & US’s says it does, and no longer based on the negative stereotyped racist white supremacist null and void notions. Nor what the self-hating black jack ass uncle toms say-think or believe.  Because they both are out of touch with the Truest Art Form AFRICAN AMERICAN SOUL FOOD. 

6. RING-WORMS: Are defined to mean scientifically: “A contagious skin disease caused by fungi and characterized by ring-shaped discolored patches.”  Now hold ya horses for one moment, because we don’t want to go too fast and get all thrown off the saddles of the bucking Bronx bunks of nonsense. Telling us that by eating raw vegetable that haven’t been chemically treated are safe, worm-bacteria-parasite free, and thus as they wrongly promote, is a healthful choice of dietary habits. Well, perhaps so and maybe not?!.
7. FUNGI & FUNGUS & FUNGICIDES: And their combining form: “A  substance that destroys fungi or inhibits their growth” Which is fungus: Any of a major group (Fungi) of lower plants (as molds, rusts, mildews, smuts, mushrooms, and yeast) that lack chlorophyll and are saprophytic or parasitic. Infection with a fungus.”
8. SO THEN MY BELOVED FRIENDS: I suffer to shit sha not! With my Green Thumb home gardener gimmicks, just about all of my early childhood, teenage and adult life time, Thus I discovered through long years of practical experience, that my raw vegetable and fruit crops were infested with visible and invisible creatures, insects, worms, lice, bacteria as parasitic living organisms. No matter how one chooses to try and wash them off superficially soap so. They are still there unless some form of high heat-212 degrees Fahrenheit and or chemical substance is applied, pesticide-fungicide, during proper soil preparation, conditioning, and the plant’s initial seed and germination, early and late stages of vegetable growth.
12. Those parasites that are two-legged upright walking unschooled dummies!! Too lazy and backwards to “Study to show thy self approved unto God.” They’re living flesh and blood, bone and marrow PESTS: “An epidemic disease with a high mortally; esp.: PLAGUE.”
13. PESTILENCE: “A  contagious or infectious epidemic disease that spreads quickly and has devastating effects” Synonymous to fraud in fact lies spread by way of the mass media. Due to being scientifically “Pestiferous: dangerous to society…PERNICIOUS…carrying or causing infection.” Similar to the bacteria and fungus found on so called organic grown plants in gardens. Including my own! Which damp and wet conditions, breeds the mold spores, mildew, fungi, living organisms, snigling and giggling, hiding on the under side of plants, in shaded areas out of the SolarSunGOD’s direct contact influence. Hiding behind mama-ma-dea’s dress tail, or beneath her huge hanging breasts and milk jugs. Seriously speaking, underground in leaf-mold, mineral sands-soils, humus and all organic vegetation. It’s “most assuredly” a natural occurring function necessitated by the nurturing Woman GODDESS Mother Nature!!!
3. HERBICIDES & PESTICIDES & FUNGICIDES: Are powerfully potent poisons more strong than these silly fools are! Full truth is stronger than they are, and The Original Creative ArtistCHD has more activated brain power and spiritual energy emotion, than any of them singly, individually, and or collectively. For “I’m strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” “An agent used to destroy pests”
It has also been said that if the animals of the world (apart from nematodes) were to dematerialize, their ghostly forms would be recognizable by the populations of nematodes which inhabit their tissues. There are certainly regions of the world where this would be true.


MixMingleMateMarry MultiplexRacialBody ColorComplexions BioGeneRNA-DNA-CODES pt.5


Expressed in My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form;
CyberJazzBluesRapP & HipP & LapP!!



RAYZ: Interracial Dating + Mix Mingle Mate Marry Multiplex-Rayzial-Body Current Cultural Color Complexions Bio-Genetic RNA-DNA-CODES!!!

March 23, 2009



AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s Universal IniVersal RealiVision!!!

