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The VegeLeoAugustan VegePlanterian = Mother Nature’s 100% Homegrown Green Garden Vegetables

November 19, 2010



SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM: YES: ArtistCHD reveals LoveLifeLight, shinning on his FunkySoulSongSeason.
AFRINDIAN ASCENT SOUL FOOD!!!Customizing uniquely his individual-independent, original dietary Master’s Mind Melanin Messiah mental models. Being a bona fide wholesome plant and animal eater; according to Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature, prescribes in Her Dynamic Equilibrium Balance. Enjoy listening to and playing musical theme song vocals and instrumentals free MP3:
 RESEARCH STUDY: Dr Mercola-nutrition-diet-food-water: Saturday, July 10, 2010…10:08 am: “One of the dangers of living in a breakneck culture is the need for speed. The fast pace of life keeps your mind very busy, and it’s easy to ignore your body when it’s trying to tell you something. Many of you have long lost the ability to connect the dots of how you feel with regard to the foods you eat.

Many choose to place convenience before health when it comes to food selection, and simply fail to appreciate the concept of food as medicine — and how to give your body the type of healthy fuel it was designed to thrive on. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming you, as I have been there and done that. I have journeyed for many years through my own process of discovery, to learn how to connect the dots between the foods I eat and the way I feel after eating them. 

What I learned is that there is no perfect diet for everyone. You were created with unique genetics and experiences that will ultimately dictate what the best foods are for you to eat. 

The practical challenge of course is to discover what those foods are. Do you really want to be wasting your time, money and energy choosing foods that are “supposed” to be good for you but in reality are making you sick?” 

“Like your car, your body was designed for a certain correct type of fuel … that is, a certain correct blend of the right food types. The further you deviate from this ideal, the more health problems are likely. That is why some of the sickest people I see in my practice are those who are “designed” to be eating high-proteins foods but have decided to be vegetarians. Conversely, carb types who choose to eat high amounts of meats also don’t do very well.” 

WHAT SPECIFIC NUTRIENTS, VITAMINS, PROTEINS DO COOKING VEGETABLES DESTROYS? How does high heat kill a vitamin or minerals? Because these self-acclaimed “E-perts” throw their generalized crap around the media wearing some type of badge of Honor & Authority. Somebody else’s idiosyncrasies and ideologies being super-imposed upon the readers and researchers alike. So BE WARE!!!

AFRINDIAN SOLAR SEXUS SOUL FOOD: My personal preference is to cook my foods; expressly, homegrown vegetables, to varying degrees and at different tempertures and for diverse time periods. That shoe fits me and my tastes perfectly. Adding plant life at separate animation2.gifstages so that they cook to medium to well tender. And if and when I desire fresh raw vegetable garden crops; then, common sensibilities says eat them in a salad bowl. This I know constitutes Her Dynamic Equalized Bio-Ballance!!

THE VEGELEOAUGUSTAN: Faithfully avoid being drawn off into these European silly conflicts of interests;  the prejudice-bias indoctrinations against cooking foods, how long or short, Eurocentric warmonger-hatemonger arguments. Because it’s all good and bad and all depends on my/your uniquely designed digestive system. And only an individual can learn to listen to their natural intuitive instincts, to determine what food sources to eat more or less of. And not some wrongly trained physician or doctor who get just as sick a dying dog; due to harmful nutritional learning, etc. SIMPLY LEARN TO HEAR YOUR OWN BODY’S CALL FOR JUSITCE!!!

 “Her there, salad-haters, good news; Veggies don’t have to look like rabbit food to be good for you. Munching on raw lettuce, carrots and tomato may make you feel noble, but the lettuce gives you virtually no nutrition, and cooked carrots would actually give you more beta-carotene. 

A warm, comforting tomato sauce with the sleek gloss of olive oil would not only feel more substantial in your stomach, it’ll also give you way more lycopene than virgin tomatoes fresh off the vine. Counter-intuitive, isn’t it? 

Fact is, how you prepare and cook your food can dramatically change its nutritive value. Roasting your pork destroys 40 per cent of its thiamin, but braising reduces the loss by a third. Boiling spinach leaches out half its folate, but steaming doesn’t. 

Raw soybeans contain substances that interfere with digestion and absorption of zinc and iron, but cooking neutralizes the nasty blockers. Got all that? 

RAW FOOD VS COOKED: “Raw food advocates believe cooking destroys the “life force” in food, leaching nutrients, phytochemicals such as antioxidants, and destroying valuable enzymes. They’ve got some of it right. Cooking does indeed reduce the vitamin C and B in vegetables because both are water-soluble. Vitamin C and some B vitamins are also heat sensitive, says Christine Scaman, a food, nutrition and health researcher at the University of B.C. Boiling a vegetable can remove as much as 50 to 80 per cent of its vitamin C. 

But at the same time, cooking any fruit or vegetable breaks down indigestible cellulose in the plant cell walls, making the nutrients easier for us to absorb. Tomatoes and carrots are two stellar examples, Scaman says. 

Other vitamins, such as A, D and E, are fat soluble, so the best way to get at those nutrients is to eat the food with a fat such as olive oil. Cooking does destroy most fruit and vegetable enzymes, but don’t let that bother you. We don’t need them. 

Banana enzymes, for instance, help bananas grow, ripen and decay, but they don’t aid human digestion. “Your digestive system does a pretty good job of destroying whatever ‘life force’ there is,” Scaman says. Our own enzymes break down food enzymes along with everything else we eat, so we can absorb them as amino acids and get nutrition from them.” 

VEGETABLE…BEST RAW OR COOKED? “As you might have guessed, both cooked and raw vegetables have their own benefits. Let’s examine them. Water-soluble B and C vitamins and some minerals are drawn from vegetables when the’re cooked. Just as the red color from a cut beet can leak onto your fingertips, some nutrients leach into cooking water. So drink vegetable cooking water, or pot liquor, for its intact, water-soluble nutrients. 

