SOLAR SEXUS SOUL-FOOD-DIVINE: The VegeLeoAugustan VegePlanTerRain vs vegans-vegetarians = Africoidian Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD homegrown green garden vegetables + colorful clean cultured crops = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts Ankh Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra Z-Blac-Keyz = Z-BlackRayz MAATRIX + SOULTRIX + SPIRITRIX + Son of Solar SUNGODD DEITY!


anim rain clouds 2anima Rainbow_2

YES VEGEPLANTERRAINBOW Bouque Better Bestowed Benefit Blessings.  Wexz & Usxz have Holistory Heritage Health; A Vegetable = Vegetation + a Plan + a Plant + a Planter + Terain = Terrestrial Territories = soulful soils, dirt, sand, clay, humus, minerals + Rain = water – wet = moisture,  fluid = flowing.



“OK, I’ve had it up to the gills! I want to put to rest the belief that fat (especially saturated fat) and dietary cholesterol are bad for us. I will also show proof that aside from being the best diet for stripping fat, low-carb nutrition actually improves health markers more than a low-fat diet. Let the games begin… “
COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, is completely cultured clean. Perfectly pure, safely secure, and is a consummated clinical CURE, to criminal corruptions. The Ultra-Universal Unification of Holistory’s HueMainKind, HueMainRight, Under One HueMainLaw!!! Viewed at: +

Seriously still suffering sickness syndromes due to past enslavements, present pressures, and cruel captivities. Simply haven’t gotten over it yet, and shall surely never overcome, by attacking-assaulting Solar Sexus SOUL FOOD DIVINE.

an electricit-14Mentally mad at “The White Man”; justifiably so, butt, wrongly has taken a path of self-destructive decision making. Attacking our original diets, meats-vegetables, herbs, fruits, nuts, seeds, berries and dynamically balanced MAATRIX meals. Yes Maatrixity = Soultrixity + Spiritrixity = electricity. Subatomic, Micro-minerals, vitamins-vital-nutrients, colorized, solarized phyto-chemicals that science has never detected-discovered that are dietary Divine.  Invisible, unseen nourishments of Z-BlackRayz + Z-Blac-Keyz; forces of Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth,  to open the closed doors of real knowledge; of which, I’m posting as perfected positive proof. and trustworthy truths!

Too many African Americans calling themselves “all Black”; were wrongly educated, inordinately indoctrinated, inside the very same Sociopath Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, schools serving Satanists of the sinister sorcerer snake serpent System SATAN!

Given gifts of gratitude, grants, degrees, college certificates, recognition, accolatdes – adulation of their ambitious egos, Then afterwhich bribing and brainwashing, advanced psychological programming, they forget where they came from. Ground level zero! “Uppity Negroes!” Foolishly thinking that they are more educated, smarter than the average Africoidians of Africa in the Americas. X-integrationists,  assimilated then trying to come back across the railroad tracks, with all of their evil-enemy Eu-Rope-an garbage and bad black bitchcraft baggage.

Fools Forcing Foreign food fraudulent foundations. Still believing in bogus, bias bigotted beginings. Malicious mannerisms, thinking that they are talented and gifted, more intellectually intelligent than the rest of Wexz & Usxz. Those  who never entered the so said spiffy “White” middle and prejudiced upper classes. Now today they are all being wiped out and off of  the global geographic  map. Good riddance!Vegan diet by donald_watson

The respectable Mr. Donald Watson, populatized, invented, initiated the Vegan diet. He appears to be what they call themselves: “A White Man”. as opposed to “A Black Man”. as plain and simple as this true reality.  And according to documented recorded, he is a European male and not an African male. A Caucasian Caucasoid, and not an Africoid and or Negroid. Yet still a humanoid! 


Donald Watson (2 September 1910 – 16 November 2005) was founder of the Vegan Society and inventor of the word vegan.

BEWARE: Basically because some of our Pro-Athletes have accepted the monetary bribes, brainwashing as dumb dowm dupes. Millions of dollar contracts to promote the Vegan-Vegetarian vengeance into the most impoverished, poor down trodden mass melanin members mindsets. A marketeering, profiteering strategy to prompt or to cause them to go to their local supermarkets, grocery stores, shopping around to buy the supposed to be healthier products. Y’all see how slick, sly snake serpents, sinister satanists these false sisters and brothers  are? Do your see how our hard earned money is being usurped, siphoned off, ripped off from the interior of Africoidian communities, across the country and nations, via “Black Supremacists”?  Sure ya do!

Our original organic family farming kept on raising range fed livestock, clean cultured agriculture + horticulture. Always ‘n lovin’ faith continuing on TO LOVE THY SELF SOUL FOOD DIVINE!

COMMON CULINARY CUSTOMS: “Even the poor people of Ancient Egypt ate a fairly healthy diet including vegetables, fruit and fish. It was only the larger plantations that grazed animals, mainly because the average farmer had to use his limited land to grow crops. Poultry was mostly roasted for the table, but meat was mainly eaten by the rich. However when available the poor did eat duck, pork, turtle, crane, geese, fish, and quails. The rich ate beef, sheep, goat, antelope, fish, ibex, gazelles, pork, and deer. Most edible fish from the Nile were consumed, though some fish, such as the Lepidotus and Phragus and a few others were forbidden because of their connection with the myth of Osiris. All meats and fish would have been salted, brined, dried, smoked, roasted, or boiled.”

Research studies:

Expressly for approx. 10 years,  false Harambee radio failed to feature full coverage, opposing voices of: HIV vs AIDS + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Avatar Avenger = Highest Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How To Love Thy Self, HueMainKind + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts 

Manny multimillions, melaninated members medicinally murdered, and in spite, of my repeated E-mail messages, they ignorantly ignored death and deadly-demonic destruction engaged against Africoidians, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians of Affrica’s ascent! Yes We’s & Us’s are holding them accountable for being immaturely irresponsible!


YES Even so we differ individually – disagree or aggree: Dr. Phil Valentine The Grand Mastermind Melanin Messiah + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD are anointed appointed Actionaries; as authorized Arthiests of ancient Africa’s ancestry + artistry. Wexz & Usxz are ascendant A+ Sons of Solar SUNGODD DEITY Arch Angel Ark Ankh Atom Amen-Ra of Z-Blac-Keyz and of Z-BlackRayz. On our courageous commission calling cause to free, liberate, restore-reinstall-reinstate, Africoidians HueMainity of HueMainKind under one HueMainLaw!!! The KING of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts;

Healthy Homegrown Veg-Fruits 2012

Holistic Healthy Homegrown Veg-Fruits via VegePlanTerRain.

Howsoever, my SOLAR SEXUS SOUL: I know, is much more mature, older in age than his and many other brothers who think that they are smarter, educated, intelligent, scholarly and academic. They fall far short of the genesis gifted glory of our one and only Solar SUNGODD DEITY, who they have yet today, realized and embraced, acknowledged, holistically = healthily. And not until they do righteously repent with regrets and remorse, it do not necessarily materially matter in the minutest least what types of foods they choose to eat or consume dietary. Meats and or vegetables = vegetation. Nor do We’s & Us’s care about how many college degree, certificates, accolades-academia acclaims alleged or assumed personally. Basically because to be better beneficially bestowed bless by being in accurate alignment-agreement with: THE HIGHTEST HEAVENS HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE = KNOW HOW!!!

Scientific Seeds Sown Saved Securely + Safely Seasonly 2012

Yes with all due recognition and just respects and honest regard, Dr Phil Valentine is absolutely wrong, positively incorrect about Africoidians of ancient ancestral Africa being “Vegans” and or “Vegetarians”!!! And in fact the so said white man can not possibly bei the negative-adverse, reasons or causes of We’s & Us’s eating meats, flesh for food. Because the Caucasoidian CaucAsians were not even in existence, had not yet mutated into pale faces of the Caucasus caves – mountain ranges etc.

Although the scientific proof reveals that Earthors had been feasting on fleshly meats from our earthly beginnings = genesis. Generating grandly great gifts of genius. Ancient Artifacts-Antiquity’s artworks of archaeological – anthropological discoveries renders solid ironclad proof. Thus my having an older-age ancient SOULTRIX + SPIRITRIX, I KNOW these truths Spiritiously-intuitively-instinctively and artistically. Indubitably correct comon sensibiliies, soundness, sane bright brilliant brains!

Healty Homegrown Fruits & Vegetables – Melons 2012

 The so called “White Man” is not responsible for all of the wrongs, misconceptions, false ideas, spread profusely worldwide and or in the alleged-assumed neighborhoods of the “Black Family”.  The self-hating “Conscious Community” is self-destructive; barbaric behaving beasts too; when insulting, and accosting, accusing SOULFOOD; of causing ill-health clinical conditions. Ignoramuses ignoring realities of rational reasoning. They are actualy stupid stooges, sellouts…, due to their  constantly castigating, condemning righteous soul brothers and soul sisters who wisely eat it in the wholesome nutritional, nourishing states of being. Consumed in the animal and plant world natively natural. Even wild and undomesticated, unadulterated, unmolested by mankind. Chemical drug free!

Negative nasty nose Negroes are also liars: Are teaching untruths, gross distortions of realities. Expressly with their Afrocentric-adverse pan-Africanist Veganism and Vegetarianism religion, forein invasions of alien agent concocted culinary concepts. Eating all raw plants, not cooking foods, no longer eating meats of sorts, etc. Foolish findings! Attempting to change drastically dietary habits, practices, customs that has been going on for tens of thousands of years; prehistorically. Recorded history and undocumented Holistory.  Strictly, specifically because the PANORARFICASPORA, = panorama pyramida phenomena, migrated, traveled, sailed across oceans-seas, all around our Global-World-Nations.

Yes, inclusively, our Original Olmecs of Mexico – ancient Africoidian + Afrindian Americas, and authentic Africans of geographical Africa; are not and never has been religious “Vegans” nor “Vegetarians”; and those soulless sychoplants, who are in fact Europeanized – Americanized anti-Africa’s ancestry and ancient artistry.

Listen up: “People were, in other words, defined to some extent by the kinds of food they ate. The Bantu speakers ate dishes of grain, meat, milk and vegetables, as well as fermented grain and fermented milk products, while the Khoi-Khoi ate meat and milk, and the San hunted wild animals and gathered wild tubers and vegetables. In many ways, the daily food of Black South African families can be traced to the indigenous foods that their ancestors ate.”

Unfortunately, some blatantly bad black bitchcrafts, are mischievously educating melanin members, African American school kids at their Pan-Africanist-Americanized child care centers. imposing the Eurasian-Eu-Rope-an Vegan – Vegtarian religious diet upon them. Instead of teaching them our original culinary dietary dinner dishes, delights, delicatessen dinning.