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts



YES: Africa’s True MAAT Madame Matriarch + Real HARAMBEE Kenyaworld.gif Artworking To-Get-Her for financial fitness, fairness and fun. Truth-Justice = Love Peace & Harmony. Making positive productive-progress by Unifying our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions. Black-red-brown-tan-yellow, white- pink pigmented people of our GlobalWorldNations!!! 

WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE’S POWER Plan + Positive Protests = Self-sufficiency, independence from fascism-egoism-sexism-racism!.

TRUE MAAT + Harambee” A call towards self-sufficiency The slogan “Harambee” was given to Kenyan workers for the purposes of national development. Kenyatta likened the task ahead of the new nation to that of workers with a burden which would only be overcome by working together to successfully heave up or put together their heavy load.

As president, Kenyatta worked to establish harmonious race relations, safeguarding whites’ property rights and appealing to both whites and the African majority to forget past injustices. “Harambee” (Swahili for “let’s all pull together”), deliberately asked whites and Africans to work together for the development of Kenya.”

R1-19A  LoveSensationSpiritDivine..MP3 musical theme song.Sets the stage for a series of successful steps in the right direction. Allowing whatsoever, kind of foods we choose to eat, be of the greatest possible benefit to our health, even if the nutritional values are deficient in some vitamins and minerals, proteins and fats. Permitting GODDESS Mother Nature‘s  Infinite Intelligent Wit; supply the rest of our needs according to Her intuitive-instinctive design.

  Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound & Magnificent Color Wheel!




CreativeEvolutiion & EvolutionaryCreation!!
1. YES: I‘m The Original Creative ArtistCHD & VegeLeoAugustan. Also racially known as an African American BLACK MAN! The founder of the innovative enterprise: COLOR KINGDOM New WorldCreative Arts: ArtistCHD & COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.
2. Straight-up-forwards frankly, the above graphic statements are expressed in healthy Self Employment Power to“The Spirit of Truth & Love of Life. And this also means that I know who, why, when, where and what “I AM THAT I AM” Caucasoid and Mongoloid, however fortunately: Predominantly RNA-DNA CODED NEGROID: “To Know Thy Self” isToLoveThySelf. musical theme song-instru.
ArtistCHDs Baby Picture &
New World Born Creative Genius!!
Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form.
3. Meaning by definitions; a mixed race of a bio-genetic diverse number of unique racial and ethnic groups of human beings. Of the Homo Sapiens Human Race & Species & Genus. Present day in the human body organism now, and generational inbreeding, crossbreeding-breeding back out; by way of interracial ancestral lineage. In full truth composed in Dynamic Equal Balance-Brown-middle-C, of all people of our GlobalWorldNations_voc-instru. theme songs.
4. Albeit there’s a sure artistic spiritual science behind my methodical approach. And I shall profess to being a bona fide, legitimate, sincere and honest to our COSMIC CONSCIOUS CREATORS; A THEOSPIRiTOR. And an artist who has overcome Virulent VictomSujectivity. Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a healthy good sense of humor. Y’alls.
STRONG. And Divided Weak We All Fall Out of
LovePeace & Harmony.
5. Likewise, I believe intellectually and KNOW, intuitively and instinctively, that an extremist posed problem exists, caused by the so called White Power Supremacists & Black Power Supremacists. And their Separatist, Isolationist Liberation movements of alleged freedom fighters and militant revolutionary warriors. Membership Family Clans & Ku Klux Klans!!
However, fortunately and blessedly “We Have Arrived” and We’ve Overcome Them Today!!  By way of: LoveSensationSpiritDivine..MP3 musical theme song.
Lovely Looking Young Latina Ladies in support of 
Jazz Fesstival San Antonio, Texas 2007.
6. Certainly everybody, religious-political groups has their personal agendas, of dislikes, discontent, bitterness, hostilities, animosity and hatred toward others; for whatsoever, the unjust or just reasons might be?!. Y’all name them!
Me Discussing The Family Affair’s Club issues
With A White Female Friend back in
Seattle, Washington, 1980-84.
LovePeace & Harmony…My TruestLove I Found; A LovelyLoveSong
7. SCIENTIFIC ART FORMS:  Nevertheless, CK-NWCA, is a real to life GOD & GODDESS send, artistic manifestation destined to be the leading Top Priority Prize Number Winner ONE. And boldly and bravely challenging all other want to be Called & Chosen & Sent Black Messiahs. So characterized as being Christians & Islamic Muslims all alike!
8. I profess that my Artistic Ministry and Divine Commission Calling is HOLY GHOST SPIRIT LED & GUIDED & INSPIRED & PROTECTED. Meaning that nobody can out do it in unique attributes, original application, and constructive creative imagination. Although, what other brothers and sisters could become; are subjected victims to their own self inflicted envy and jealousy, that they didn’t aspire to do something potentially of great genius; themselves.  Such as in the Arts: music, song, dance, poetry, rapP, acting, crafts, inventions, and innovative endeavors and creative concepts of these assortiments by way of my First Cause Primate Principle: Self Employment Power Plan!!!
Thus unfortunately today, are so unlucky for investing too much of their valuable time and resource energies into planning on going  to work for vs. with with; the corporate companies of capitalism. Paying a whole lots of money on going to various misleading educational colleges, just to be trained and or bribed-duped-brainwashed, into just getting some career job that pays the employee at or above union scale wages. Suckered into a dying System of thought, of eventually being in the higher upper-scale Lilly White & Pearly Pink People’s income class levels.  Now they are all but facing dooms day gloom; down and out of work. Seeing  that today’s job markets for hire, are falen into a recession and heading toward a profoundly deep depression! The consequences for the multitudes of citizens failing to discover, develop and to apply their natural talents and innate gifts is most certainly, right now “DIRE”!!!