Heat does destroy enzymes, indoles (cancer-fighting nutrients), and heat-sensitive thiamine and vitamin C. But fortunately, most nutrients, including fiber, carbohydrates, protein, fat, various micronutrients and all of vitamins A, D, E and K, remain when vegetables are cooked. Some nutrients, like beta carotene, become more bioavailable when food is cooked.. 
What cooking does do is transfer energy from a heat source to the food and, typically, makes the food more digestible. That’s why an infant’s delicate digestive system welcomes pureed yams, not raw yams.”  


 If you have some seed money saved up, and strongly desire to invest a portion of it herein, then, take action steps to do exactly that, starting right now today! Also, get involved and be active in the processes of germination, and of its increases in size, sprouting up and out quantity, capital gains, sells and help aid its profit values. Water and fertilize your green garden. Yes, you’ll be a co-gardener cultivating, tilling the soulful soils of financial fertility, to help ensure the most wholesome growth, development, production possible. Thus reap the benefit blessings for your invested seed funds on the days of harvest.  




The Raised-Elevated & Intensified Methods: With no long tiring rows to hoe due to the outdated conventions of tradition. Everything is simplified, easy angles having reachable plants-MP3 sound tracks and Divine Digital Designs downloads. Plus assessable selections to pick as you please, in bushels-baskets, buckets, barrels, buying in bulk; singles or albums of fun. Exclusively founded for the investors, nurturers, and or financing farmers. Just take your tools out…, employ some activity, put your hands and feet into the rich earthly money mud and organic mulch, thus absorb the embedded vita-nutrients therein, thereof.  




We are to be diligent doers of the words of wisdom and not just listeners only or hearers on the sidelines of passivity. Do nothings setting around waiting on somebody else to make a fortune for them, is not being very smart or wise. However, being active exercising the individual will, body-mind-spirit-soul connection, is where the huge profits are generated in a holistic and healthful fashion. Here again, in a manner by which to create conditions of healing happiness, cheer and joy.  

Early stage investors, are assuming personal responsibility and self-accountability for the gains and losses, blessings and curses. Taking calculated risks, based on informed faith, designing their own sort of lottery ticket to guarantee gambling success and win win wealth overcoming the odds of financial fate.  

OPEN TO FEMALES & MALES, MASCULINE & FAMININE FINANCIAL FOCUS & FORTUNE FAME: Come cleansed all that may, come as you are with a positive open mind, first come first served. Everybody starts up with equal shares, equity plots-lots, equal opportunities to grow and build their private wealth. Belong to our International Civilian Community Citizenry for Clean Currency Ex-changes in our Cash Crops, to and from, back and forth, up and down and all around our Gardened Global World Nations. 

Natural Pure-Crystal Clean-Fresh Drinking Waters-Foods=Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature’s Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom via CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER+ArtistCHD’s RealiVision vs Religious Politics! 



Surely, ArtistCHD has gained significant momentum and covered lots of ground. Albeit, the main theme-thought here is independence, individual input, personal problem solving, self-help-initiatives, without the fuss and fights that are going on in a too complicated business arrangements these days. The companies and transactions that have outgrown themselves into confusion, unnecessary requirements, bureaucratic loop-holes to let some in and to keep others out, on and on and on with these lines of chaotic craziness! 

CK-NWCA, has a business plan prescribed by The Mighty Master’s Mind Mental Model. A very elementary, fundamental, grassroots, basic 1-2-3; a-b-c, process. No bosses, middle in between supervisors-advisers, dictators, egoist managers, whatsoever. For they have all been eliminated from this innovative enterprise. 

Meaning that no one is able to bother you, distract or interrupt what you are choosing to do at your own free will and at your chosen speed or time frame. You are allowed to think and grow wealthy for your better benefit, under the conditions that are suitable and most advantageous to self-preservation. And ultimately you and I, us and we will build our blueprint, lay out our road-map, grow our Garden of Eden of Color Kingdom. 

Yes, we are most certainly using the 6th Sense Genius Faculty Constructive Creative Imagination, through which to formulate realities, make things happen extraordinary. And consciously avoiding the entanglements of the existing entities now more or less cursed with bias, prejudice, instead of being blessed with beneficial open-minded, open-end OPPORTUNITIES…$$ 

Yes, for PURE PROFIT PROFESSIONAL  PROPHET: positively sure this is a meaningful Mercy Making Monetary foundation, innovative enterprise, openly, straight forward, frank, trustworthy and honest. The purest,  true and truthful  method to HELP, those human beings trying to Help themselves overcome their  personal shortcomings, to assist people  truly in need to improve their lives.  Through professed art-music-poetry-writing; plus professional Self-employing Operations Communications. For Financially FREE: Getting the good news word out that they are in factual reality being purely  LOVED!!!
No, this is not a beggars gimmme something for nothing  charity group or handout organization whatsoever. Simply and plainly because, being in a position to uplift others; requires lawful money, legal tender, clean cultural currency, freindly funds to operate and to function proficiently in a prosperous fashion.  Based on common sense comprehension and basic understanding about how life in our society-system works.
Albeit, the benefit blessings that you are being freely given right now in the contextual content character of this educational written message and overall free informative , picuture illustrated Story Book Blogs is a WIN WIN investment.   Officially offering you an equal balanced opportunity to CAPITALIZE on these Vital-Nutrients of thought input, loving nourishment by open-minded reading.  An internal-subliminal process that  automatically enriches and enhances your life. You do have a bright brilliant brain! 
Moreover, Prophet ArtistCHD  believes and knows spiritually-intuitively-instinctively, that you can and will and shall do the right thing at your own free will by making a handsome donation.  Thus to support his and our Divine Commission Calling, Artistic Love  Ministry & Anointing, and to spread his natural born LOVE SENSATION SPIRIT DIVINE to the Whole Wide World Web.



A trustworthy treasury chest to store safely and securely their investment funds, inside the garden of COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.  Or blogs: and, plus my Beauty Butt Body Babes: and My RealiVision vs Religion & Politics:

 An innovative enterprise having potent growth developments on a continual basis, constant course of expanding its size in Divine Digital Designs, Artworks in applied and musical songs and poems expressed in his Revolutionary Evolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form, CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP!!  