Petty  profiteers are committed to selling their books, herbs, DVDs, contaminated commercialized-capitalist products at the costly expense to the total told truths 100%+. He like so many others; like Ms Acoushua Shabree Ali? Health Is A Family Affair… means well, basically good persons, butt, stubbornly refuse to know how that Negroidians of so called “Blacks” ate every thing, types of food that was available and humanly eatable for centuries, hundreds of thousands of years! Euro-Anglo-Americans had nothing at all to do with it. No WhitTie wicked witchcraft whip Cracker Caucasian Caucasoid, slave master existed at these times = Period

Proficiently Professes  AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Africarambee VegePlanTerRain VegeLeoAugustan via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. Thank Y’awls for supporting Spiritious Solar Sexus Soul Food Divine. And yawls know that Spirit of Truth do not need the satanic support of false brothers and soulless sisters bad black bitchcrafts, nor an authentic authorized  Africa Kenya’s True Harambee Coat of Arms, replaced by fraudulent  version Harambee radio talk show hosts, hatemongers habits. Hades Hell fires flaming No!!!

“On the contrary, say VanDerwarker and her colleagues, who identified an astonishing array of foods in the Olmec diet—from deer, ocelots, rabbits and turtles to beans, avocados and tree fruits. For several centuries, because the Olmec lived with what she calls “an abundance of resources,” they even managed plots of fruit trees. Animals drawn to such forest gardens would have been easy to hunt. (The Olmecs focused on maize cultivation only in their civilization’s later years.)” Equals common sense!

NOTE vs Vote!!: All of those whosoever they might be, think that they are, who have decided to aggressively attack and elected to verbally assault Africans in America eating traditional-customary culinary cooking; Solar Sexu Soul Food Divine, are hereby divinely decreed devil damned.  By the innate-inborn powers and forces vested within me-myself I AM THE ORIGINAL CREATIVE ARTSTCHD AMERIAFRINDIAN Avatar Avenger!!! 

Baring nobody, no respects-regards to persons, shall receive an automatic ritual right of passage, top secret sacred spiritious security PASS!!!  Absolutely not at all, until they come completely cultured cleansed, consummately correct. De-contaminated – de-corrupted and contagious. And as a mandated must do, learn how valuable and healthy it is by telling the total truths 100%+ = period. Africoidians are vegetation and meat eaters of Africa’s ancestry + artistry!!

So yawl wisely realize: “The vegetarian diet will not prevent osteoporosis and degenerative disc disease but is most likely a contribution factor” And Acosua Sabree Ali on Health Is A Family Affair…, is probably a co-factor in her mother’s death?! Family fatality on or about October 6, 2012. Due to her Vegan – Vegetarian dietary doctorate degree of demonic deceptions and devil damnations!! Wicked witchcrafts & bad black Bitchcrafts!!

The vegetarian diet will not prevent diabetes but is most likely a contributing fact. The vegetarian diet is always a high-carbohydrate diet that leads to an increased risk of diabetes. The low-carbohydrate diet will prevent diabetes. The vegetarian diet will not prevent heart disease. Eskimos that lived on a high-fat and high-protein diet consisting of 100% meat never developed diabetes or heart disease. Their carbohydrate intake was zero.

In summary, the claim made by vegetarians that their diet is healthy is a myth, and the unhealthy labels placed by vegetarians on red meat and animal fats are false. Anyone who embarks on a vegetarian lifestyle is placing his/her health in danger. The vegetarians cited above are not healthy. They are DEAD.

This KEMEGYPTIAN ancient African artworks,  portrait-picture clearly shows anybody with seeing eyes, visually the birds, foul, poultry, as ducks-geese. Apparently are food to eat, also eggs. Butt “Black” meat heaters are only holistic in their hostilities! An unhealthful human habit = Vegetarianism for Africoidians in Americas!

As a Genoblist of our GlobalWorldNations: I reveal to y’all that the concurring capitalist corruption, contamination caused by those pushing politicized pollution poisons, the Vegetarian & Vegan diets of demonocracy dictator democracy are dead wrong! They are parts and parcels and persons, to the Globalizist; agendas, who are attempting to commit criminal acts against all earthly humanity. Kill off multimillions of the people’s planetary populations.

DOCUMENT FACTS = PROOF + TRUTH: “African cuisine is a generalized term collectively referring to the cuisines of Africa. The continent of Africa is the second largest landmass on Earth, and is home to hundreds of different cultural and ethnic groups. This diversity is also reflected in the many local culinary traditions in terms of choice of ingredients, style of preparation and cooking techniques.  

Traditionally, the various cuisines of Africa use a combination of locally available fruits, cereal, grain and vegetable,   , as well as milk and meat products. In some parts of the continent, the traditional diet features a preponderance of milk, curd and whey products. In much of Tropical Africa, however, cow’s milk is rare and cannot be produced locally (owing to various diseases that affect livestock). Depending on the region, there are also sometimes quite significant differences in the eating and drinking habits and proclivities throughout the continent’s many populations: Central Africa, East Africa, the Horn of Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa each have their own distinctive dishes, preparation techniques, and consumption mores.”

Read research full story at:



Apparently + Obviously: the posted picture photo, proves positive points. Showing an authentic ancient Africoidian milking a domestic dairy cow. And yes they drank calves milk, make cheeses, and pure saturated fat butter to eat. Therefore, those false “all black” brothers and soulless sisters, westernized-Europeanized Vegans & Vegetarians, don’t know our original ancestry and anointed-appointed artistry!  And when they hate on dairy milk, refuse to drink it, feed some to their small babies, young kids, along with infants breast milk of mothers, they are also asinine asses. Demonically de-Africanized dietitians and negative nasty nose nutritionists of racists, capitalists, colonialists and fascists!

Howsoever, I do indeed comprehend the chemicals, toxic drugs that the wicked witchcraft WhitTie whip Cracker Caucasian Caucasoid criminal creatures, corrupt and contaminate the meats, animal flesh, and also, does theses tissue terrorizing treatments, of farmed plants, food crops. Butt, why are they trying to hate on the subjected victims, as if the cows, chickens, turkeys, hogs – pigs, pork-swine is at fault? Is this not how they negatively stereotype slave human beings of Africa’s ascendance? Yes! And it’s so very wrong too!

YES Wexz & Usxz drank-drink-drunk dairy, ate cheese products also. So then I pray tell y’all that these lying leaderships are remotely lost, long-standing losers. So mad at “The White Man”; trying to get back at him, Europeans = Eu-Ropeans, until they are confused in the mind’s thinking. So out of frustration, these untruth telling dietitians and “Black” nutritionist health food freaks, are avenging against themselves, their own originality. Equals = “Black on Black” bullying, back-stabbing, as bogus bigots! Falsely claiming that cows-calves milk is unhealthful to Africans in America!

What more do these sellout MENTAL VIRONXZ “Vegans”  need to truly know? Read these truths: “Beef from cattle was frequently eaten by the rich, but appeared on the tables of common people usually only during festive occasions, when a sheep or goat might be slaughtered. We also see from tomb paintings, the preparation of wild game such as antelope, ibex, gazelles and deer. Pork was eaten, though the animal was associated with the evil god Seth. Early on it was widely consumed in Lower Egypt, but rarely in Upper Egypt. Yet we know that pigs were later bred and pork widely eaten throughout Egypt.”

Y’ALL TAKE DUTIFUL NOTES vs Casting election votes: These are my mastermind True-Up U-Turn around artistic approaches. Thus to counter-combat competitively, approximately about, 3 guilty ghetto gangsters, gambling grown-ups of culpable mental states. Unconscious self-haters, hoodlum hucksters.  They have contaminated, corrupted the “Pan-African movement and Garveyite movement, with The Nation of Islam Muslim mentalities. A radical religious Reptilian Race. Historical hatemonger slave masters of Asiatic Arab Mohammandans = guilty of enslaving Africa’s Africoidians, as fact = reality = truth! So why would Harambee host CEO, embrace them and allow himself become a member party to our Slavery?

Satanist strategies, still stealing ideas and criminally concocted concepts, from the very same sinister snake serpents, satanic slave masters. Wicked witchcraft Whit-Tie whip Crackers, criminal CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures, who came crawling out of the ice-age, cold climate Caucasus caves. Due to being mutant members of our original HueMainKind, Africoriginals via Albinoriginals.

Unfortunately, about approx 88% to 90% of them turned into psychopaths and sociopaths, serial killers, mass membrane murderes, religious reptiles, Capitalist Catholic Christian criminalized citizens. Although fortunatelly approx 10% to 12% of our mutated members, brothers and sisters, retained their deeper-inner Spiritiosity, and outer superficial epidermal Africoidian bio-genotype traits, etc, etc., etc. Alone with another rare rich royal few, ten to twelve percent decent, good Great White Hope Abolitionist minded men and women of the original mutant Caucasoidians!

AFRICOIDIAN AFRICA  “The largest group consisted of the Bantu-speakers, whose descendants today may identify themselves by various sub-group names such as Zulu, Xhosa, Swazi, Sotho, Tswana, Pedi, Shangaan and Tsonga. They arrived in the region around two thousand years ago, bringing crop cultivation, animal husbandry, and iron tool making with them. Hence the Bantu-speakers grew grain crops extensively and raised cattle, sheep and goats. They also grew and continue to grow pumpkins, beans and leafy greens as vegetables.”


The Alkaline Water Myth & Fasle Harambee Radio ridiculous radicalism, renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion, Negritude UNIA-ALC pushing politicized pollutions on the public people’s planetary populations, profiteering, publishing dirty drinking water in bottled bogus bigotry and all Blackface bad behaviors and bias bitch bastard business. Promoted by the ‘President Senghor Senior & CEO Dalani Aamon and Mr. werewolf Wallace Dur-ham hog hate hamhocks. All Black talk radio show host‘, with well intended and good-willed efforts to create-generate “All Black” enterprising entrepreneurial economics. Said Hue-morously!

Butt, believe my informing y’all they are actually ignorant, intentionally ignoring realized research righteously revealing, stories, studies saying how that the healthful healing of human beings, clinical consequences of incorrect thinking and believing religiously and politically, is dangerous, detrimental to Africa’s Americanized Africoidians. And true science says that nothing consumed can alter Mother Nature’s balanced ph level, expressly, by consuming alkaline water. Totally untruthful, fraudulent, and is a manmade manufactured myth!

Research references:

 Direct Link:
 YES SOULFOODIVINE via  COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: is now today righteously on The Event Horizon. Plus+ our  VegePlanTerRain = Musical Metaphysical Mediums + MASTER1 Melanin Media = Messiah Mental Models. Helping heal and currently cleanse, cure culinary cultural causes of dietary dinner dishes. Eating wholesome vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds and nuts. Preferably, homegrown holistic healing humanely or HueMainly.
NOTE vs Vote: Y’all are to visit this site to hear my mastermind melanin messiah musical metaphysical mediums = mp3. Vocol + Instrumetnal versions = Cyber-Jazz-Blues_RapP; HipP & LapP. Africarambees Africadio recorded radio of z-Blackryz and z-Blac-Keys of SUNGODD’S leading Love Life Light Locks!