9. Most interestingly enough, is that my calling is not some quick-short sprint to the finish line or goal, but is surely a whole life’s artwork. A long distance endurance Olympic marathon; slow-methodic-patient, run across country, rugged terrain, over rushing river waters, flooded plains, steep hills and valleys, and having to climb up on the rough side of the DEVIL DAMNED mountain. Pulling myself up by my own bootstraps, doing the very talented and gifted best that I could and can. Being quite inspired, happy and glad to have successfully “ARRIVED” unto the RESURRECTION & TRANSFORMATION & TRANSFIGURATION!
10. Now I pray tell y’all that my having painted on a magnificent rainbow of beauteous color, in my spicy speech, let us carry on to the racial mixture magic elixir fixer. Thus doing so with sure confidence, a positive proton charged self-esteem, which detest one faking humility and acting all totally humble, and phony modesty. Lets be real and true to the salt of planet Mother Earth!! My Truest Love I Found. {vocal-poetic lyrics musical theme songs”]
Black & Latina Revolutionary Warriors of
Electron Energy Emotons!!!
Jazz Festival San Antonio, TX. 2009.
Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound & Magnificent Color Wheel!…
11. TI’S GOOD that HadesHellFire’s Kinetic Electron Energy Emotions came into play. Because they have to be activated by supremely superior individual efforts, persistence of set, organized planning, strong willed determined courage…., impetus in order to convert to use and transform the Potential & Resting Energies.
SavingKids=Expres-Si-onics-vs-Ebonics+6thSenseGenius Constructive Creative Imagination
12. Therefore, being like docile little lambs, in the name of humble-meekness, is typical of a show of weakness, of being easily intimidated, shy faced and coy. Which in turn generates not enough energetic feelings recognized as enthusiasm, ambition, drive, motivation and inspiration. So, then, shall we not play these little childish games with our self-esteem, then blame it on the alleged inflated Ego! Or conceit! For it’s not arrogance; but, hope-faith-belief applied CONFIDENTLY!
Hence to enhance the true spirit of our FunkySoulSongSeason and 21st century AfriAmeriAmixercan BLACK SOUL FOOD & MUSIC  CULTURE!! COLOR KINGDOM NWCA MusicalThemeSong.….
13. Likewise, too many people in our society like to think that it is a good thing to do by going around bashing the Eager Beaver High Octane Achievers; who have learned not to be self-deceivers. And try every trick in the player’s books to bring the other one down to their so called humbled level, which is a poor person’s level, lacking the inspiring SPIRIT.
14. LOOKING FOR A JOB To Work….FOR…somebody. It’s depressing to say the least. The leading cause of drug overdoses, taking excessive numbers of anti-depressant pills, drinking too much alcoholic beverages, smoking far too many tobacco cigarettes, marijuana-weed-grass-rifer. Inclusively, becoming dependent on pain pills and all kinds of pharmaceutical prescription poisons wrongly call medications, etc.
LovePeace & Harmony…My TruestLove I Found; A LovelyLoveSong
Song Lyrics=My Musical Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form
15 OUR NATURAL HIGH; Comes about as we do the things in life that we love doing. Yes,  
Mixed with interracial LoveSexRomance &
LovePeace & Harmony.
Self-loving, Human Beings… Loving Mixed Race Family, Celebrating  Our New Orleans Spiced Jazz Festival, San Antonio, Texas 2009. I give these brave and courageous people AN HONORABLE SALUTE!
16. Y’ALL SEE CLEARLY: It’s the personal, individual, and collective racial hate that’s bringing down our country the United States of America, and whole wide world along with it. If in fact we don’t be very careful?!. The racist bigotry and hypocritical bias belief systems of thought impulses of energy emotions, are vibrating at exceedingly rapid astronomical speeds. Ruining and destroying what should have been happy lives, by its constant attacking, insulting and assaulting the wholesome human qualities of a healthful moral state of internal affairs. However let us human beings who truly care sing:
A LovelyLoveSong’s poetic lyrics-vocal