Practicing Posistive LOVE LIFE LIGHT Homegrown Gardens, bugs, nematodes, worms, pests, insects,

March 23, 2009

Practice sessions and intrumental performances. with hoes, shovels, rakes, forks, spades, water hoses, sharp shooters; buckets; symbolic to playing musical instruments, creating lovely sounding love songs. ‘A DOER OF THE WORD AND NOT JUST A HEARER OR LISTENER!!’
 Thus,  from eating far too much processed food stuffs, contaminated store bought “FRUITS”;  bannas, oranges, apples, pineapples; inclusively,  veggies that were all treated with toxic poisons as chemical fetilizers, insecticides and herbicides!!! These items are only safer to eat in controlled moderation, due to how they were grown-raised. And We Wise Intelligent citizens know how wrongly they were cropped and farmed.  Plus eating too many of any kind of fruits, can be harmful to your health, if in fact you consume excessively amounts of FRUITOSE-SUGAR!!!
Meaning by dictionary definition:  “A very sweet soluble sugar C6H12O6 that occurs especially in fruit juices and honey.” In addition to having that bit of knowledge.., one’s blood sugar-glucose levels can and will and shall raise to elevated high mg/dl rates.  Juicing is  a major cause of onset Diabetes….. perhaps?!. TRUE OR FALSE?
vegetable juicing onion
 “Vegetable juicing is critical to good health because it is an important source of raw food. Each of us needs raw foods every day, and juicing is an excellent way to make certain you receive large quantities of such raw foods. Fruit juicing is certainly good for you, but it has one disadvantage over vegetable juicing: fruit juice tends to increase insulin levels when consumed.    

“Vegetable juice does not raise insulin levels like fruit juice. The only exception to this would be carrot or beet juice which function similarly to fruit juice. Nevertheless, fruit juicing is certainly better for you and your children than drinking soda, which is a very bad idea “  


The Nematode Worms. The nematodes are (along with copepod crustaceans) frequently described as “probably the most numerous animals on Earth”. Some 80,000 species are described  in the literature; possibly a million exist. They live in the soil, in the oceans and fresh water, and are found as internal parasites of most animals and many plants. ….


Moreover: All of the small-medium-large size rocks that were in the clay soil, in our community garden lot, I used a little creative imagination. Applied a few common sensibility factors, by gathering the stones, then arranging them along side borders of colorful flowers. And placing them strategically down in the row paths where I walked through to cultivate my plants. The idea caught on to other gardeners, who hurried up to save, instead of throwing away, all of the rocks in their dirt-soil. Surely gathering precious stones became somewhat competitive…smile.
Plus we had some friendly city workers, sponsor us dirt out of local land fields, thus asked them to dump some dirt over on our community garden lots. And they also brought loads of leaves that decayed into a rich growing medium called leaf mold. Which solved the problem of clay soil. Serving also a a buffer to ballance off the soil’s Ph level or Alkalinity/Acidity. Producing loamy humus and no longer too clayey: “an earthly material that is plastic when moist but hard when fired is composed chiefly of silicates of aluminum and water, and is used for brick, tile and  earthenware.”
Getting us far away from trying to garden the dreaded old-fashioned conventional farmed crop method. With the wide open spacious rows, allowing weeds to grow and compete with the chosen plants. And by applying an African-French Intensified Method, in raised beds, heavily mulched, we effectively conserved land space, water, and nutrients.
Those may have at first decided not to follow my lead…, eventually did so, because they found themselves fighting against Mother Nature GODDESS. And Her ways and means of permitting every kind of plant to grow at their own rates, straight-crooked, vine, male and female, sex and gender, in their own patterns of likeness-progeny, and most certainly to their own prosperity and or disparity.
The produce bearing earth, and plants and blossoms and fruit-vegetables are FEMININE. Generating the MASCULINE principle-pollen spores that pollinate the flower heads of plants so that they may bear more fruit of their own kind. Yes I’m talking about the male pollen: “A mass of microspores in a seed plant that usually appears as a fine yellow dust.”
COLORFUL BLOOMS: The beautiful butterflies and honey bee baskets do their wondrous works of art too: “a flat or hollow area bordered with stiff hairs on the hind leg of a bee in which it carries pollen.” Yes of course the Pollen Grain: “one of the granular microspores in pollen that give rise to the MALE gametoplyte of a SEED PLANT.” 
This is why I have no precious time to loose…with Feminists & Sexists & Racists, meat and male haters, all alike!! And it has very little or nothing to do with anybody choosing to be same sex oriented. Each to their own seed!
Therefore I love to respect all of the pollenizers, ‘plants that are a source of pollen’. And the Pollen Sac is: “one of the pouches of a seed plant anther in which pollen is formed.” And most of all I want the Vegan haters to acknowledge is the Pollen Tube: sort of like the female virgina, vaginal tube: “A tube formed by the pollen grain that passes down the style and converys the sperm nuclei to the embryo sac of a flower.”
________PART FOUR_____


ArtistCHD shed some sound LOVE LIFE LIGHT: My Artistic Face Reflection In A Mirror of Haters of all sorts:    “Any of a class or phylum (Nematoda) of elongated cylindrical worms parasitic in animals or plants or free-living in soil or water.” 


 However, our fresh vegetable and fruit lovers, like I am too, some times refuse to face the truest scientific facts about not applying various chemical pesticides on their food crops. Unfortunately the espoused misgiving information, can and will and shall and has been extremely detrimental to the overall and general health of SOCIETY!.

Further Easy Examples: These enterprising criminal crazy cutworms:”Any of various smooth-bodied moth caterpillars that hide by day and feed especially on plant stems near ground level at night.”

Which clearly correctly informs us that they “HIDE”; at “NIGHT”!  Thus not-apparently seen but is out of our sight. So what part of the English language do so many of our well intentioned wish to be expert authority figures fail to understand-“over-stand and inner-stand”??? 


YES, IT’S REAL LIVE FOOD, We Wise Men Meat Eaters Do Want to make absolutely sure that these wormy parasites are “cooked to death”; baked, steamed, boiled-broiled and BBQ-ed on the fiery history smoke pit!!!

Including: Free-living nematodes are extremely abundant in soils and sediments, where they feed on bacteria and detritus. Other nematodes are plant parasites and may cause disease in economically important crops. Still others parasitize animals (including humans); well-known parasitic nematodes include hookworms, pinworms, Guinea worm (genus Dracunculus), and intestinal roundworms (genus Ascaris).