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3. Saving Spiritualized Solar Sexus Souls via SOULFOOD’S SOVEREIGN SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE. Better benefit blessings bestowed upon the happy-healthy-humored-hearts-healed HueMainKind “RACE”!!! = SPIRITIOUS vs Religious!!
5. Erected Straight- UP TOP BABY of Her Precious Perfect Pyramid of SUNGOD’S LOVE LIFE LIGHT LOCKS. Traveling through the paved patterned pathways, of our Ancient Ancestral Africa’s Egypt + KEMET + Nubia + Ethiopia + Nile Valley Civilization.  Pure Potential Possibility Personalized POWER! Our Pyramida Phenomena Panorama Afrindica Diaspora Drama!!!
SIXTH SPIRITIOUS SUSPENSION = Solar Sexus Soulfood Seeds + Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systream!!!

YES, It all Dies Digestively, Decease & Dead: “Digestion is the mechanical and chemical breakdown of food into smaller components that are more easily absorbed into a blood stream, for instance. Digestion is a form of catabolism: a breakdown of large food molecules to smaller ones.”….


In mammals, food enters the mouth, being chewed by teeth. Saliva contains 90% water, and the other 10% is made up of many enzymes with chemical processing beginning with substances in the saliva from the salivary glands. This is called chewing. The food produced at the end of digestion in mouth is called a Bolus. Then it travels down the esophagus into the stomach, where hydrochloric acid kills most contaminating microorganisms and begins to break down of some substances (e.g., denaturation of protein), and chemical alteration of some others. The hydrochloric acid has a low pH, which allows enzymes to work more efficiently. As hydrochloric acid may damage the stomach wall, mucus is secreted by the stomach, providing a slimy layer that acts as a shield against the damaging effects of the acid. After some time (typically an hour or two in humans, 4–6 hours in dogs, somewhat shorter duration in house cats) , the resulting thick liquid is called chyme. Chyme will go through the small intestine, where 95% of absorption of nutrients occurs, through the large intestine with waste material eventually being eliminated during defecation. Other organisms use different mechanisms to digest food.”

Meaning that all so called “life forces” are fatally destroyed during digestion. Nevertheless, in more realistic terms; this is a gross distortion of reality, basically because, the vita-nutrients still lives on well and with worldly wealth and wisdom to worship healthily. These minerals are stable, and so are many proteins and enzymes. High heat doen no necessarily kill nor cause their destruction. Only the separation from fibrous cell membranes, in operational order to be assimilated as nourishing-nutrients. Plus+ chemical processing takes place, calorie burn blazing and flaming fires. Hot boiling biology and chemistry!! And nothing organic can be taken into the liquid water, blood fluid circulatory system. Thus, actual dead foods are decayed material matter, putrid, repugnant in odors, as feces and excrements, notoriously known a stinking shit!


YES:  To Love Thy Self: Is the healthy holistic health: Happy healing Hue-Main-Kind wealth; And self-hatred is the sinister satanic stealth._ That We’s & Us’s see as the terrorist theft; Leaving its subjected victims with no Love Life Light Locks left.__


Love Sensation Spirit Sublime: Has arrived righteously here in perfect time: Artistic expression decreed divine; Poetic words of wisdom well written in rhythmic rhyme.__

Mastermind melanin messiah mental model mold: From the ancient ancestral Africa’s days of old: One can feel self-love ‘s realized role; Deep down inside their solar sexus soul: And as we refuse to let it be bought or sold; To Love Thy Self’ s foundational family fold.__
This is the problem solving solution: Loving one’s owned self resolution: The Hue-Main beings purpose of creative evolution; What went well around has come back round in righteous revolution: Because we have learned how to know our constitution: Innate intrinsic inborn institution; SunGod selves Spirituous Soulution.__
Let the per-suns say that I love me: Look inside your mirror at the lovable self to see: What’s missing on the outside of Us & We:; To rediscover the true individual in thee; The great genesis genius gracious gifts of glee; Faithfully for financially free; To Love Thy Self’s full fledged feathery family tree.__
Africoid Africa’s melaninated MultiplexRacialBody; Including Albinoriginal called and chosen prodigy._ Seeing how that there‘s no lustful lack; Everyone came out of Her belly in fact; Wealthy white-pink, yellow, red, brown and black; She cuts nobody any subtracted slack: An added all and in all anointed artistic act.__

Love Peace & Harmony among assure; The resulting remedy positively pure; After coming back home adjusted adjure; In the mind and membranes receiving the cleansing cure: Incoming information so vitally to insure; That My Truest Love I Found shall for safety sure: Have everlasting life forevermore to endure._ To Love Thy Self sacredly secure!_

YES: I personally love drinking the deep dark green grown grassroots garden crops containing SPIRITUALIZING Chlorophyll. Purifying, cleansing Chemistrix, activated agents of the ColorComPlexTrix. Stimulating Sovereign Sensations serving solitary SPIRITRIX + SOULTRIX!!!

“Light is the basic component from which all life originates, evolves, and is energized. Light and health are inseparable. Because we have managed to disconnect ourselves from the sources of light with our fluorescent lights, indoor lifestyles, glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, tanning lotions, flesh foods, processed foods and even cooked vegetarian diets, many of us suffer from chronic “mal-illumination.” Like malnutrition, “mal-illumination” deprives us of a level of nutrients and rhythmic stimulation that is essential for living as fully healthy humans.”
Dr. Szent-Gyorgi, when referring to the current of sunshine sent from the sun, is referring to highly charged single electrons that are involved in transferring their energy to our own submolecular patterns without changing our molecular structure. The quantum physics model begins to validate our more intuitive model of vegetarian food as condensed sunlight which then is transferred to our human organism when we eat it. When the energy of the earth’s vegetation is transferred to us indirectly through flesh food, much of the bio-electric resonant energy patterns are destroyed. The sunlight energy is also lost if the bio-electric energy patterns of vegetarian foods are disrupted by cooking or processing.”
YES: In other plain-o-simplified words, regardless of how one chooses to look at it, eating fresh raw vegetation, is never going to transfer its Light Life Forces, to the living human bodily organism. And at some punctual point, all eaten foods loose these sunshine sensations, upon processing internally or externally, inside the body’s digestive system or outside in the heat cooking conditions. So never permit those attempting to stealthily sneak their truth mixed with untruths in on you. Glibly using science studies, to mislead you into buying some types of costly commercialized products, such as herbal tablets, pills, potions, powders, etc.. Always ‘n lovin’ faith get your vitalizing nutrient nourishing sunshine = sunlight freshly first and foremost directly!
Know that if one method or process destroys or kills “Life Forces” in meats and vegetation, through the cooking and processing patterns, then they work scientifically, physiologically, biologically, chemically all alike the very same. There’s no scientific proven proof that the human body actually absorbs what is energy stored in plant cells; dietary. Basically because, the living human body generates and produces it own cellular energies; collected from the skin being exposed to radiant rays of energy. Then through its digestive – cellular system another series of steps starts the internal inferno stove and oven burning and boiling. Caloric combustion chamber. It extracts the vita-nutrients – minerals from the fiber-plants cells. Specifically and strictly for assimilation!
BEWARE: One can not eat and then truly digest so called “Life Forces”! To claim otherwise is only assumption, conjecture, hearsay, old-wives tales passed down from family generations, and compounded by confirming pseudo science = falsified scientific studies. Money making motives of corrupt capitalist profiteers!
Howsoever, one can’t truly kill nor destroy SOLAR DEITY SUNGDO’S ENERGY!!! Use common sensibilities, and get your lazy butt up and go outside and absorb some direct sunlight of self-loving everlasting life! And meaningfully while working in your homegrown green gardens, yard, flower beds, and of colorful crops. Exerting efforts physically, exercising your native-natural humane rights! And catch – capture when ever you can, some fresh clean cultured currencies coming through electrified, energized, eco-electron rainwater. For fully financial free, forevermore freedom!
Light is Life Forces Fires Flaming Ferociously! Hot-heat has these excited energies, as opposed to cold-ice of frozen states of being. This includes, foods to eat that are hot or heated vs. cold or frozen. One that is burning, blazing, boiling hot, vibrates at the highest temperature frequencies, while the other frequencies are at their lowest ratio-rate of vibrations. And one can common sense wise say that hot food products carry currencies of energies at a higher ratio-rate than cool or cold food stuffs. Plus + heat can not kill nor destroy ENERGY; strictly due to the factual reality, it is in truth ENERGY!!!
Therefore, when we like to talk so much about “Life Forces”; then, we must clearly comprehend that this truthfully means hotness, heat generated by flaming fires, in which is sunlight, sunshine, SUNGOD!
So y’all be very careful about adopting these European Anglo-Americans “Honky” dory ideologies, idiotic ignorant idiosyncrasies. Those that are anti-Afrindian or de-Africanized. What’s good or wholesome for them, is not necessarily the same wholesome goodness for We’s & Us’s melaninated members, Africans in America as; z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-brownxz pigmented people’s populations. Period.
Therefore, it is no strange wonder, surprising suspense, why westernized Europeanized -Americanized ‘Whites’ claims cold uncooked foods, meats, esp. raw vegetables are best health foods. Butt, just because they say so, is this the total told truths? Hell no!
KNOW now, that high heat destroys harmful bacteria, injurious germs, sterilizing and sanitizing cellular membranes, inside and outside of the inflaming human body orgasmic organism. In addition to this truth, all plant life has their native-natural defense mechanisms, internal toxins, planetary poisons to protect and to defend themselves from predatory pests, insects, viruses and diseases! And when one consumes them raw, they should be very much aware that toxins are innately necessary for proper-productive plant life! 

IMPOSING & PUSHING POLITICIZED PROPAGANDA: Is exactly what “White” people are doing to nonwhite societies worldwide. Attempting to dictate dietary designs, bogusly based on their assumed new discoveries, inventions. And premised upon their faulty foundations of mis-education, school-college indoctrinations, untruthful training and wrongful scientific studies. Giving themselves high ranking honors, degrees AA, BA, MA, Ph.D, on subjects that they can not truly understand nor ever completely comprehend!!!
Furthermore, the mutated members membranes are Ancient Africoid Albinoriginals who themselves were z-Whitexz + z-Pinkxz pigmented persons. Who never were Negroid human beings often seen as black shinned. They transformed, transfigured facially or superficially throughout the thousands of years in freezing cold ice ages of the Caucasus Caves, cultivating CaucAsian Caucasoid creatures. Lacking fire, hot-heat, and they are ill-illuminated. Suffering from: “Mal-illumination” = Mal-Melaination!!!