Me & My Filipino Wife ‘n the Spirit of Love
and Mother Queen of Color of our Children.
The Philipines 1979-76, US NAVY.
17. With these White Supremacy Power & Black Supremacy Power pundits vociferously proclaiming no racial dating, mating and marriage; there can be no Unified States of Amixerca, of Amixercans. And as a direct and proximate results, there also can be no effective, Judicial Jury- Justice, Truth, Civil Life’s Liberty, Human Friendship Freedom, and True LOVE PEACE & HARMONY.
Celebrating Comfortable Couple Black Male & White Female, Jazz Festival, Tasste of New Orleans, San Antonio, TX. 2009.THE BATTLEGROUND OF CALVARY!
18. RE-ABSORPTION & RESORTMENT: Bringing back black betterment in it’s Original Humankind Bio-Genetic RNA & DNA CODE NEGROID RACE! Meaning to come back into the initial fold and pool of the specie’s singled celled human body organism’s GENESIS.
19. A Special Call To LILLY White & Pearly Pink Pigmented People: About their salvation, redemption and deliverance. And an alternative pathway to safely take for those suffering from the sick syndromes of Self-hatred; by accepting all that they are made up of as Tigerwoods tried to express: ‘Cablasian?’.  And I will help him out by calling by the unique name of being An Afrasian_African & Asian mixture,  and millions like myself, and our, combat fight right here on The Battleground of Calvary of our USA PROMISED LAND as:  An AfroAsiatiCaucasian!!! DOMINATELY BLACK NEGROID!
Boldly and bravely: Expercising our natural human right to mix race and mingle among. Also, this is our original artistic method by which to fight for truth and justice for us. Knowing that WE’s & US’s are not the so called minority; but, is in fact of reality the overwhelming MAJORITY MultiplexRacialBody of Color Complexions…. >>> Theme song coming soon, astronomically swift on the EVENT HORIZON_instru. MP3.
R1- XA
CK-NWCA theme song: Cleanses willing supporters, contributing participants who actually purchase my musical sound tracks and artwork of Intelligent Designs. Freed, liberated and kept  from all innate wickedness and evil, devilish-satanist mindsets. Those that may have been inborn upon congenital-conception; by way of melanin deficiency psychosis, defective-dysfunctional genotypes of an ancient ancestral albino art form.  Or possibly inherited through black and white slavery from a historical perspective. We may all be harboring hidden racial hatred?!
Albeit, whites coming back into the Negroid human body organism, is the most profitable and beneficial way to go. Thus these brave race warriors shall no longer be producing the spiritually disconnected devilish-defective-dysfunctioning art form of the virulent strain melanin deficient bio-genotype mutant Caucasoid Race. Thereby, solving a major human problem here on planet Mother Earth.
1. CREATIVE EVOLUTION & EVOLUTIONARY CREATION : Going all around and coming back all around producing CK-NWCA’s form of our MultiplexRacialBody of Color Complexions. An all and in all inclusive symphonic orchestration and artistic composition. Now under the gracious gravitational pull of a Black Hole Universal Phenomenon on the EVENT HORIZON.
Life’s Our LovelyLoveSong
Jazz Festival Taste of New Orleans,
San Antonio, TX. 2009.
2. In between two opposing polar forces, North & South, is our kind, and thoroughly mixed race blessed blends. We are the mass majority inheriting our evolving, revolving, rotating and orbiting planetary sphere GODDESSMother Nature’s Earth. As She circles around Her Heavenly Head SolarSystemSuperStarSunGOD!!!! And HerPreciousPerfectPyramid
lwf0.jpg MotherEarth.2Bjpg
The Awesome Forces of
GODDESS Mother Earth’s Divine Nature!!!!
3. Adsorbing His Radiant Kinetic Electron Energy Emotions; and potent potential resting energetic sperm seeds of induction’s production. For this Nurturing Woman & Lovely Lady; big bold beautiful ball body. An ovum ORGANISM Egg, to be impregnated with “TheSpirit of Truth & of Life’s LoveSensationSpiritDivine.