THEM TALKING ABOUT PARASITES-BACTERIA & WORMS: Well, lets do so my student friends. Although, in a proved scientific way, so as to not mislead ourselves into believing into somebody Else’s religious dogma of the Devil , of which meat hating Vegetarianism is…or is IT!?

ROUND WORM: “A nematode worm (as a hookworm or a trichina); also related round-bodied unsegmented worm as distinguished from a flatworm.” And Flatworm means: “Any of a phylum (Platyhelminthes)” And Tapeworm is scientifically defined as: “A flatworm with a segmented body that is parasitic when adult in the intestine of vertebrates.”
RAW VEGETABLE CROPS; In the unlearned minds of some plant lovers, like my self, must learn to educate our own selves, before, we dispense important information. For good intentions all have ass holes with long pointed tail ends. In most cases, they don’t know what in the Devil Damned Hell  on the face of planet Mother Earth, they are talking about. SCIENTIFIC FACT!
Please Excuse Me: Meat & Vegetable Eaters, live worm-bacteria-parasite consumers alike, chemically sprayed plant crops or not, those that are both causes of problematic health conditions; that is for sure, on the clinical and medical levels. Nevertheless, I’m not permitted to suffer to bull shit sha, because my DIVINE COSMIC CONSCIOUS , do not in the most minute manner allow it. I’m Spotlessly Clean!!
“Foliar Nematodes  Karen Rane, Plant Disease Diagnostician, Department of Botany & Plant Pathology, Purdue University

Plant parasitic nematodes are microscopic worms that are usually found in the soil attacking plant roots.  There are some nematode species, however, that can cause damage on aboveground plant parts.  Foliar nematodes (Aphelenchoides spp.) have become a more common pest in herbaceous perennials over the past few years.  Foliar nematodes move in films of water on plant surfaces and enter leaf tissues through natural openings in leaves called stomates.  Like root-attacking nematodes, foliar nematodes have a needle-like structure called a stylet that they use to pierce plant cells and feed on the cell contents, resulting in cell death.  Lesions caused by foliar nematodes are first chlorotic, then necrotic.  Movement of the nematodes within leaf tissues is restricted by larger leaf veins, which gives the lesions their typical angular shape (see figures).

Foliar nematodes overwinter in plant debris. They survive for long periods of time in leaf tissues, and are spread by propagating infested plants and by splashing water (rainfall, overhead irrigation).   The list of plants susceptible to foliar nematodes is quite large, and includes woody plants like azaleas as well as numerous herbaceous perennials (such as hosta, hellebores, ferns, begonias, salvia, anemone).  The easiest way to manage foliar nematode problems is to avoid introducing the pest into the garden. Carefully inspect plants for foliar nematode symptoms before purchasing.  If symptoms develop, remove and destroy affected plants. Do not put affected plants in a compost pile, since the nematodes can survive in plant debris and may be re-introduced to the garden from this source.  Commercial growers can use chemical treatments for controlling foliar nematode, but there are no effective pesticides available to homeowners.” 

LIVELY FRESH OUT OF THE HOME GARDEN ONLY: Our updated and upgraded New World 21st century Cultural Black Soul Food. Defined to mean precisely what WE’s & US’s says it does, and no longer based on the negative stereotyped racist white supremacist null and void notions. Nor what the self-hating black jack ass uncle toms say-think or believe.  Because they both are out of touch with the Truest Art Form AFRICAN AMERICAN SOUL FOOD. 

6. RING-WORMS: Are defined to mean scientifically: “A contagious skin disease caused by fungi and characterized by ring-shaped discolored patches.”  Now hold ya horses for one moment, because we don’t want to go too fast and get all thrown off the saddles of the bucking Bronx bunks of nonsense. Telling us that by eating raw vegetable that haven’t been chemically treated are safe, worm-bacteria-parasite free, and thus as they wrongly promote, is a healthful choice of dietary habits. Well, perhaps so and maybe not?!.
7. FUNGI & FUNGUS & FUNGICIDES: And their combining form: “A  substance that destroys fungi or inhibits their growth” Which is fungus: Any of a major group (Fungi) of lower plants (as molds, rusts, mildews, smuts, mushrooms, and yeast) that lack chlorophyll and are saprophytic or parasitic. Infection with a fungus.”
8. SO THEN MY BELOVED FRIENDS: I suffer to shit sha not! With my Green Thumb home gardener gimmicks, just about all of my early childhood, teenage and adult life time, Thus I discovered through long years of practical experience, that my raw vegetable and fruit crops were infested with visible and invisible creatures, insects, worms, lice, bacteria as parasitic living organisms. No matter how one chooses to try and wash them off superficially soap so. They are still there unless some form of high heat-212 degrees Fahrenheit and or chemical substance is applied, pesticide-fungicide, during proper soil preparation, conditioning, and the plant’s initial seed and germination, early and late stages of vegetable growth.
12. Those parasites that are two-legged upright walking unschooled dummies!! Too lazy and backwards to “Study to show thy self approved unto God.” They’re living flesh and blood, bone and marrow PESTS: “An epidemic disease with a high mortally; esp.: PLAGUE.”
13. PESTILENCE: “A  contagious or infectious epidemic disease that spreads quickly and has devastating effects” Synonymous to fraud in fact lies spread by way of the mass media. Due to being scientifically “Pestiferous: dangerous to society…PERNICIOUS…carrying or causing infection.” Similar to the bacteria and fungus found on so called organic grown plants in gardens. Including my own! Which damp and wet conditions, breeds the mold spores, mildew, fungi, living organisms, snigling and giggling, hiding on the under side of plants, in shaded areas out of the SolarSunGOD’s direct contact influence. Hiding behind mama-ma-dea’s dress tail, or beneath her huge hanging breasts and milk jugs. Seriously speaking, underground in leaf-mold, mineral sands-soils, humus and all organic vegetation. It’s “most assuredly” a natural occurring function necessitated by the nurturing Woman GODDESS Mother Nature!!!
3. HERBICIDES & PESTICIDES & FUNGICIDES: Are powerfully potent poisons more strong than these silly fools are! Full truth is stronger than they are, and The Original Creative ArtistCHD has more activated brain power and spiritual energy emotion, than any of them singly, individually, and or collectively. For “I’m strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” “An agent used to destroy pests”
It has also been said that if the animals of the world (apart from nematodes) were to dematerialize, their ghostly forms would be recognizable by the populations of nematodes which inhabit their tissues. There are certainly regions of the world where this would be true.