So then, I pray tell y’all to separate and segregate your mental model methods, thinking and thoughts, away from theirs. No longer permit them to impose and force their ill-illuminated wills upon Africans in America, and AmeriAfrindians all around our Global World Nations!!!
Moreover, cold uncooked foods have their proper positive places, butt, better beneficially blessed is by believing in Love Goddess Mother Africa Earth Nature’s Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom. She cooks and cleans and cures, by receiving righteous radiant rays directly from High HEATXZ Hallowed Holy Heavens SUNGOD!
Likewise, wisdom intuitively and instinctively and spiritually said, hot-heated foods being eaten carries cleansing currencies, cultivating cures. Speeding up our vibration ratio-rates. And by consuming cold icy foods, liquids, fluids, water, material matter, not only slows vibration frequencies down, butt, they often stop their circulation currencies = circuits. Which are actualized “Life Forces”!!!

Divinely Decreed Deliberation, of as they say: “Black Liberation” as a mandated must mean, thinking and doing differently, making a meaningful True-Up U-Turn, into the exact opposite direction. Going against menacing mainstream Anglo-America, and opposing their impositions, inquisitions and inordinate indoctrinations. Contrary to what they wish or want to think and believe about We’s & Us’s, lets use our owned minds and artfully apply our bright brilliant brains!!!

The Black Jackass Uncle Toms, who are the sellout stupid stooges, yet do not necessarily know it. So y’all politely pretty please permit my teaching and training you on this key question and answer session. They are the vast numbers and overwhelming majority of African American Blacks, who has lost their truer minds, losing their truest “Life Forces” which is an activated pineal gland generator of hormonal Melanin! MASTER1 MEDIA!

SPIRITUALIZED best benefit blessing: bestowed financial free of costly charges in capital cash currencies. Needing no material matter money manufactured nor merchandised markets.

These White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes, serves satanic sorcerers who invented and concocted the UNCLETOMISM, SAMBOISM & SELFHATISM!!!

Disinformation, wrongful education, and inordinate indoctrination, caused these conditions as culpable mental states to develop. And there were and still are economic incentives, financial rewards, monetary awards to those who earn their scholarly degrees at their westernized ‘White’ world wicked witchcrafts classes of invidious – insidious Institutionalized Racism!!!
‘Equal Education’ with ‘Whites’, is a detriment to ‘Blacks’! Basically because, they may be getting goodness from their Caucasian Caucasoid creations, while, African Africoid-Negroid students are receiving harmful, hurtful, injurious things and thoughts being taught; yet equably!!
SEPARATED & SEGREGATED: Is Equality. Albeit, the degrees of quality, positive attributes may be different, or even disparaging and unequal. And it is our owned individual, personal, collective responsibility, to induce needed quality and quantity into our communities, neighborhoods, schools and small businesses, all alike. Self-accountability = equals TO LOVE THY SELF!!!!


 COSMIC COMMUNITY CONSCIOUS: “We come together to celebrate the seed as a symbol of the beginning, as the regeneration of life, as life’s potential, and as the beginning of generating abundance and prosperity. The seed represents independence, self-reliance, and empowerment. It represents growing and supplying our own food; self-reliance and self-determination in supporting, nurturing and guiding ourselves along the path of being whole, being healthy and having abundant life.” – Seba, Heru-Ka Anu
“Johnny Come Lately“: Eurocentric Caucasian Caucasoid ‘Whites’s came crawling out of the Caucasus caves confused, criminally chaotic, causing civic conflicts. And there has been nothing other than tissue terrorists, cancers coming into being as serial killers of human body living organisms.

Typically likewise, when wicked witchcraft practicing Euro-Anglo-Americans wish to make themselves feel more intelligent, intellectual, smart, supreme, superior, and others inferior, uneducated, less smart or intelligent, they use negative images. Thus apply poisonous political propaganda programmed prejudices. Implanting their toxic notions, concocted concepts, into their own minds first, then spreading these contagions to the others outside their racial-ethnic groups. A trashy language that is uncultured develops, to slander, demean, degrade, devalue, demonize, demote, denigrate, who and what so ever they dislike and or hastily hates!

For examples: if they choose to like eating raw foods, esp., vegetables, then, to make their point, they start telling unscientific stories, untruths such as labeling cooked foods: “dead foods”! As opposed to their “Honky Ideology”; proclaiming that uncooked, raw vegetation is “alive foods”!

This is all stupidity, idiotic ignorance, bogusly based on their idiosyncratic dogmas. Negative name calling is also racially profiled against nonwhites, habitually by these Caucasian Caucasoid creatures. Used expediently, exploitatively, to justify violating our native-natural human rights. And as far as they are concerned, there’s very little or no true value in African Americans lives. Which serves that very same sinister and satanic purposes of killing us dead at will, because they think we are lifeless, worthless.

Therefore, when some; if not most of our Black nutritionists and deitritions, read and study their written dietary health food journals, medical and clinical reports, they get a heavy dose of indecent indoctrinations. Instead of a clean cultured current education. After which being taught about witching wickedness, they in turn come back over into the African American Black community, neighborhoods or living areas, with this caustic-chaotic, combustible Caucasian Caucasoid criminalizing craps!!!

Dictating “demonocracy” democracy, religiously telling brothers and sisters, that their traditional Soul Food is “dead food”; unhealthful, toxic and poisonous for them to be eating. Never personally doing any analysis and synchronistic synthesis of the information. They start habitually attacking the small business restaurants cooking soul food dietary dishes, destroying enterprising entrepreneurial industries that are interrelated – interconnected, to the entire economy. And due to learned and taught idiotic ignorance, assaulting a longstanding culinary cultural art form. One historically that helped greatly, generate and positively produce, the strongest and fastest most gifted athletes, musicians, artists, scientists, smartest, creative-inventive geniuses on planet earth!

SELF HATERS: Then they wonder why We’s & Us’s don’t have restaurant chains; food farms, livestock ranches, product distribution centers, meat manufacturing companies, etc., owned, operated, belonging to Africans in America?

TRUE SCIENCE: “The pancreas secretes the following digestive enzymes: – trypsin chymotrypsin – carboxypolypeptidase – ribonuclease – deoxyribonuclease – elastase – lipase – cholesterol esterase – alpha amylase – phospholipase A2 – colipase
The small intestine secretes the following digestive enzymes: – secretin – gastrin – sucrase – alpha dextrinase – maltase – lactase – cholecystokinin-pancreozymin – gastric inhibitory polypeptide – enteroglucagon and glucagon – vasoactive intestinal polypeptide.”

Thereby proving their other fraudulent notions and concocted concepts to be meaningless. And any true scientist who studies biological body chemistries, physics, know how that the living human body organism generates, produces and or secrets its very own digestive enzymes. And don’t necessarily need dietary additives nor superficial supplements! And if in fact cooking converts certain enzymes, so be it. Or if high heat “kills”; destroys plant enzymes, so what? Mother Nature knows what’s better benefit blessings. Equals Pure  Natural Truth!


SOULPOWER THE BLACKRAYS = Z-Blackrayz of All Mighty Divine Grace + Spirit Source Science System – Sovereign Systream x Ultra-Ultimate Universe IniVerse Real-Live-Vision + Infinite Intellectual Intelligent Immaculate Imagination. Reveals Prof. (Arch Angel) Gabriel Oyibo = “God Almighty Grand Universal Theorem” – Gagut equation G ij,j via AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts – Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra Radiant Rays! pt2

Picture shows  large size raddishes + turnips
RIGHTEOUS REVELATIONS: Y’all pay close attention and listen up unprejudiced, and without bias and bigotry. This broadcast is the most important one ever over the airways. Something I’ve been waiting on for about 10 – 12 years to hear. Respectfully paying homage!


AFRICOID AMERICAN vs NEGRO: “You don’t put your warriors on a Vegan or Vegetarian diet!” ‘This is a wicked witchcraft westernized white whip “Cracker” criminal creature who crawled out of the freezing ice cold Caucasus Caves calling himself Supremely Superior. In order to cover up the reality of fact that’s more than likely; inferior. And superficial skin color complexion, is irreverent, in this strictest sense, and context in which I am talking specifically about. ‘The imposed, induced all vegetable eating diets, is a treacherous trick!’


Thus, teaching those of us who were bestowed benefit blessings, better than many melanin deficient persons; lacking thereof, a potent producing pineal gland, to stop eating all meats. Which high protein diets helps to generate passion, identified as activated enzymes, and frequently aiding aggressive attitudes. Which a warrior has to have in operational order to compete in the corporate world, on the inner city streets, in athletic physical sports, etc.

So to take the energizing sources of food from Africoid Africans in America as z-blackxz, z-bluexz, z-browxz, inclusively, our Albinoriginals of z-whitexz and z-pinkxz, is detrimental. Destructive to their muscular manhood masculinity!


1. YES: Many melanin members literally hate eating SOULFOOD!  Basically because, they sold their sorry souls out to the wicked witchcraft Whittie whip Cracker CaucAsian Caucasoid criminal creatures. They popped poisonous political propaganda pollutions publicly, until darker shaded, toned-tanned skinned people of coloration complexions, detested it. “Defused” to dine on their disowned dietary dishes, designed deliciously to appeal to their palatable appetites. Good stuff!

2. The Euro-Anglo-American negative name calling, adverse labeling whatsoever, Americanized Africoidians, decides to eat, feast on in their culinary cooking, customs, cusines, cultural arts, they deem them too black, too brown, too burnt, over-cooked, “dead food”; “Junk food“; “guts“; “dead meat”; “dead caucuses”. On and on poisoning the psychologies of the persons being indoctrinated, mis-educated, Westernized & Europeanized! Perpetrating perpetual Uncletomism – Samboism – Selfhatism!!!

3. Thus these idiotic ignoramuses, falsify, fabricate Africanism, by giving themselves Africa’s authentic ancestral names, identities and titles. Butt, by the very same black token, misspoken, bankrupt brains blatantly broken: they try to also become Vegans and or Vegetarians. A de-Africanized, yet Europeanized conceptual concoction. Continentally contrary, counter-combative, towards ancient ancestral African Africoidian authenticity! VegeLeoAugustan VegePlanTerRain = Real research ref.:

4. Most members are assuredly, lost losers, negated “Negroes” who willfully, wantonly, wants and wishes to identify themselves with “White” values, beliefs, whatsoever, they might be? Dietary, nutritional, nourishments, principles, practices, definitions, meanings of words in the English languages, written and spoken. Although, these certain ones, groupie ghetto gangsters, of the so called “conscious community”; are gone completely out of their truer African American minds.

5. And a high percentage are actually Americas + Africa’s + India’s = AmeriAfrindians. Yes, Afrioriginals in India and in the Natural-Native Americas as new world Indians. Black skins, Brown skins, Red skins, Yellow Skins!

6. Therefore, soulless sorry suckers sold themselves out of the money making merchant markets, on all “Race Cards”; dealt demonically and devilishly. They thought and still think “white is right”. and black is bad! So be it!

7. Consequently, ceasing to co-create commercializing conditions of clean cultured commerce, monetary monumental movements, and sold their sick souls out to Civil Rights Movements. Becoming obsolete, “a permanent underclass”; of unemployable people calling themselves “All Black”!