4. Our 21ar Century New World Millennium Mental Model: Revolutionary Militia Warrior Lords of our USA PROMISE LAND, fights for total Black Liberated Freedom. This includes the Decent Good Whites vs. the indecent bad whites! Thus to choose whatsoever, racial and ethnic group of human beings we decide to: date-mate-marry and mingle with. And form which ever kind of personal relationship with these other people, that our consciences will allow, in a healthful manner. Doing so without the old blatant black supremacy militant and revolutionary army mentalities of segregated subjective self-hate and objective hatred; dictating to us about what to do or not do. Yes, we detest White Power & Black Power Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes of Silly Serpents!!!
5. Meaning that our unique citizens of a MultiplexRacialBodyColor, are no longer going to permit ourselves to be intimidated by the Terroristic Threats directed at us, because we enjoy loving all citizens of decent good behavioral actions; which are apparently openly practiced; by diverse races of humankind. Realizing that there’s good and bad, wickedness and evil, righteousness and a keen sense of truth and justice in us all. And we will never let the negative programming poisonous propaganda, turn our passionate people of color around on our heels. For there’s “no shadow of turning”; nor shall we tuck tail like scared cowards and run off some place to hide our mixed race faces: black-white-pink, red-brown, tan-yellow skin color complexions. Yes We Can Live here on planet GODDESSMotherEarth in LovePeace & Harmony!!!
Me & My Filipina Ever Lovin’ Queen of Color.
The Philipines 1970-76.
LovePeace & Harmony…My TruestLove I Found; A LovelyLoveSong
 Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form.
6. In plain O’ simple words, the North American Continent is not the safe-secure place, to think, that one can just live here, being a racial-ethnic-cultural SEPARATIST & ISOLATIONIST, DISCRIMINATION-IST; SUPREMACIST & RACIST & SEXIST!!!
My Truest Love I Found
Jazz Festival San Antonio, TX. 2009.
7. THE PEOPLE’S SELF EMPLOYMENT POWER PLAN: We Work Wealthy & Healthy Together For Productive Progressive Positive Proton CLIMATIC CHANGE. And this is our non-violent justice of the peace policy practice in open day light under our radiant SolarSystemSunGOD!!!! With all those brave true race warriors joining in with ArtistCHD; by strong willed courage bravely spreading the musical words via my Reovlutinary Unique Poetic Art Form: CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP!_theme song MP3.
8. SELF HATER-S & HATER-S OF OTHERS: Shall they not be Taxed To Death, if in fact of reality need be? HELL YEAH! With our truly sincere git tuff on racial hatred policy being reinforced by “all means necessary”! Expressly via INTERVENTION DIVINE!!!
9. Moreover, the real to life’s major problem, is not with a lack of racial mixture, because on the level of bio-genetic structure, these MIXED RACE DENIALISTS, are already in truth of a mixed race ancestry. And they are habitually living in a self-imposed self-hating lie. Nor do we allow ourselves to be fooled, duped, bribed and brainwashed by the big bold black face placed on White Power! For We The People’s Self Employment Power Plan, is made up of wise, smart, religiously and politically astute individuals. Who can discern truth from error, decipher fiction-fraud-myths from the reality of truth. Can tell bull’s shit right off bat! 
Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound
& Magnificent Color Wheel!
10. AIN’T IT FUNNY: That most of us can just simply look into the mirror to see our own mixed race faces. So obvious until it’s laughable, that so many African AMERICANS, are presently living in a biological and physiological state of a human being that is actually in reality an AMIXERCAN.
Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form.
11. Unfortunately, there are a whole lots of our supposed to be educated intellectuals, nationalists, Afrocentrists, and scholarly academics, inclusively, the black militants, that are still living in self-denial. Consequently impacted by a negative identity CRISIS!
The BlackRedBallExpress!!!
Brave African American Men of World War II=2
Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound_instru MP3. 
& Magnificent Color Wheel!
LMGR: Vocal version MP3.
Jazz Festival 2009.