MixMingleMateMarry MultiplexRacialBody ColorComplexions BioGeneRNA-DNA-CODES pt.5


Expressed in My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form;
CyberJazzBluesRapP & HipP & LapP!!



RAYZ: Interracial Dating + Mix Mingle Mate Marry Multiplex-Rayzial-Body Current Cultural Color Complexions Bio-Genetic RNA-DNA-CODES!!!

March 23, 2009



AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD’s Universal IniVersal RealiVision!!!

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts



YES: Africa’s True MAAT Madame Matriarch + Real HARAMBEE Kenyaworld.gif Artworking To-Get-Her for financial fitness, fairness and fun. Truth-Justice = Love Peace & Harmony. Making positive productive-progress by Unifying our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions. Black-red-brown-tan-yellow, white- pink pigmented people of our GlobalWorldNations!!! 

WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE’S POWER Plan + Positive Protests = Self-sufficiency, independence from fascism-egoism-sexism-racism!.

TRUE MAAT + Harambee” A call towards self-sufficiency The slogan “Harambee” was given to Kenyan workers for the purposes of national development. Kenyatta likened the task ahead of the new nation to that of workers with a burden which would only be overcome by working together to successfully heave up or put together their heavy load.

As president, Kenyatta worked to establish harmonious race relations, safeguarding whites’ property rights and appealing to both whites and the African majority to forget past injustices. “Harambee” (Swahili for “let’s all pull together”), deliberately asked whites and Africans to work together for the development of Kenya.”

R1-19A  LoveSensationSpiritDivine..MP3 musical theme song.Sets the stage for a series of successful steps in the right direction. Allowing whatsoever, kind of foods we choose to eat, be of the greatest possible benefit to our health, even if the nutritional values are deficient in some vitamins and minerals, proteins and fats. Permitting GODDESS Mother Nature‘s  Infinite Intelligent Wit; supply the rest of our needs according to Her intuitive-instinctive design.

  Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound & Magnificent Color Wheel!




CreativeEvolutiion & EvolutionaryCreation!!
1. YES: I‘m The Original Creative ArtistCHD & VegeLeoAugustan. Also racially known as an African American BLACK MAN! The founder of the innovative enterprise: COLOR KINGDOM New WorldCreative Arts: ArtistCHD & COLOR KINGDOM NWCA.
2. Straight-up-forwards frankly, the above graphic statements are expressed in healthy Self Employment Power to“The Spirit of Truth & Love of Life. And this also means that I know who, why, when, where and what “I AM THAT I AM” Caucasoid and Mongoloid, however fortunately: Predominantly RNA-DNA CODED NEGROID: “To Know Thy Self” isToLoveThySelf. musical theme song-instru.
ArtistCHDs Baby Picture &
New World Born Creative Genius!!
Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form.
3. Meaning by definitions; a mixed race of a bio-genetic diverse number of unique racial and ethnic groups of human beings. Of the Homo Sapiens Human Race & Species & Genus. Present day in the human body organism now, and generational inbreeding, crossbreeding-breeding back out; by way of interracial ancestral lineage. In full truth composed in Dynamic Equal Balance-Brown-middle-C, of all people of our GlobalWorldNations_voc-instru. theme songs.
4. Albeit there’s a sure artistic spiritual science behind my methodical approach. And I shall profess to being a bona fide, legitimate, sincere and honest to our COSMIC CONSCIOUS CREATORS; A THEOSPIRiTOR. And an artist who has overcome Virulent VictomSujectivity. Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always with a healthy good sense of humor. Y’alls.
STRONG. And Divided Weak We All Fall Out of
LovePeace & Harmony.
5. Likewise, I believe intellectually and KNOW, intuitively and instinctively, that an extremist posed problem exists, caused by the so called White Power Supremacists & Black Power Supremacists. And their Separatist, Isolationist Liberation movements of alleged freedom fighters and militant revolutionary warriors. Membership Family Clans & Ku Klux Klans!!
However, fortunately and blessedly “We Have Arrived” and We’ve Overcome Them Today!!  By way of: LoveSensationSpiritDivine..MP3 musical theme song.
Lovely Looking Young Latina Ladies in support of 
Jazz Fesstival San Antonio, Texas 2007.
6. Certainly everybody, religious-political groups has their personal agendas, of dislikes, discontent, bitterness, hostilities, animosity and hatred toward others; for whatsoever, the unjust or just reasons might be?!. Y’all name them!
Me Discussing The Family Affair’s Club issues
With A White Female Friend back in
Seattle, Washington, 1980-84.
LovePeace & Harmony…My TruestLove I Found; A LovelyLoveSong
7. SCIENTIFIC ART FORMS:  Nevertheless, CK-NWCA, is a real to life GOD & GODDESS send, artistic manifestation destined to be the leading Top Priority Prize Number Winner ONE. And boldly and bravely challenging all other want to be Called & Chosen & Sent Black Messiahs. So characterized as being Christians & Islamic Muslims all alike!
8. I profess that my Artistic Ministry and Divine Commission Calling is HOLY GHOST SPIRIT LED & GUIDED & INSPIRED & PROTECTED. Meaning that nobody can out do it in unique attributes, original application, and constructive creative imagination. Although, what other brothers and sisters could become; are subjected victims to their own self inflicted envy and jealousy, that they didn’t aspire to do something potentially of great genius; themselves.  Such as in the Arts: music, song, dance, poetry, rapP, acting, crafts, inventions, and innovative endeavors and creative concepts of these assortiments by way of my First Cause Primate Principle: Self Employment Power Plan!!!
Thus unfortunately today, are so unlucky for investing too much of their valuable time and resource energies into planning on going  to work for vs. with with; the corporate companies of capitalism. Paying a whole lots of money on going to various misleading educational colleges, just to be trained and or bribed-duped-brainwashed, into just getting some career job that pays the employee at or above union scale wages. Suckered into a dying System of thought, of eventually being in the higher upper-scale Lilly White & Pearly Pink People’s income class levels.  Now they are all but facing dooms day gloom; down and out of work. Seeing  that today’s job markets for hire, are falen into a recession and heading toward a profoundly deep depression! The consequences for the multitudes of citizens failing to discover, develop and to apply their natural talents and innate gifts is most certainly, right now “DIRE”!!!