8. Playing colorblind, ignorantly ignoring realities, failing to realize their testimonies, proclamations, and declarations.  And Yes, Black Is Beauteous, as Z-Blackrays radiant Ecoenergystics!
9. Albeit, they have never actually been of Z-Blackxz and ZBrownxz skin pigmentation, colorations in Spirit And In Total Told Truth.. Only biologically, physiological players, yet not psychologically and spiritually. Thereby making themselves bias bigots, bogus bitch bastards, hegemony’s hideous hateful hypocrites!

10. Lets say for instances. “Black Entertainment Television” BET, alleged and assumed; “all black radio”; “black digital media” and such sayings. Howsoever, I have happily apprehended, completely comprehended contradictions. Sorely seen and hurtfully-harmfully heard nothing more than additional Caucasian Caucasoid criminal craps. Painted in Blackface!

11. ArtistCHD residing + presiding over my physical-biological body living organism, artfully formulated foundational freedom in full financial fortunes. Symphonic synchronized synthesis, systemically + systematically. And they are proved, in my melanin mastermind, to be fraud in fact lies of leading liars!

12. Expressed examples, if you want to be a Vegan or Vegetarian, a swine-pork-pig-hog hater, cooked food haters, all raw vegetable eater, “red meat” hater, Soul food hater, Soul musical hater, fried fish – chicken hater, then, you are a faker, falsified Africoidian of de-Africanized Africa. Blatantly bought, branded, bartered, bribed, brainwashed bailouts. Those treasonous traitors, treacherous tricksters, who has become overly processed people of color, Europeanized, and westernized witches, warlocks, werewolves, hiding beneath innocent looking little lambs wool and shy sheep’s shaggy clothing! BEWARE!!!

+Proficiently Professes  AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Africarambee VegePlanTerRain VegeLeoAugustan via COLOR KINGDOM NWCA. Thank Y’awls for supporting Spiritious Solar Sexus Soul Food Divine. And yawls know that Spirit of Truth do not need the satanic support of false brothers and soulless sisters bad black bitchcrafts, nor an authentic authorized  Africa Kenya’s True Harambee Coat of Arms, replaced by fraudulent  version Harambee radio talk show hosts, hatemongers habits. Hades Hell fires flaming No!!!


1. AFRIC-ASPIRE + AFRIC-A-SPIRATION: = A Shift, Climatic Changes of paradigms, definitions.

2. ALPHA-AFRICASPORA: //= paradigm paralleling African “Descendant” Diaspora!! New world wealthier words of wisdom, as opposed to old-timers, old-school language, having a downward, descending definition. Also remember to dutifully NOTE: that there are those wana-be “black leaders” of the so called “conscious community”; “Pan-Africanists” vs my mastermind PANORAFRICA; who were admonished, cautioned – warmed, about branding themselves, or all Africans in the Americas, as being backwards going “descendants”. Although, they resist righteous recognitions, remedying rewording, which is no different, just a bad or worse as calling oneself a negative N….word — “hoe” or bitch!

3. Africaspora: = Africoidian-Aspiration, African-Ascension, America’s African Ascendance: means by Deified definitions, accelerates, aggradiates, aggregates Africa’s ascent vs. “descent”!! We’s & Us’s are actualizing realities, and not deducing, or deducting or demoting. Yet many meaningful members never seem to learn lessons, basically because they choose to hear, butt, elect never to truly listen. = Stubbornly stuck stupidly!

4. Terminology, the English language wordings that we speak, has adverse or advantageous physiological + psychological effects and affects. To be still calling ourselves an “African descendant” is “Niggerish”; Honkyish & Whitie Whip Crackerish. Impotently primitive, and of old-world slave mentalities, who were taught the wrong wordings, meanings and definitions. Thinking that they are saying one thing, yet, are saying something else. Assuming to be speaking in positive terms, butt, are actually speaking in negative terms. Constituting confusion, unconscious conflicts, due to invidious, insidious Institutionalized + Internalized RACISM!!! 


A NECESSITATED NEED:  And AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD says: And as warriors and victors, eating the richest ‘red meat’ material matter for the positive proteins, exciting enzymes of energized efforts and activated locomotion, muscular Masculine movements. Meaning that a so called vegetarian, vegan diet, including, estrogen laced soy beans-bio-altered genetically…, is Feminizing too many males, leaving them deficient and defective; in generating gallant men of warfare and military might!!!

“Punkifying” males to make them submissive, subservient, domestically docile. So that the Euro-Anglo-Americans can control our behavior easily, efficiently and almost effortlessly and cost effectively. Therefore, y’all beware of these so called black Afrocentric de-Africanized, Europeanized vegans-vegetarians. Avoid their enslaved meat hating mentalities!


Passive followers, depleted of animal proteins. ’Veganism and or vegetarianism, is pushed and politically prompted as a religion.’ “If you are at war, you need to eat animal proteins” ‘If your antagonistic adversary is eating blood flesh, red meats, livestock, and you are not, then, he’s going to be this victorious winner, and you the sorry loser!’ As plainly and as simply as that… period.

“Protein in Meat: The protein in meat often has a high biological quality compared to many plant foods. Some processed forms of meat tend to have a lower protein quality than their fresh counterparts, but still generally higher than many plant foods. Meat protein contains all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions required by the body for optimum growth of lean, calorie-burning tissue. Maintaining our lean weight is crucial for keeping the metabolic rate sufficiently high enough to burn enough calories to lose weight.”


VegePlanTeRain = Vegetable + Plan + Planter + Terrain + Rain x Mother MAATRIX pt.1

YES: “BLACK ON BLACK”: Both sides of the story!!: On or about Tuesday, March 27, 2012, there was a discussion about the untruth story telling that a vegetarian and or vegan diet was of ancient ancestral Africa Egypt = Kemet. And a talented talk show radio host has his two guests on airing out their differences, on this subject of healthy eating. He brought online one week earlier,  his first contender, by the name of…., Mr. -X, and the next week he interviewed the other ‘black male’. Who said that he knew his opponent very well, as they are basically of the same intellectual peer group; having some sensible information to tell on the Holistic healing and healthy hosting show 89: 2012-03-20 Haki + 2012-03-27 Haki – Makasa URL:  YES, I BLESSED THIS LINK!!!


Right off bat Mr. -X said, well, I disagree with Mr. +A! Howsoever, he continued on in his first of a series of statements, actually, helping to prove his opposition’s opinions, view points and contentions. That our original Africoid African ancestry, had nothing to do with the Europeanized-Westernized ways of eating, nor of their lifestyles, expressly, vegetarianism and veganism!!!



ARTISTCHD soundly says: Likewise, might I remind y’al in brief, that these same so called black nutritionists and “demonocracy” democracy dictator dietitians, who are product selling profiteers and marketer racketeers, are wrongly telling Africans in America, not to drink calves – cows milk. And they think that their research studies are based on sure science, and saneness of mind. Butt, believe my telling y’all, that by subtracting, constantly deducting small percentages of protein dietary dinners derived from animals, sinisterly, surreptitiously, satanically usurps the wholesome health and holistic healing of the living bodily being human!

So they psychotically prejudice public people of darker colorations mindsets. Inducing more meaningless methods that takes way from well-being.  And here again, less protein production consumed from flesh and blood, bone and marrow, also, in turn de-naturalizes masculine manhood’s mighty muscles!!!

RIGHTEOUS RESEARCH REVELATIONS: “General Protein Definition & Chemistry: Proteins are chains of amino acid molecules connected by peptide bonds. Milk Protein Chemistry Milk contains 3.3% total protein. Milk proteins contain all 9 essential amino acids required by humans. Milk proteins are synthesized in the mammary gland, but 60% of the amino acids used to build the proteins are obtained from the cow’s diet. Total milk protein content and amino acid composition varies with cow breed and individual animal genetics.” So now what do you Know?

“Carbohydrate digestion: In humans, dietary starches are composed of glucose units arranged in long chains called amylose, a polysaccharide. During digestion, bonds between glucose molecules are broken by salivary and pancreatic amylase, resulting in progressively smaller chains of glucose. This results in simple sugars glucose and maltose (2 glucose molecules) that can be absorbed by the small intestine.

Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down the disaccharide lactose to its component parts, glucose and galactose. Glucose and galactose can be absorbed by the small intestine. Approximately half of the adult population produce only small amounts of lactase and are unable to eat milk-based foods. This is commonly known as lactose intolerance.

Sucrase is an enzyme that breaks down the disaccharide sucrose, commonly known as table sugar, cane sugar, or beet sugar. Sucrose digestion yields the sugars fructose and glucose which are readily absorbed by the small intestine.”

INDIVIDUALITY: Therefore, if in physiological fact and in biological truth; you as a single individual falls into the above category, “lactose intolerant”; then this is self-evident what you have to do and not do! Your unique system serves only you! Not all this racial-ethnic crazy crap. And in my case I can drink milk, and have no known allergies!

INCESSANTLY: Mr. -X on several occasions contradicted himself, with self incriminating statements, such as, agreeing that ancient Africans of Kemet, did in fact eat meats of the flesh of various animals. Which makes our case abundantly crystal clear, by his own admission and testimony. They were meat eaters! To whatsoever, degree or amounts they consumed, and for whatsoever, purposes, the total told truths remains as evidential proofs; Kemeticians of ancient Africa, and other places as well were not vegetarians nor vegans whatsoever!

AFRICAN vs EUROPEAN: In factual reality of truth, the term vegan, derived from the word vegetarian was first coined in Europe, by a White western world European Caucasoid Caucasian male, by the Sir name: Mr. Watson. So this truly tells a wise man that the word in and of itself, is not ancient, butt, is relatively most recent in its origins.

Here again Mr. -X shows us his personal shortcomings, even though, he offered many meaningful and mindful forms of information, outside, of the main subject matter at hand. Off point and off target. Revealing things truthfully about Africa’s Black Jackass Uncle Toms, and this includes, well publicized and notoriously known so called “Black Leaders”!

No doubt in my mind’s knowing, is he in no ways wrong with his assessments on other religious-political issues as opposed to dietary dishes and tissues. Nutrition is exactly where I have to get off of the stinking, sinking slave ship with him. And in no ways will I compromise correctness for incorrectness; substitute truth for error!!

Moreover, Mr. -X gallantly goes on to say that ‘if he was living back then in ancient Africa Kemet now Egypt, that he would probably be eating meat too!’ Ok y’all, he again contradicts himself and helps establish Mr. +A’s position; that they did in fact eat meats, what ever material matter of animals. Plus, he mentions that today’s westernized diets, livestock in particular, were being treated with ‘hormones and antibiotics’; which we do indeed know to be true in some situations, although not all. Butt, by stating these known factors, does nothing to add to his argument of African vegetarianism and vegan diets in ancient Africoid Africa’s time periods.