 Our MultiplexRacialBody of Color Complexions.

Bio-Genetic Traits, Chromosomal RNA and

Mitochondria DNA CODES.



The Beauteous Queen of Color Complexions




This is the kind of Racial Love & Friendship & Unity ArtistCHD Live by; an and it is the exact type of Goodness that the “Black To Africa” UNIA HarambeeGarveyMites Hate on. Scenes like this one above: Black Soul Sister Socializing With White Males, Lawyers, Politicians, Seattle, Washington 1979-84. LoveSensationSpiritDivine..MP3 musical theme song.

True Self-respecting African American BLACKS, my beloved sisters and brothers, do enjoy gathering among themselves on special occasions, shedding more positive proton charged light to these very important happenings …etc. And have readjusted themselves on key issues-tissues concerning our divine health and true wealth; being our upgraded-enhanced-elevated-cleansed…., 21st century New World millennium African American BLACK SOUL FOOD & MUSIC CULTURE. For “We Have Arrived” “unto the perfect law of liberty”.

R1- 1A

Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound

& Magnificent Color Wheel! Happy

Dancing Black Couple Jazz Festival,

San Antonio, Texas 2009


Help Spread LoveSensationSpiritDivine!!!!

Prospective Beautiful Queens of Color, and EverLovin’ Princesses of Color. My Truest Love I Found. {vocal-poetic lyrics musical theme songs”]




MY & OUR 21st Century AfriAmeriAmixercan & BLACK NEGROID CyberSpaceAge Digital Arts Productions.

 Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form.


My Lawful Married Wife & Her Beautiful Blackish Brown Body. Wearing Her African Designed Cultural Dress & Head-Scarf & Robe. 1968-70.  Back in the DAY.

LoveSensationSpiritDivine..MP3 musical theme song.


My Girlfriend of LoveSex Romance Electron Energy Emotions.

 Seattle, Washignton, 1975-8o.

 LovePeace & Harmony…My TruestLove I Found; A LovelyLoveSong

 Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form.

Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound

& Magnificent Color Wheel!