9. Most interestingly enough, is that my calling is not some quick-short sprint to the finish line or goal, but is surely a whole life’s artwork. A long distance endurance Olympic marathon; slow-methodic-patient, run across country, rugged terrain, over rushing river waters, flooded plains, steep hills and valleys, and having to climb up on the rough side of the DEVIL DAMNED mountain. Pulling myself up by my own bootstraps, doing the very talented and gifted best that I could and can. Being quite inspired, happy and glad to have successfully “ARRIVED” unto the RESURRECTION & TRANSFORMATION & TRANSFIGURATION!
10. Now I pray tell y’all that my having painted on a magnificent rainbow of beauteous color, in my spicy speech, let us carry on to the racial mixture magic elixir fixer. Thus doing so with sure confidence, a positive proton charged self-esteem, which detest one faking humility and acting all totally humble, and phony modesty. Lets be real and true to the salt of planet Mother Earth!! My Truest Love I Found. {vocal-poetic lyrics musical theme songs”]
Black & Latina Revolutionary Warriors of
Electron Energy Emotons!!!
Jazz Festival San Antonio, TX. 2009.
Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound & Magnificent Color Wheel!…
11. TI’S GOOD that HadesHellFire’s Kinetic Electron Energy Emotions came into play. Because they have to be activated by supremely superior individual efforts, persistence of set, organized planning, strong willed determined courage…., impetus in order to convert to use and transform the Potential & Resting Energies.
SavingKids=Expres-Si-onics-vs-Ebonics+6thSenseGenius Constructive Creative Imagination
12. Therefore, being like docile little lambs, in the name of humble-meekness, is typical of a show of weakness, of being easily intimidated, shy faced and coy. Which in turn generates not enough energetic feelings recognized as enthusiasm, ambition, drive, motivation and inspiration. So, then, shall we not play these little childish games with our self-esteem, then blame it on the alleged inflated Ego! Or conceit! For it’s not arrogance; but, hope-faith-belief applied CONFIDENTLY!
Hence to enhance the true spirit of our FunkySoulSongSeason and 21st century AfriAmeriAmixercan BLACK SOUL FOOD & MUSIC  CULTURE!! COLOR KINGDOM NWCA MusicalThemeSong.….
13. Likewise, too many people in our society like to think that it is a good thing to do by going around bashing the Eager Beaver High Octane Achievers; who have learned not to be self-deceivers. And try every trick in the player’s books to bring the other one down to their so called humbled level, which is a poor person’s level, lacking the inspiring SPIRIT.
14. LOOKING FOR A JOB To Work….FOR…somebody. It’s depressing to say the least. The leading cause of drug overdoses, taking excessive numbers of anti-depressant pills, drinking too much alcoholic beverages, smoking far too many tobacco cigarettes, marijuana-weed-grass-rifer. Inclusively, becoming dependent on pain pills and all kinds of pharmaceutical prescription poisons wrongly call medications, etc.
LovePeace & Harmony…My TruestLove I Found; A LovelyLoveSong
Song Lyrics=My Musical Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form
15 OUR NATURAL HIGH; Comes about as we do the things in life that we love doing. Yes,  
Mixed with interracial LoveSexRomance &
LovePeace & Harmony.
Self-loving, Human Beings… Loving Mixed Race Family, Celebrating  Our New Orleans Spiced Jazz Festival, San Antonio, Texas 2009. I give these brave and courageous people AN HONORABLE SALUTE!
16. Y’ALL SEE CLEARLY: It’s the personal, individual, and collective racial hate that’s bringing down our country the United States of America, and whole wide world along with it. If in fact we don’t be very careful?!. The racist bigotry and hypocritical bias belief systems of thought impulses of energy emotions, are vibrating at exceedingly rapid astronomical speeds. Ruining and destroying what should have been happy lives, by its constant attacking, insulting and assaulting the wholesome human qualities of a healthful moral state of internal affairs. However let us human beings who truly care sing:
A LovelyLoveSong’s poetic lyrics-vocal
Me & My Filipino Wife ‘n the Spirit of Love
and Mother Queen of Color of our Children.
The Philipines 1979-76, US NAVY.
17. With these White Supremacy Power & Black Supremacy Power pundits vociferously proclaiming no racial dating, mating and marriage; there can be no Unified States of Amixerca, of Amixercans. And as a direct and proximate results, there also can be no effective, Judicial Jury- Justice, Truth, Civil Life’s Liberty, Human Friendship Freedom, and True LOVE PEACE & HARMONY.
Celebrating Comfortable Couple Black Male & White Female, Jazz Festival, Tasste of New Orleans, San Antonio, TX. 2009.THE BATTLEGROUND OF CALVARY!
18. RE-ABSORPTION & RESORTMENT: Bringing back black betterment in it’s Original Humankind Bio-Genetic RNA & DNA CODE NEGROID RACE! Meaning to come back into the initial fold and pool of the specie’s singled celled human body organism’s GENESIS.
19. A Special Call To LILLY White & Pearly Pink Pigmented People: About their salvation, redemption and deliverance. And an alternative pathway to safely take for those suffering from the sick syndromes of Self-hatred; by accepting all that they are made up of as Tigerwoods tried to express: ‘Cablasian?’.  And I will help him out by calling by the unique name of being An Afrasian_African & Asian mixture,  and millions like myself, and our, combat fight right here on The Battleground of Calvary of our USA PROMISED LAND as:  An AfroAsiatiCaucasian!!! DOMINATELY BLACK NEGROID!
Boldly and bravely: Expercising our natural human right to mix race and mingle among. Also, this is our original artistic method by which to fight for truth and justice for us. Knowing that WE’s & US’s are not the so called minority; but, is in fact of reality the overwhelming MAJORITY MultiplexRacialBody of Color Complexions…. >>> Theme song coming soon, astronomically swift on the EVENT HORIZON_instru. MP3.
R1- XA