HERE’S THE TOTAL TOLD TRUTHS: “What are the different hormones used now by the meat and dairy industries? There are six different kinds of steroid hormones that are currently approved by FDA for use in food production in the US: estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, zeranol, trenbolone acetate, and melengestrol acetate. Estradiol and progesterone are natural female sex hormones; testosterone is the natural male sex hormone; zeranol, trenbolone acetate and melengesterol acetate are synthetic growth promoters (hormone-like chemicals that can make animals grow faster). Currently, federal regulations allow these hormones to be used on growing cattle and sheep, but not on poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks) or hogs (pigs). The above hormones are not as useful in increasing weight gain of poultry or hogs.”

Also y’all are to remember to dutifully NOTE: That not all of the injected and or administered hormones and antibiotics are tranferred to human beings when they eat these treated meats. So might we learn how important it is to be very specific and precise in our analysis and synthesis of information as collected data. And avoid convoluting or mixing up things that are different, or do not necessarily mean the same thing.

Butt, I personally understand how that far too many of the older folks vs younger children, just simply can’t comprehend the minute details. Such as these posted herein:

“As mentioned earlier, FDA allows the use of the protein hormone rbGH to increase milk production in dairy cattle. This protein hormone is not used on beef cattle. “Do hormones remain in the milk or meat of treated animals?

The levels of naturally produced hormones vary from animal to animal, and a range in these levels is known to be normal. Because it is not possible to differentiate between the hormones produced naturally by the animal and those used to treat the animal, it is difficult to determine exactly how much of the hormone used for treatment remains in the meat or the milk. Studies indicate that if correct treatment and slaughter procedures are followed, the levels of these hormones may be slightly higher in the treated animal’s meat or milk, but are still within the normal range of natural variation known to occur in untreated animals. Scientists are currently trying to develop better methods to measure steroid hormone residues left in edible meat from a treated animal.”

RATTLING OFF AT THE MOUTH: He tends to keep jumping all around from one issue to the next, in hopes of helping himself prove his point. Although, the main point, is that he apparently has his factors founded upon faulty grounds, and Eurocentric elements, then attempting to make Us’s & We’s believe that they are authentically African!

In plain-o-simplified English language words, The Vegetarian & Vegan diets are Europeans and other Asiatic religious cults. And many wrongly thinking that they are being Spiritual, yet are actually not doing so at all, never in the least. Basically because, innate intrinsic, inborn Spirituality is in direct opposition to Religiosity!!

Further still, African Americans of z-Blackxz, z-Bluexz, z-Brownxz, has historically prayed over their dinner table and food being served to their families. That’s nothing new! Likewise this righteous ritual really was meant to be better beneficially bless the meals, the meats, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts being humanly eaten. It’s customary to say our prayerful verses!

And each time Mr -X talks, he unwittingly supports Mr A+Plus’s case and devalues and degrades his very own case. Meaning that whatsoever, traditional conventions, culinary customs practiced, blessing and detoxifying foods, they nevertheless, still ate the animals flesh and blood, bone and marrow and meat and cell membranes!!! What part of reality some of us fail to understand? Do we have some type of blood clot in our brains?

“The UK Vegan Society, which comprised Donald Watson and his friends and associates, invented the word in 1944. They needed a term to describe a vegetarian who also does not eat eggs or milk products. The term “vegetarian” originally only encompassed fruit, vegetables and dairy, but when introduced to England it was used to refer to people who ate eggs as well.”

Furthers till Mr -X persist to argue and dispute, fuss and fight over issues and tissues that can only be holistically healed healthily, through telling total truths. Not only reporting portions, partial and parentages, such as half truths 50%, 70%, 90-99%; butt, as a mandated must do, tell 100%+ truths!!!

Either one KNOWS what they are talking about or they don’t! We’s & U’s are no longer dealing with somebody’s beliefs and faulty thinking. They ate and eat meats or they don’t and didn’t!!

“The Vegetarian Society, founded in 1847, claims to have “created the word vegetarian from the Latin ‘vegetus’ meaning ‘lively’ (which is how these early vegetarians claimed their diet made them feel) …”[19] However, the Oxford English Dictionary and other standard dictionaries state that the word was formed from the term “vegetable” and the suffix “-arian”.

Apparently all of these thoughts concerning eating vegetables and no meats and dairy as animal milk, causes confusion, civil conflicts, combustible chaos, among members of the truest Africoid African family structure. A Europeanized weapon to divide and conquer other racial-ethnic groups, who will wrongly wish to call themselves Vegetarians and or Vegans!

Likewise, each and every time “Honky” dory allegory story telling, African Americans fail to be originators, unique creators, and decide to become copycat monkey see monkey does, parakeet repeat after me, little Miss Pollyanna want a wicked white whip “Cracker”; and some “Peckerwood” to eat on, she gets sick at the stomach. And end up having mental problems, due to adopting adversarial alien agents beliefs, politically and religiously.

Nevertheless, in ending the online interview with Mr -X, he stubbornly interjects his tissue toxins, by stating similar words as these: ‘I’m willing to debate anybody about this dietary issue, about the politics and religious betrayals of Black people in America and in Africa. Including debate the “dead meat” eating brothers and sisters too!’ As he slanders the very foundational family of Africans in America’s Solar Sexus Soulfood!

Such self-destructive behaviors, are also, no different than those he named out openly, being the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan and the Muslim and Christian religions. Bogusly bias bigots and hateful hegemony hypocrites. They like himself, has historically committed themselves, to what they try to believe in religiously and politically, and in spite of the presented facts, evidential proofs, they stay staunchly stuck stupidly!!!

Donald Watson (2 September 1910 – 16 November 2005) was founder of the Vegan Society and inventor of the word vegan.

DISTRACTION TACTIC: Mr. -X claims that he know some ‘black woman’; who went vegetarian and vegan, and she is about 75 years old, butt, looks likes she’s about 40 or something like this?! And that her husband raised livestock or had a meat processing plant, and ate animal flesh, and this is supposed to be why he has diabetes, hypertension or high blood pressure, and failing health, etc. He also says that some ‘blacks’ try to “intellectualize” on the idea or fact that vegetarian diets are “not African”!

Well, here We’s & Us’s go again around in circles, as he rambles rampantly in his rationalizations, self-deceptions and gross distortions of reality. By interjecting that some African American male was about to eat a fried chicken leg, and that ‘blacks are the fattest people living here in America’! Butt, what does eating meat have to do with too many Americans, in general and overall being overweight or morbidly obese? Absolutely nothing!

And we already know these scientific stated truths, about nutritional and nourishing eating, and that more than anything else; overly processed -refined carbohydrates are the culprits. Inclusively, consuming commercialized starchy stuff, white sugar, flour-cornmeal, wheat, soy products, eaten in excesses, causes these unhealthful conditions. Cancers, cholesterol clogging of the arteries, cardiac arrest – infarctions, strokes, heart attacks, on and on positively proved far beyond any rational reason to doubt. So what’s his personal problem?

After listening in closely, on the talk radio show, with focused concentration, I find Mr – X of a Culpable Mental State of fault, blame and guilt, as currently and correctly charged. He helped prove another man’s contentions, case closed and a new one opened!!!

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: by ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian Avatar Avenger, Anointed, Appointed, Authorized Ascendant, Africoid Africa’s Ancient Ancestry + Artistry!!!



First WE’s & US’s have a Vegetable = Vege; Second is our Plan, Third a Plant-, Fourth a Terrain-earth-soil, and fifth is Rain-water. Added all To-Get-Her = VegePlanTerRain!!!
Our CREATIVE EVOLUTIONS + EVOLUTIONARY CREATIONS: Reveal by Green Thumb VegeLeoAugustan  Son of SUNGOD. The full proofs are truthfully in the products Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs. Yes, everything I decide to do, in deeds, are an Afrindianized Artistry.


YES: This is why I love going hunting for my own wild game animals to eat for my meat. Starting back every since I was a young boy, hunting and fishing for food, beyond a simple sport. The photo-pictures presented and posted proves that I practice what I preach and teach, write and say; as an adult. These prairie cottontails, jackrabbits and wooded forest swamp rabbits, squirrels, birds, possums, raccoons and armadillos, are Mother Earth Nature‘s best benefit blessings. As opposed to the commercialized crops, livestock animals, as cows-beef, sheep, pigs-hogs-swine, foul – chickens-ducks, turkeys, etc.

Plus + this was our original soul food, founded upon a hard rock offense strong stone defense, immune system. Having healthy hogs and cattle, poultry to eat, right out of the backyard and barnyard. No hormonal injections! Field fed food stocks, homegrown farmed plant crops, original organic gardens as gifts of grace. Clean cultured corn, okra, peas-beans, greens and root vegetable galore in colors! Also, we had many types of nuts and seeds sown successfully and harvested to eat. Do these inner-city urban ghetto grown-up gangsters know these truths?

FunkySoulSongSeason: Play-listen and learn and hear words of poetic wisdom = My MASTER1 Melanin Media + Messiah Mental Models = Musical Metaphysical Medium. 

Later on read:

YES: You may have your purchased artworks, digital format files, expertly enlarged, elegantly enhanced by photo-printing professionals. Expressly, FedEx.Office:

Print Online: “Order flyers, signs, banners, posters, presentations, postcards, brochures, promotional magnets, decals and more. Print files from your computer or easily add files from other websites” 

 An AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Ancient Ancestral African authenticity actualized ORINGINAL CREATOR; as opposed to being an African American  Eurocentric indoctrinated Black copycat;”vegan”. And colorblind brainless dummy, faithfully following the hand me down, European Caucasian initiating White Vegetarian!! Key question: Why won’t “Negoes” learn lessons for their historicity? Why do so many members of the so called “conscious community”; still persist to push, promote, propagate, propagandize Eurocentric ideals, yet try to be so Africentric or African Centered? What the hell on the surface of planet earth do some “Blacks” think, by them wearing our Sacred Sccret Symbol, the ANKH mean? And most of all, what actually do these self-righteous, religious political Soul Food, Soul Musica haters truly KNOW?  
My Artistic True-Up U-Turn Universe IniVerse RealiVision: LOVE GODDESS Mother Africa Earth Nature Carbon Core Centered Culturally Clean and Colorfully Current. Now existing manifestly here in our 21st century CyberSpaceAge time of our CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP + LapP digitized-colorized-solarrized-spiritualized soulfood songs-sounds MP3 tracks …period. 

SOULFOOD vs. Soulless Food!!

Soulless Food is what is called the (wicked) Western Diet, of the Eurocentric American overly processed food products. The general overall eating habits of most all American citizens, to some degree and or to a considerable extent. And absolutely nothing to do with our uniquely traditional cultured culinary dietary meal-menus; of course not in and of itself. Like some wanna-be Africanized Blacks proclaim each and every time they get a chance to talk on various digital media hosted radio-tv talk shows. Persisting to spew out inaccurate information from their limited mindsets of pre-programming, mental enslavement.  