Dancing to the Music with one of my younger sisters, was a



For this valuable information is not my own to hold and to keep from all others. Sharing with the whole-wide-world is my motto and original theme song: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: Now 25 years old in conceptual birth. That’s CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP!! Listen up to me closely…>>> 

Tuesday, May 7, 2009…..12:51 PM




 Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form. 







ElectronEnergyEmotions: of LoveSexRomance, gives us the most powerful proof that “We Have Arrived” and have thus overcome to the Resurrection. The HOMO SAPIENS HUMAN RACE: TO LOVE THY SELF.  America’s-AfriAmixercan BlackWhiteSoulFood pt.3
  Yes: The Final Call of Today, is to Mix Race it all up thoroughly.


  Our Rich Divine Health & Honest True Wealth$$$

Think Clean, Ethical & Moral Money Made. By We The People’s Self Employment Power of our Innate Talents & Gifts. 


INTERRACIAL DATING & MATING & MARRYING: Being ready and willing to share that racial originality with our mutated white and pink appearing people of light tinted coloration. No longer feeling the need to try and keep the Beautiful Black Skin to our own selves, selfishly. And having a foolish false sense of security and comfort zones of Separatists & Isolationist Mindsets. Because it was not meant to be totally all black nor all white!! Never intended to exist here on the North American continent of our USA PROMISED LAND. Therefore may I spicy-spread lots of heathful FUNKY SOUL SONG SEASON!



LOVING PEOPLE: Those transformed, saved, born again, redeemed, delivered from their innate racial hatred of dark skinned human beings, are to be permitted to come BACK, into the BLACK, African Negroid Racial bio-genetic family fold. To be able to survive the extremes of the SolarSystemSunGOD’S Ultraviolet Radiant Rays. Plus the intense heating of “Global Warming”‘s on coming dramatic drastic CLIMATIC CHANGE.


Intelligently Smart White Female Mother


San Antonio, Texas 2009

 NWCA’S  Musical Theme Song

 My TruestLove I Found; A LovelyLoveSong, HerPresciousPerfectPyramid, LoveMerryGoRound


Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound

& Magnificent Color Wheel!

And is being fought by true to the salt of Mother Earth, Revolutionary Mentalities, with Kinetic Electron Energy Emotions. Of LoveSexRomance. The most power of all weapons to bring down strongholds of White Supremacy Racism, curing the bio-genotype disease…, in through the Biological Genetic RNA & DNA CODES, via: Interracial Dating, Mating, Mixing, Mingling & Marrying!!!!!


YES: Bring y’all’s “Fruit of the Spirit thereof”; Put all of our natural human resources, into the potent potential compost of activated energetic E-motions. Bring your surplus cash money, extra income, loose change, and contribute your voiced word of mouth. Spread the key messages written in my story blogs, and promote the DIVINELY INSPIRED artwork Master’s Pieces.



They are very Rare Race Reality specimens to be marketed, circulated, broadcast, spread and planted as potent seeds of potential great genius, all around our GlobalWorldNations.

Something everybody of a raised and elevated conscious must have as artistic symbols of their TRUE LOVE, for all GODDESS Mother Nature’s Earthly Humanity. With these Intelligent Graphic Designs of Creativity, being worn as lucky charms, good luck emblems of True Riches, Wholesome Health & Real Wealth$$


 CyberberJazzBluesRapP; and melodic instrumental pieces of performance plays. Offering options, variety, diversity, in a Unified Symphonic Orchestra of LovePeace & Harmony.


CK-NWCA’s Musical Theme Song

Story Book Blogs: ,, ,


Son of SUNGOD pt2 +  Spn of SUNGOD pt3  _ + Son of SUNGOD pt4 – _ +

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD = ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascend Ancient Ancestral Africa

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Rock Offense Stone Defense = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD = pt2

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Clean Cultured Cash Currencies = Spirit Source Science System pt3

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Explosive Exercised Essence Expansion = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD =

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Hip Hip vs HipP + LapP CyberJazzBluesRapP = Spiritualized-Solarized-Romanticized Musical Songs Homemade pt5