CK-NWCA theme song: Cleanses willing supporters, contributing participants who actually purchase my musical sound tracks and artwork of Intelligent Designs. Freed, liberated and kept  from all innate wickedness and evil, devilish-satanist mindsets. Those that may have been inborn upon congenital-conception; by way of melanin deficiency psychosis, defective-dysfunctional genotypes of an ancient ancestral albino art form.  Or possibly inherited through black and white slavery from a historical perspective. We may all be harboring hidden racial hatred?!
Albeit, whites coming back into the Negroid human body organism, is the most profitable and beneficial way to go. Thus these brave race warriors shall no longer be producing the spiritually disconnected devilish-defective-dysfunctioning art form of the virulent strain melanin deficient bio-genotype mutant Caucasoid Race. Thereby, solving a major human problem here on planet Mother Earth.
1. CREATIVE EVOLUTION & EVOLUTIONARY CREATION : Going all around and coming back all around producing CK-NWCA’s form of our MultiplexRacialBody of Color Complexions. An all and in all inclusive symphonic orchestration and artistic composition. Now under the gracious gravitational pull of a Black Hole Universal Phenomenon on the EVENT HORIZON.
Life’s Our LovelyLoveSong
Jazz Festival Taste of New Orleans,
San Antonio, TX. 2009.
2. In between two opposing polar forces, North & South, is our kind, and thoroughly mixed race blessed blends. We are the mass majority inheriting our evolving, revolving, rotating and orbiting planetary sphere GODDESSMother Nature’s Earth. As She circles around Her Heavenly Head SolarSystemSuperStarSunGOD!!!! And HerPreciousPerfectPyramid
lwf0.jpg MotherEarth.2Bjpg
The Awesome Forces of
GODDESS Mother Earth’s Divine Nature!!!!
3. Adsorbing His Radiant Kinetic Electron Energy Emotions; and potent potential resting energetic sperm seeds of induction’s production. For this Nurturing Woman & Lovely Lady; big bold beautiful ball body. An ovum ORGANISM Egg, to be impregnated with “TheSpirit of Truth & of Life’s LoveSensationSpiritDivine.
4. Our 21ar Century New World Millennium Mental Model: Revolutionary Militia Warrior Lords of our USA PROMISE LAND, fights for total Black Liberated Freedom. This includes the Decent Good Whites vs. the indecent bad whites! Thus to choose whatsoever, racial and ethnic group of human beings we decide to: date-mate-marry and mingle with. And form which ever kind of personal relationship with these other people, that our consciences will allow, in a healthful manner. Doing so without the old blatant black supremacy militant and revolutionary army mentalities of segregated subjective self-hate and objective hatred; dictating to us about what to do or not do. Yes, we detest White Power & Black Power Supremacy Superiority Sickness Syndromes of Silly Serpents!!!
5. Meaning that our unique citizens of a MultiplexRacialBodyColor, are no longer going to permit ourselves to be intimidated by the Terroristic Threats directed at us, because we enjoy loving all citizens of decent good behavioral actions; which are apparently openly practiced; by diverse races of humankind. Realizing that there’s good and bad, wickedness and evil, righteousness and a keen sense of truth and justice in us all. And we will never let the negative programming poisonous propaganda, turn our passionate people of color around on our heels. For there’s “no shadow of turning”; nor shall we tuck tail like scared cowards and run off some place to hide our mixed race faces: black-white-pink, red-brown, tan-yellow skin color complexions. Yes We Can Live here on planet GODDESSMotherEarth in LovePeace & Harmony!!!
Me & My Filipina Ever Lovin’ Queen of Color.
The Philipines 1970-76.
LovePeace & Harmony…My TruestLove I Found; A LovelyLoveSong
 Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form.
6. In plain O’ simple words, the North American Continent is not the safe-secure place, to think, that one can just live here, being a racial-ethnic-cultural SEPARATIST & ISOLATIONIST, DISCRIMINATION-IST; SUPREMACIST & RACIST & SEXIST!!!
My Truest Love I Found
Jazz Festival San Antonio, TX. 2009.
7. THE PEOPLE’S SELF EMPLOYMENT POWER PLAN: We Work Wealthy & Healthy Together For Productive Progressive Positive Proton CLIMATIC CHANGE. And this is our non-violent justice of the peace policy practice in open day light under our radiant SolarSystemSunGOD!!!! With all those brave true race warriors joining in with ArtistCHD; by strong willed courage bravely spreading the musical words via my Reovlutinary Unique Poetic Art Form: CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP!_theme song MP3.
8. SELF HATER-S & HATER-S OF OTHERS: Shall they not be Taxed To Death, if in fact of reality need be? HELL YEAH! With our truly sincere git tuff on racial hatred policy being reinforced by “all means necessary”! Expressly via INTERVENTION DIVINE!!!
9. Moreover, the real to life’s major problem, is not with a lack of racial mixture, because on the level of bio-genetic structure, these MIXED RACE DENIALISTS, are already in truth of a mixed race ancestry. And they are habitually living in a self-imposed self-hating lie. Nor do we allow ourselves to be fooled, duped, bribed and brainwashed by the big bold black face placed on White Power! For We The People’s Self Employment Power Plan, is made up of wise, smart, religiously and politically astute individuals. Who can discern truth from error, decipher fiction-fraud-myths from the reality of truth. Can tell bull’s shit right off bat! 
Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound
& Magnificent Color Wheel!
10. AIN’T IT FUNNY: That most of us can just simply look into the mirror to see our own mixed race faces. So obvious until it’s laughable, that so many African AMERICANS, are presently living in a biological and physiological state of a human being that is actually in reality an AMIXERCAN.
Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form.
11. Unfortunately, there are a whole lots of our supposed to be educated intellectuals, nationalists, Afrocentrists, and scholarly academics, inclusively, the black militants, that are still living in self-denial. Consequently impacted by a negative identity CRISIS!
The BlackRedBallExpress!!!
Brave African American Men of World War II=2
Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound_instru MP3. 
& Magnificent Color Wheel!
LMGR: Vocal version MP3.
Jazz Festival 2009.