Taught by under-cover religious racists = antagonist alien “AGENTS”; as concerned, caring clinical Caucasian Caucasoids, teaching to in a very sophisticated, stealthy, sneaky manner, to attack and verbally assault themselves. Put up to directly do what Whites know not to do these days, propping up pork haters to perform their dirty works and underhanded dealings. Yes, through various mass media major mainstream, cultivate SELFHATISM + UNCLETOMISM + SAMBOISM!!!  Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always, humorously.

Idiotic Ignoramuses: Copycat plagairizing something they heard or read somebody else say blindly as foolish faithfollowers. Butt, they simply don’t realize this in order to know that they are helping to enslave themselves and others who may appear to look like them, racially-ethnically-culturally color complexion wise. By their constant Culture Attacks & Internalized Insults & Sickening Silly Sarcastic Remarks. SELF-HATRED… Worse than today’s Ku Klux Klan & Neo Nazis!!!

RockOffense+StoneDefense True MAAT+HARAMBEE Kenya Coat of Arms = National

Emblem +Ancient Africa Ancestral Authority AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD+Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts = WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER+ Positive Protests!!! 

DIETARY DICTATORS; Attempting to determine what so called good food is as opposed to bad foods. What is healthful and what is unhealthy to eat, drink or consume. Leaving very little rational reasoning room for true Black Liberated Freedom of Choice, Free Speech to decide what is beneficially better blessed for one Hue-Main being as an individual Per-Sun!!! 

YES, I AM informing My beloved MELANIN Pineal Gland hormonal substance people KNOW, how so many want-to-be “Blacks” and wish to be true Africans here in America’s United States are fraud in fact demonic liars too!!

SETHIESTS vs HORUSIESTS: So don’t on your precious lives trust nor believe in what they say in false version, Harambee Radio & TV trailer trash talk shows. Slandering our Maatiest practicing truest brothers and sisters.  Because the hosts and CEO is a self-destructive hate group, who refuse to pull together as an American people are to righteously do today. Letting by-gones be by-gones, thus try to live in the moments of the present time period. Reconciling our racial differences. Getting along with the 10% to 12% Decent Good Kindhearted Whites; and letting go on to Good SUNGOD Devil Damnation, the Indecent Bio-Bad Seed genotype trait whites.

Those specifically of the hostile hateful hegemony 88% to 90% unrepentent, unremorseful and unclean, uncultured ungly acting Euro-Anglo-Americans. Comprehending the subtle; butt, definite differences and unique Rare-Rich-Royal few that are saved-redeemed Eurocentric Caucasian Caucasoid creations of mutated members. Of the ancient ancestral Africoids-Negroids. Our Albinos of albinism. Having whitish blond hair. Yes these pinkish pigmented per-suns are still living inside continental Mother Maat Africa!!! 

SMILE: This small percentage that I portray in picturesque panorama drama; has their essential parts to play in performances perfected and permanent positions to seat their pearly pale pink pigmented posteriors. Thus gracefully unified in our MultiplexRacialBody of culinary-customary, current cultural color complexions: black-brown-red, tan-yellow-white-pink pigmented people nationally and internationally. Yes, they are We’s & Us’s too!!

Ua-t Kemet – Path of the Sacred Society by KemetWay ParAnkhin Education Airdate: Tue, February 28, 2012 He places strong emphasis on growing our own food, homegrown green gardens and colorful crops.


YES KENYA: “Kenyans are largely big meat eaters and a standard meal is nyama choma – roasted beef or goat meat, usually served with a spicy relish, although some like it with a mixture of raw peppers, onions and tomato known as kachumbari. This is usually prepared on simple charcoal grills outside in beer gardens. The main staple or starch in Kenya is ugali, a mealie meal porridge eaten all over Africa.”
DEFINITIVELY: Freedom of poetic-artistic expression: Here is where I mock those who are of the Islamic Muslim mentality, white supremacist slavemaster Arab orientation, and of religious radicalized racist liars also. Those whose big mouths are so slanderous against anybody and everybody who disagrees with them and their unscientific beliefs about eating certain types of foods, expressly pork-pigs-hogs-swine, or “red meat”.
Neverthess, truly smartly taught citizens by now know that it is the overall-general so called Western Diet, certain substances such as grains, quickly turn into glucose, and can cause diabetes and morbid obesity. So y’all now know, that these stated food material matter, are the main Culpable Suspects of degenerative diseases. Many are proved to be guilty as currently charged. Expressly refined carbohydrates such specifics as processed sugar-corn starch or starchy foods being potatoes-macaroni-pasta and many vegetables too!!
Health problems generates not by eating saturated fats found in meats of most types. In spite of these proven truths, these self-righteous modern day 21st century institutionalized Black-Jackass Uncle Tom Devils, are prejudiced profiteers. Alleged nutritionists, dietitions, bias middle class mansion minded mad men and women; who has formed their artless “Axis of Evil” Conspiracy to prejudice-poison our brains against eating or associating with white-pink pigs pork, swine flesh and blood products. What they are attempting to do is send subliminal messages into the subterranean regions of our minds, to hate our _disowned_ selves because of the colorations of our skin. “Reverse Racism!”
And are negatively attempting to program We’s & Us’s against ourselves; (white-pink pigmented appearing people, love ones included), through spreading their contagiously infected MENTAL VIRONS or “Mind Viruses”.
In short: They make bogus blatant blank statements, slandering and attempting to put down and denounce authentic Africa’s INSPIRITED SOULFOOD; herein,  the spiritualized Blackish Americas. Yes, for sure, some of us can ACT, as if we were “Dumb Ass Negroes….Stupid Ass Blacks” (D. Aamon) An ambitious arrogant egoist!

“It is very unlikely that the ancients knew of any connection between trichinosis and eating undercooked pork. There is no evidence they had any taboo against more toxic materials or that they even knew of the existence of such dangers. Pigs were herded, raised, and occasionally eaten, throughout Egypt from the Predynastic period into the Late Period and GraecoRoman times.“ Research Reports:
However, none of these idiotic ignoramuses presents any scientific proof or proved facts showing us clearly how ‘hog maws, chitterling or chitlins, ham hocks, pickled pigs feet’ are unhealthy to eat. Specifically if in fact these animals are raised in a healthful living environment as Mother Nature prescribes. And the very same conditions applies to vegetation to be consummed by human beings. They all naturally have worms or parasites, expressly when raised without antibiotics-chemical treatments, and are grown by so called organic gardening or farming methods, totally infested with millions of virus carrying nematodes, insects-worms-leaf miners, fact!

BUTT: bad brothers and sorry sisters fail to do their homework, study in depth and analyze what they think that they have read and or has been told and taught. Then when I raise the bar, too high for them to reach with ease, they also, become emotionalized enemy energy entities. And some sadly start trying to look for my mispelled words, English grammar and petty things to pick at, while missing the truest points. Although, I must admit my making many mistakes in my writings, and also, I usually get back around to correcting the incorrect spellings, yet do indeed intend to create new world wealthier wordings of wiser wisdom. Equals = VEGEPLANTERRAIN

Y”all remember to dutifully NOTE vs Vote: “The local breed of domestic pig in ancient Egypt descended from an indigenous ancestor, sus scrofa, the Wild Boar. It was once abundant in the country and had a fairly extensive range throughout the Nile Valley, in the Delta, the Faiyum and the Wadi Natrun. The species only became locally extinct around the turn of the 20th century ACE, due to over-hunting and loss of its prime habitat.”

THE INFANT BABIES HEARTS ARE RIGHTEOUS FIRST: Besides these facts and truths, as our youngest kids are being exposed to these domestic farm animals; toxic or potentially poisonous porky pigs-hogs-horses-mules, cows-chickens-turkeys, ducks, pond fish-frogs, animal feces, and insect-parasites of sorts; True Science says that these children also build up a strong immune system. They create within themselves at an early age, their own “Agent” anitbiotics, self-medications, chemical drugs, and vaccines. Acting as a Dynamically Equilibrium-Equalized Bio-Balance, not alkaline nor acidic!!
 KNOW NOW: ”Pig-farming expanded during the New Kingdom. Inscriptions indicate that temples and wealthy citizens maintained large numbers of them on their country estates, and tomb-chapels of several nobles from the early 18th dynasty illustrate swine as well as other farmyard animals. The mayor of el-Kab relates that he owned a herd of fifteen hundred pigs. A temple of Amenhotep III at Memphis was endowed with some 1000 pigs and 1000 piglets, and the mortuary temple of Seti I at Abydos held large herds of swine on its domains.”
Eating and being exposed to germs-bacteria, toxins, are good health habits while in our youth: Thus created inside the bodily organism as natural-neutralizing neutrons that combat invading enemy energy entities. Plus, auto-immune defensively fights back against harmful bacteria; offensive slanderous insults- veral assaults and germs and viruses and diseases. As yawls can now know that this rebuking and rebuffing our antagonist attackers, constitutes my strong sovereign immunity! Period.
SOLID IRONCLAD PROOF: “Pigs are also shown in use for farming itself, as they tread seed into the soil, even into the time of Herodotus. Inscriptions on ostraca and other findings indicate that the workers at Deir el-Medina occasionally indulged in meals of pork. So pigs were bred, raised and occasionally eaten in different places. What of the religious connection? Votive faience pig figurines dating to the first dynasty have been recovered from Abydos, Hierakonpolis, and Elephantine Island. The figurines from Abydos were found by Petrie inside what he considered to be the sacred compound of the god Osiris.”

FOOLISHLY: They called themselves being African Centered on Authentic Ancient Africa Egypt? Vegetarians? Vegans? Pork haters? Butt, their beliefs are historically religious and political. Self-deception-rationalization and gross distortion of reality! What’s up?
Therefore be never convinced to join any of these groups if you hear them trying to undermine AmeriAfrindians innate intelligence and nutritional dietary decisions based on freedom of choice. Blank statements are their dogmas, “My Nigga”- bitches and hoes are their “” logos as many wannabe brave “Warrors” instead of overcoming VICTORSCool with me, each to their own style and fashion designs!

Albeit, it is stupid and dumb and inarticulate, by boldly making irrational sarcastic remarks; which clearly shows the (decent good) white people how ignorant some of us truly are. It illustrate how we as a collective group, have fail to learn how to “bridle our tongs”; and persist in attacking other brothers and sisters who challenge them and demand that their verbal assaults, inclusively pork hatred…,  to StopPointBlankBlackPeriod.