 Our MultiplexRacialBody of Color Complexions.

Bio-Genetic Traits, Chromosomal RNA and

Mitochondria DNA CODES.



The Beauteous Queen of Color Complexions




This is the kind of Racial Love & Friendship & Unity ArtistCHD Live by; an and it is the exact type of Goodness that the “Black To Africa” UNIA HarambeeGarveyMites Hate on. Scenes like this one above: Black Soul Sister Socializing With White Males, Lawyers, Politicians, Seattle, Washington 1979-84. LoveSensationSpiritDivine..MP3 musical theme song.

True Self-respecting African American BLACKS, my beloved sisters and brothers, do enjoy gathering among themselves on special occasions, shedding more positive proton charged light to these very important happenings …etc. And have readjusted themselves on key issues-tissues concerning our divine health and true wealth; being our upgraded-enhanced-elevated-cleansed…., 21st century New World millennium African American BLACK SOUL FOOD & MUSIC CULTURE. For “We Have Arrived” “unto the perfect law of liberty”.

R1- 1A

Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound

& Magnificent Color Wheel! Happy

Dancing Black Couple Jazz Festival,

San Antonio, Texas 2009


Help Spread LoveSensationSpiritDivine!!!!

Prospective Beautiful Queens of Color, and EverLovin’ Princesses of Color. My Truest Love I Found. {vocal-poetic lyrics musical theme songs”]




MY & OUR 21st Century AfriAmeriAmixercan & BLACK NEGROID CyberSpaceAge Digital Arts Productions.

 Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form.


My Lawful Married Wife & Her Beautiful Blackish Brown Body. Wearing Her African Designed Cultural Dress & Head-Scarf & Robe. 1968-70.  Back in the DAY.

LoveSensationSpiritDivine..MP3 musical theme song.


My Girlfriend of LoveSex Romance Electron Energy Emotions.

 Seattle, Washignton, 1975-8o.

 LovePeace & Harmony…My TruestLove I Found; A LovelyLoveSong

 Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form.

Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound

& Magnificent Color Wheel!


Dancing to the Music with one of my younger sisters, was a



For this valuable information is not my own to hold and to keep from all others. Sharing with the whole-wide-world is my motto and original theme song: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: Now 25 years old in conceptual birth. That’s CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP!! Listen up to me closely…>>> 

Tuesday, May 7, 2009…..12:51 PM




 Song lyrics=My Revolutionary Unique Poetic Art Form. 







ElectronEnergyEmotions: of LoveSexRomance, gives us the most powerful proof that “We Have Arrived” and have thus overcome to the Resurrection. The HOMO SAPIENS HUMAN RACE: TO LOVE THY SELF.  America’s-AfriAmixercan BlackWhiteSoulFood pt.3
  Yes: The Final Call of Today, is to Mix Race it all up thoroughly.


  Our Rich Divine Health & Honest True Wealth$$$

Think Clean, Ethical & Moral Money Made. By We The People’s Self Employment Power of our Innate Talents & Gifts. 


INTERRACIAL DATING & MATING & MARRYING: Being ready and willing to share that racial originality with our mutated white and pink appearing people of light tinted coloration. No longer feeling the need to try and keep the Beautiful Black Skin to our own selves, selfishly. And having a foolish false sense of security and comfort zones of Separatists & Isolationist Mindsets. Because it was not meant to be totally all black nor all white!! Never intended to exist here on the North American continent of our USA PROMISED LAND. Therefore may I spicy-spread lots of heathful FUNKY SOUL SONG SEASON!



LOVING PEOPLE: Those transformed, saved, born again, redeemed, delivered from their innate racial hatred of dark skinned human beings, are to be permitted to come BACK, into the BLACK, African Negroid Racial bio-genetic family fold. To be able to survive the extremes of the SolarSystemSunGOD’S Ultraviolet Radiant Rays. Plus the intense heating of “Global Warming”‘s on coming dramatic drastic CLIMATIC CHANGE.


Intelligently Smart White Female Mother


San Antonio, Texas 2009

 NWCA’S  Musical Theme Song

 My TruestLove I Found; A LovelyLoveSong, HerPresciousPerfectPyramid, LoveMerryGoRound


Life’s A LoveMerryGoRound

& Magnificent Color Wheel!

And is being fought by true to the salt of Mother Earth, Revolutionary Mentalities, with Kinetic Electron Energy Emotions. Of LoveSexRomance. The most power of all weapons to bring down strongholds of White Supremacy Racism, curing the bio-genotype disease…, in through the Biological Genetic RNA & DNA CODES, via: Interracial Dating, Mating, Mixing, Mingling & Marrying!!!!!


YES: Bring y’all’s “Fruit of the Spirit thereof”; Put all of our natural human resources, into the potent potential compost of activated energetic E-motions. Bring your surplus cash money, extra income, loose change, and contribute your voiced word of mouth. Spread the key messages written in my story blogs, and promote the DIVINELY INSPIRED artwork Master’s Pieces.



They are very Rare Race Reality specimens to be marketed, circulated, broadcast, spread and planted as potent seeds of potential great genius, all around our GlobalWorldNations.

Something everybody of a raised and elevated conscious must have as artistic symbols of their TRUE LOVE, for all GODDESS Mother Nature’s Earthly Humanity. With these Intelligent Graphic Designs of Creativity, being worn as lucky charms, good luck emblems of True Riches, Wholesome Health & Real Wealth$$


 CyberberJazzBluesRapP; and melodic instrumental pieces of performance plays. Offering options, variety, diversity, in a Unified Symphonic Orchestra of LovePeace & Harmony.


CK-NWCA’s Musical Theme Song

Story Book Blogs: ,, ,


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COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD = ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ascend Ancient Ancestral Africa

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Rock Offense Stone Defense = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD = pt2

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Clean Cultured Cash Currencies = Spirit Source Science System pt3

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Explosive Exercised Essence Expansion = Spirit Source Science System = Solar Sexus Souls-Sons of SUNGOD =

COSMIC CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE CREATOR = Hip Hip vs HipP + LapP CyberJazzBluesRapP = Spiritualized-Solarized-Romanticized Musical Songs Homemade pt5