Conclusively AMERICANS: We’s & Us’s are some of our own worse of all enemy energy entities! All separated, divided along lines of egoist inflated ambition for fame and fortune. Popularized celebrity fen-freaks, idiotic idol worshippers and Hollywood hero hustlers-”hoes” and bitchbastards. Arrogant egoists claiming that they are going to become a household word, and be placed upon the top order of the pyramid. Butt, I know that these fools are never to be even on any such pyramids high achievment success. And is being buried beneath the sand dunes deeply depressed. Smile’ n lovin’ faith always with a healthy happy humor, y’alls.
HOG HEAD HUMANS, slipping down hard into some slippery sloggy slop, over messing around trying to put down other pigs and wild boars.  Yes I’m talking about bogusly bias bigots! 
Neverthesss what I witness today, by these wish to be true black leaders, talk radio show hosts and motor mouth guests; are destined to face dooms day gloom. Because they are absolutely not practicing MAAT, nor total truth telling and I have deligently documented, over the years, these posted facts as evidiential proofs. How ungratefull and unappreciative so many of us are!
Be Grateful and Appreciative: Relearn how to read and be “long winded” and no longer lazy black people. Study these words in their entirety without sorry ass alibis and pitiful excuses. What actually happened in the yester-years are reflected today. The same insane greed and gluttonous bad-behaviors that brought down all other over-arrogant ambitious-ego driven kingdoms-imperialist-empires, supremacist dynasties, (Pharoahs = Great House), and civilized societies. By becoming uncivilized. ‘Most assuredly Savage Beasts Barbarians’!!
Apparently they make real live pigs and hogs look very good, to eat or not, because, these inhumane haters want for We’s & Us’s to eat their heathen hostility hatreds; mixed with their religious dogmas motor mouth jaws against hog=maws.
History repeats itself. Here present today are the sick sinister syndromes, coming and going all over again, replicating itself and infections in a finalizing fatality of earthbound human beings. Profits made from, no longer just a White Supremacy; Butt, a replacement replica as “Agent” BLACK SUPREMACY… RATIONALIZATON & SELF-DECEPTION!
Even deceiving themselves, until put to the test of challenge, consequently exposed. They cry out over the digital airways: “I love Y’all” BUTT!! If ya don’t agree with them they squeal like little pretty pink pigmented porky pigs, and black ones too, who they hate so much!
Supposed to be dialoging, debating, discussing, loving understanding Black Brothers: “Remove me from your list”; “I don’t think I want to receive anymore E-mails from you”; “your sick”; ‘”We are gonna be a terror (terrorists) to anybody who tries to stand in our way”; ‘When you attack one of us then three of us will come back on you….etc’
Sounds like they are the stupid sickly sinners: Threats of bodily harm suggested as I’ve recorded and filed….., or some bull’s shit saying similar to this criminal crap. And these suppose to be brave “Warriors” “Militants”; Black Islamic Muslim mentalities, radical religious renagades reneged and backslid on having an open-mind of positive thinking, dialogs, debate and friendly discussions. What’s up with that dogs?
Moreover, I made my challenges kindhearted for sure, respectful, courteous and as a polite gentleman. Repeatedly asking these so called brothers and sisters, want-to-be black African leaders in America, to find some other creative ways, peaceful-unifying language to express their bitterness-hostilies-hatred against so assumed WHITES. And nicely told them all to cease their verbal insults and assaults against what We’s & Us choose to eat and drink. SOVEREIGN SOLAR SEXUS SOULFOOD; Two primary ereas that nobody has an automatic rite/right of passage or PASS!!!

SPIRITUAL METAPHYSICS”: Likewise, my main point is that a few of these bully black bitchbastards, are alcoholics and drug addicts of the river rat ghetto slums of criminal cock roaches. E-mailing me saying something unkind and mean like these wicked words: ‘you need “help” to find out “who is the real enemy”, etc. Do this garbage and junk food for thought ring a liberty bell or raise my internal-eterna Holy Heavensl Hades Fiery Hell?!

Unqualified & Uninformed Fools: Trying play petty psychologist or trained psychiatrist, with a B.A. degree psychology student of higher learning. What we call a PROJECTION! By these asinine asses projecting outwards onto others, inclusively, aimed at me, exactly what they are in the truest reality. Inhumanely being sickened in their demonically disspirited Solar Sexus Souls.  Needing some serious “help” healing their self-hatism, uncletomism and samboism!!!

POISONOUS PREDATORY PARASITIC INSECTS + Monster Mites Mentality: And since they want to play the negative name calling games; making weak-adverse accusations against me and my kindred soul mates; inclusively, blackish brown, white-pink pigmented-red bone-high yellow brothers and sisters; mothers and fathers…, may I return the favor flamboyantly: Their very reversed racist souls are DIVINELY Decreed dead, meaning no after life or rebirth; because I AM also, the worldly UNDERTAKER’S Son of SUNGOD!!! Smile ‘n lovin’ faith always yawls.

However, I honestly tell y’all that they failed my tests and examinations, and over-reacted as silly children are expected. So much for true brotherly and sisterly love. Many of these self-abnegating hoghead hog haters call themselves being genuine “Garveyites” of the 1920s; Butt, they are only phonies and fakers wearing locks, the ANKH, Afros-African robs-dashikis of sorts. In my artistic view these self-deceived Negroes & Negras & “My Niggas” are devilishly “Devisive” as Obama told them straight up! Which inevitably militates against the best benefit blessings of the overall body of Blackness or Browness. These specific individuals are in fact of reality who I name to be:, self-serving superficial-artificial: misfit GARVEYMITES!!!
PERFECT PIGS are better than these people apparently: Self-haters unlike animal who are not in the least gong contrary to their innate nature. Yet want-to-be somebody trying to hide their true identities and mixed racial-ethnic bio-genetics, etc. And often change their real AMERICAN names as legallly documented and lawfully established, to some alleged African name in which very few Black Americans truly comprehend their historical meanings, as they must be applied. Or else they have no worthy meanings!

Some of these “agent” spies make themselve believe that they are “Black Liberators”; as they compete for more unwarranted attention like little immature boys and girls, trying to be somebody who they are not capable of becoming. Equals = authentically authorized ArtistCHDs = Christ Horusheart Divinity. And others attempt to hide their cowardice behind dead heroes who are glorified and honored for doing absolutely nothing of true values or worth. It’s a falsified fantasy ego-self-image!
Research References to show y’all how imbalanced beliefs are and how devisive they are. These revelations also portray how none of the slanderous, theiving, plagiarizing, copycat stooges are practicing what they think is ”MAAT”. As they base their stigmatizing opinions and prejudiced judgments on hearsay, gossips and bad news gospels of liars and frauds. Only one side of the dietary story, only a single side of the reports, whether they be medical-clinical, dietary, political and religious. Revealed written proofs:

Although there are many sides to a story or legalized case issue or tissue. And whatsoever, the small amount of understanding that…. They… think is knowledge and wisdom, is being used as a loaded-lethal weapon against other Blacks, and law abiding citizens who actually practice living in LOVE-PEACE-HARMONY!!! 


Y’all remember to not vote butt dutifully NOTE  “Harambee is a Kenyan tradition of community self-help events, eg. fundraising or development activities. Harambee literally means “all pull together” in Swahili, and is also the official motto of Kenya and appears on its coat of arms

Harambee events may range from informal affairs lasting a few hours, in which invitations are spread by word of mouth, to formal, multi-day events advertised in newspapers. These events have long been important in parts of East Africa, as ways to build and maintain communities.

Following Kenya‘s independence in 1963, the first Prime Minister, and later first President of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta adopted “Harambee” as a concept of pulling the country together to build a new nation. He encouraged communities to work together to raise funds for all sorts of local projects, pledging that the government would provide their startup costs. Under this system, wealthy individuals wishing to get into politics could donate large amounts of money to local harambee drives, thereby gaining legitimacy; however, such practices were never institutionalised during Kenyatta’s presidency. Harambee was invented by Isaiah Williams.
Therefore, when or if you hear some say that they belong to some type or version, of none Maatien Harambee, think twice before believing a word in which they say. Especially if in fact and in THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH; they fail fatally and refuse to state the truest origins of this name title. Giving just and rightful and honest accreditation and recognition to the lawful owners of Africoid Africa’s Kenyans of Kenya. And realize that you are participating in theft, theivery as any other hoodlum thugs and ghetto gangsters going under the black flag. Yet they are certainly criminal crossbones crooks, being blatantly bogus political pirates!!!
Harambee Ministries: “Indigenous leadership development in Northwest Pasadena and beyond.” “Harambee” means “Let’s get together and push” in Swahili. We seek to nurture and equip leadership that will wholistically minister to the community by sharing Biblical truths, in order to achieve the re-building of urban neighborhoods through relocation, reconciliation and redistribution.” (since 1982)
Agree or Disagree?! Another theft and perversion of somebody else’s original concepts, created for their specific purposes, practices, policies and positions. Although, it is quite clear how some of us so called African Americans-Blacks, insist on not being unique and creative in our naming ourselves. Butt, are obviously copycat-plagiarizing others as well as others stealing and copying pluralistically from Africa’s Africans worldwide.
Besides; what “biblical truths”? Do they mean methods taught by their wicked western witchcraft slave masters, of Europeans or true Africans?  Surely We’s & Us’s have biblical truth telling in totality, butt, this is not the traditional Euro-Anglo-Americans ways of wealthier worshipping. Basically because, they have perverted our Ancient Ancestral Artistries and Spiritious ministries, to suit themselves, their own best interests and to control and dominate people of melanin skin cultural colorations, worldwide. 
So let us be cyrstal clear on what the truer Sacred Scriptures solemnly says, from our owned Afrindian and or Africans in Americas proven perspectives, period. Read later on or open new window:
OK y’all, what my major point is that these types of theft, thievery, stealing, taking what does not belong to us; causes a direct disconnection between ourselves and our ORIGINAL CONSCIOUS CONSCIENCE COSMIC CREATOR!!!
OUR SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE MOVEMENT: Cleaning up our owned dirty acts and devil deeds for self-empowerment, self-improvement! MP3:

Ezrah: Web home page:

Exrah’s Web site URL: 


“As such, we should not expect centuries of mis-education and psychological attachments to simply evaporate, even with a Black president. The purging process however, will certainly require a “systemic undressing” of America’s character and historiography in ways that this establishment will definitely find uncomfortable and unwilling to concede.”

Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR My True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blog.+Son of SUNDOD Avenger Ascend AmeriAfindian ArtistCHD + Mother Matriarch Madam Maat. pt1

Rock Offense+Stone Defense True MAAT+HARAMBEE Africa Kenya Coat of Arms = National Emblem +Ancient Africa Ancestral Authority AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD+Color Kingdom New World Creative Arts = WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER+ Positive Protests!!! pt1

CHINA-ASIA-AFRICA vs. USA-EUROPE-NATO-EU Armageddon’s Prophetic Holy World War III=3 + RockOffense+StoneDefense WE THE PUBLIC PEOPLE POWER+ Positive Protests!!! pt2

Rock Offense + Stone Defense = “Divest” ourselves of all radicalized racist religions. Reinstating-reinstalling-restoring our natural born innate Spirituality +Sexuality +Sensuality!!! Via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts + AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD ascend ancient ancestral Africoid Africa.

And COLOR KINGDOM NWCA says that’s living True MAAT + HARAMBEE Africa Kenya and Her Healthy Coat of Arms, National Emblem & Sovereign Symbol. Deserving of AN HONORABLE SALUTE!  MP3:

   Direct Link:

Yawls pretty please politely proceed on to the next session and continuaing posting; of my True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. Thanks. >>>

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